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                                 August 6, 2007

Biggest Decliners since
        Major Peerless Sell on 7/17/2007

  Use This List To Pick The Best Short Sales

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  Weak  Stocks - Note How Many Show Significant Insider
       Informed Selling, shown when the stock does not rally with the general
       market under the weight of selling, shows very negative (red) Accumulation
       and then falls sharply when the supporters cease to hold the stock up.
       Stocks are often held up artificially to let big sellers get out
       at a price advantage.  Downside gaps on high volume.  All these
       patterns are flagged by our automatic signals: especially S10, S12, S14 and S29s

      Please consider getting Tiger Soft and Power-Ranker to Find these stocks
      each night or subscribe to the Full Hotline including Stock Recommendations
      for Tiger Software.  Study these to see what predicts biggest decliners.  Here
      are the 14stocks that have declined the most, 37% ore more, in this 3 week period.
      Only stocks still over $5.00 are shown..

      The vertical line shows 7/17.    Our Short Selling book discusses the
      best approach for finding great short sales and, just as important, when
      they should be covered.

      We used the Peerless signal to sell out and short stocks like this.  As soon
      as we got the Sell S9, we looked for stocks that the Power-Ranker listed
      as having new Sells themselves, showed heavy distribution and aggressive dumping
      and were breaking down below major support.  Get our software, books and
      and our hotline, and you can see how profitable declines we have just seen
      can be.

                       Biggest Decliners Still over $5.00
                 RAS    Resource Asset Mgt.              -67.6%
                 LEND Accredited Home Lenders    -50.0%
                 WCI                                                    -49.0%
                 OPTM                                                -48.0%
                 LEV                                                    -48.0%
                 BZH                                                    -42.0%
                 SPF                                                     -41.0%
                 IMP                                                    -39.0%
                 EMMS    Emmise Communication   -39.0%  
                 MTG     MGIC Investment Corp.    -38.0%
                 GYI                                                     -37.0%
                 AHR Anthracite Capital Inc.             -37.0%              

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