Tiger's Automatic signals reflect best trading systems for any stock or index
or commodity.  Look at how effectibe the Red Buys are on XAU - the
Gold Stock Index in 1005-2006.  They gained more than 109% in
10 months!  Silver's and Light Crude's Signals were also superb in this time period

XAU - Gold Stock Index
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Light Crude
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Silver ETF

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1-year PDG chart as of 1/23/2003

Tiger Traders' Tool is a proprietary indicator found in Tiger charts. This has
been best tool for trading PDG for last year.  It has gained 77.8% buying
and selling short.  It allows $20 per trade for slippage and commissions.

Accum. Index is an indicator developed here in 1981 and now much copied.
OBV measures aggressive buying and selling.
ITRS - measures the stocks price change versus the DJI's over a variable period of time.

The conclusions automatically produced warn that stock remains short-term bearish
and that it is not safe to buy stock at openings.

For more information on Tigersoft click here.

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