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===========================================            8/13/2007
Insider Selling and Break-DOwn
                                             Don't let this happen to you. 

                     Don't be a "deer in  the headlights".  Get Peerless!
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TigerSoft Stock Selection Techniques.   Recent Examples
Trust Your Over-Paid CEO's words at Your Own Risk. 
Tiger Software's Accumulation Index works so well because...
                                                      Insider Trading Is Rampant and Largely Unregulated.

Special - SEC Now Admits Insider Trading Is Rampant.
4/13/2008 TigerSoft Studies of Insider Trading.   
Test Your Skills at Stock Selection
                                                           Which would you have bought?
                                                                             IBM  or Cheyenne Software
                                                               Here's What would have happened.
                                                                             IBM  or Cheyenne Software
One Command Screens 7000 Stocks 
Quickly scan all the stocks for new Buys or Sells or particular system Buys or Sells.
                                                        How To Pick The Biggest Stock Winners Early On                
                                                              It's So Easy. Flag/Rank 7000 Stocks with One Command
Save hours and hours.  Rank and Flag up to 7000 stocks for hundreds
                               of important technical conditions. Trade the weakest and strongest stocks and sectors,
                               measured externally (price) and internally  (insider trading). 
  High Accumulation Stocks.   B10, B12, B20, B24 Buys.    Red Buys and Sells
                                           Bullish Stocks           Bearish Stocks             Many Conditions Flagged.


Insider Buying
                    Blue signifies Accumulation.
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        Bulges of Blue Accumulation Are Significantly Bullish
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                          Book -
Insider Buying and Explosive Super Stocks 
                          Elite Stock Professional Research Service  for A Year
                          Insider Buying 
                                             36%/yr. to 55%/yr.  Explosive Super Stocks: 1990-2008
                                                Please see TigerSoft's Many Unique Tools Advise You of Insider Trading
                                                                 and What Professionals Intend for Your Stocks.

                          Tiger-Power Ranker's Flagged Conditons
                                   Most Bullish Stocks,  Major Buys, Many More Conditions
                          Four Typical Phases in A Speculative Stock
The Tell-Tale Signs of Insider Buying  2/25/2007

                                             Always Trade with "The Insiders"    5/18/2007
Classic Cases: NEXC  IPR   CPNO  EPP
7 Paths to 25%/Year
                                             Highest Accumulation
                                             Buying Most Accumulated Stocks
                                                                                 in DJI-30
                                                                                  in NASDAQ-100 
                                                                                  Among all Oil Stocks
                                             What Predicts Best Performing Stocks 3/31/2006
                                             Best Performing Stocks of 2007 
What We Can Learn from Their Take-Offs
                                             Hall of Fame 2/25/2007  
                                             Best / Worst Stocks of 2007
Example.  We recommended buying CWEI in December 2007 under 34.
                      It has proved to be the second best performing stock of 2008 among stocks over $15,
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                                                  Another Example.
                     ------------------- The Best Performing Stock of 2007 -------------------
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Automatic Buys and Sells
                                                 TigerSoft's Automatic  Buys and Sells
Stocks, ETFs, Currencies, Funds, Metals, Commodities, Options, Futures
                                                              TigerSoft:  Very Profitable Trading: NASDAQ-100 Stocks' Charts
Sample Chart of ADOBE SYSTEMS.   The stock went sidewise for a year. 
See more examples:
Adobe.  ADBE  Cognizant Technology CTSH  Intuit  INTU  Logitech  LOGI  Network Appliance NTAP
                                              Qualcomm    QCOM  Staples    SPLS Whole Foods  WFMI

            Notice that Our Red Buys and Sells
gained +104% on ADBE in this period.
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      Introductory Package 
           Trade with Tiger's Unique Accumulation Index, Closing Power and  Automatic
 Buys and Sells
Trading Tech Stocks with Autonatic TigerSoft Buys/Sells
            Real Time Trades using Automatic Buys and Sells on Silver Stock 

                                            Gain was +50% in 8 months   SSRI Daily Signals
February 5, 2009   Demonstration of TigerSoft Trading with Automatic Buys Using
                                                  A Universe of "Professionally Preferred Trading Stocks".

Long-Term Investing
           Retirement Planning
           Long-Term Investing
           Tahiti System: 24%/Year: 1970-2007:
Longer-Term Investing in Blue Chips
           With Speculative Growth Stocks   +36%/yr. to 55%/yr.   Explosive Super Stocks: 1990-2007


Swing Trading
          Trading Tech Stocks with Autonatic TigerSoft Buys/Sells
           With Mature Tech Stocks   +30%+/yr.   Trading Mature Tech Stocks with TigerSoft Signals
  Swing Trading  Swing Trading 3/2/2007
            Speculative Growth Stocks
            Phase - Trading of NASDAQ Stocks


Low Priced Stocks
          Low Priced Stocks 4/20/2007



Day Trading
                       Day Trading
Stock Option Trading
                         Stock Options
Insider Selling
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                                         Example - This Bank Stock went bankrupt.
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                          Book - Killer Short Selling Profits in Any Market:
                          Insider Selling.
                          Imclone - Insider Selling and Data Falsification
                          1/8/2008 Weakest Stocks of 2008: Use TigerSoft's Accumulation Index To Find Them
                          11/9/2007 New TigerSoft Short Selling Tools and Techniques
                                   11/6/2007  Short Selling Techniques That Will Make You Money
                                   12/28/2007 Rampant Insider Washington Mutual (WAMU)
                                   1/4/2008 Insider Selling Selling at Bear Stearns

Four Typical Phases in A Speculative Stock
                          Tiger-Power Ranker's Flagged Conditons

                       Most Bearish Stocks  Major Sells   Many More Conditions
                          Bank Stocks' Insider Selling  
                          Mortgage Lending Stocks Implode afterMassive Short Selling  3/13/2007  
                          Insider Selling and Short Sales  3/13/2007   
                          Hall of Shame     8/3/2007 

                          Best / Worst Stocks of 2007
8/2/2007  Recent Examples of "Insider Inspired Big Money Selling",
Bank of America  1/21/2009
                         CitiGroup Insider Selling 11/25/2008
New Short Selling Techniques  11/6/2007
Don't Be Caught Holding The Bag!  Learn When and What Stocks to Sell Short
                                                by Spotting Insider Selling with Tiger's Accumulation Index"
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Short Selling
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                             8/6/2007  "What To Do When Peerless Gives A Major Sell."
                             Examples:    Sub-Prime Mortgage Lenders: Report on 3/10/07
                             8/13/2007 "A Brutal Secline Has Started".
                                                Recent Examples 2007 Biggest Decliners  

                             11/9/2007 New TigerSoft Short Selling Tools and Techniques
                             11/6/2007  Short Selling Techniques That Will Make You Money

Sub-Prime Mortgage Lenders: Report on 3/10/07

Stock Put Buying

    8/13/2007     "A brutal stock market decline has started.   More and more stocks are caving in. 
                           Confidence has been badly hurt by the crashes in mortgage lending and home building
                           stocks.    There has not been a 10% DJI decline in a record 51 months.  Years that end
                           in "7" have averaged 24% declines since the famous "panic of 1907".  Does anyone
                           remember 1987?  We called the top there 3 weeks before the final Crash. Lots of our
                           customers bought puts and made tens of thousands of dollars!  " 
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                    TigerSoft Tools for Commodity Trading    
                     Commodity Boom 2/27/2008   
                     Platinum 2/23/2008  
                     Commodities:   (Studies: 5/26/2006, 11/29/2005, 2/23/2007)
                     Imploding Hedge Funds 
                     Crude Oil
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Gold and Gold Stocks
                     Insider Selling at Newmont  10/6/2006
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                     TigerSoft advis you what is currently the best trading system for a stock.
                     In the example below, the 50-day Stochastic produces the best results.

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                      Gold Stocks (XAU)    2/14/2008     1/30/2008   9/19/2007       9/13/2007      2/23/2007  
                       NEM: 1990-2007 
TigerSoft's Many Unique Tools Advise You of Insider Trading
                                      and What Professionals Intend for Your Stocks.

                                      Examples: Crude Oil and Gold, Copper and Silver Stocks
Silver and Silver Stocks
                      Silver Stocks     11/29/2005      2/3/2006    SSRI-2007
TigerSoft's Many Unique Tools Advise You of Insider Trading
                                      and What Professionals Intend for Your Stocks.

  October 30, 2008 Spotting The Tops in PAAS and SSRI Was Wasy with TigerSoft.
                                      Examples: Crude Oil and Gold, Copper and Silver Stocks
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                        TigerSoft Tools for Ccurrency Trading
Euro versus Dollar: (Studies: 5/26/2006)
12/14/2007 - FOREX Trading The EURO with TigerSoft: 1999-2008
Foreign ETFS
                     World-wide! 11/15/2005
                     All foreign ETFs   2007

                      Use of Peerless Buys and Sells for Trading Forign ETFs - All markets are now linked.
                     November 3, 2008 Foreign ETFs' Plunge 55%.  No Countries Escape The Decline.

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               Extreme Bearishness Nov.2007


United Kingdom
              United Kingdom
British Northern Rock Debacle Made Insiders A Billion Pounds 
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              France 2006 
South America
              Brazil 2006  2007

Asia (not China or Japan)
             India   2005  1/3/2006 Bullishness   2006  2007 
Saudi Arabia
Industry Selection and Tracking
                               Your Indexes of Groups of Stocks
Build Powerful TigerSoft Indexes of Groups of Stocks.
                               Industry Groups' Performance  and Peerless Buy and Sell Signals

Market Timing
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                             The Dangers of Buying and Holding: Stock Market Timing Matters
                              Market Timing Matters
                              Peerless Stock Market Timing Software: 1915-2009 
                              Peerless Real-Time Signals: 1981-2009
                              DIA Signals' Gain = +96%  April 2008-March 2009
Index Options
                               Index Options
Mutual Funds
                          With Mutual Funds   + 17.5%/Yr. to 28%/yr.  Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1965-2008
                           Peerless and Mutual Funds