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    William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University), B.A. (Yale University)
Creator of TIGER SOFTWARE  since 1981     william_schmidt@hotmail.com      858-273-5900
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       The present "Tiger" is the result of 34 years of original, full-time research
         into the stock market.    I have learned a great deal from many wonderful customers,
         users and friends.   I have also found that there is no better way to develop and refine
         one's thinking about a subject than to have to try to predict its behavior each day. 

         Get our software and subscribe to our hotline.  I think you will learn a lot.  I know I have.

         One major advantage we have is our independence.  Our own fiercely independent views
         on political economy and Wall Street insider trading have given us a big advantage compared
         to most market commentators who too often flatter the rich and adhere to such silly orthodoxies as:

  >  Government is a "barren whore",
                        >  Wall Street knows best how to run Corporate America and Finance Gov't.
                        >  The rich are smarter than everyone else.
                        >  47% of the US population are free-loaders.
                        >  The government should balance its budget every year,
                        >  Military spending is the only legitimate Federal spending program,                                             >   the SEC is there to protect small investors,
                        >  Precious metals should be in everyone's portfolio,
                        >  "Free trade" is best,
                        >   Unions are evil and American labor costs are way too high,
                        >   America has the best "and fairest Democracy" in the World,
                        >   Global warming is a myth.
                        >   Freedom must be defended with Guns and De-Regulation.
                        >   We have a "free market" and its makes for democratic government

         My studies of Political Economy show otherwise.   See www.tigersoftware.com
         Not being tied to orthodox financial analysis, lets my studies see the connections
         between Wall Street and Washington DC.   It allows my studies to see that the
         interests of Main Steet, Wages, American Jobs, the US Economy and Wall Street are
         seldom in synch, but it is usually Wall Street's priorities that win out.   When you
         understand these things, there is no mystery why Wall Street often rises when
         there is bad news for Main Street.

         My job for 30 years has been to predict the Stock Market.  My market timing system,
         Peerless, has helped a lot.  But, only by giving up all the silly fairy tales above
         allows one to trust the many otherwise unexpected Peerless Buy and Sell signals.


         Back-tested to 1915, the  automatic Peerless Buys and Sells time the stock market 's
         intermediate-term tops and bottoms far better than anyone, including me when I
         started, could ever imagine.  Each new year demonstrates this..  

         When Peerless says we are in a bull market, buy confidently and aggressively
         with TigerSoft.  When Peerless gives a Sell, sell short the stocks that both
         Professionals and Insiders are selling, as readily identified by TigerSoft's
         Accumulation Index and Closing Power.   

         But you can hedge, too.  And there are many short-term swings up and down,
         In most markets, you also can do very well hedging, by being long our
         "Bulllish MAXCP"  stocks and short our "BEARISH MINCP" stocks at the
          same time.
  And if you are a short-term traders, our QuickSilver trading
          tools are exactly what you want to use with ETFs, especially leveraged one.   

          31 Years of Automatic Peerless General Market Buys and Sells applied to SP-500 Stocks



  Tiger Users know to watch for:

                       1) the bulges of intense insider buying from our Accumulation Index,
                       2) the trend changes of Tiger's Closing Power, which usually leads prices and
                       3) whether our Peerless Stock Market Timing is on a Buy or Sell. 

                       In the chart below, the up-arrows show the Peerless Buys in this period.
                       Note the very highs levels of bullish Accumulation by institutions and

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          "History is the witness of time, the lamp of truth,
       the embodied soul of memory,  the instructress of life, and
       the messenger of antiquity." (Cicero) 


                             It is not most certainly not "bunk" as Henry Ford said.  

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 "For historians ought to be precise, truthful, and quite unprejudiced,
                       and neither interest nor fear, hatred nor affection, should cause them
                       to swerve from the path of truth, whose mother is history, the rival of time,
                      the depository of great actions, the witness of what is past, the example
                      and instruction of the present, the monitor of the future.
" (Cervantes)

A Personal Note                                    

I have found that markets' cycles of greed and fear, complacency and high anxiety,
                 hope and despair alternate over and over again.  This is the mass psychology
                 we must master in the stock market.  It is these highly predictable emotions which
                 we measure and which professionals "feast" upon.  

                 I believe others than just those who are Wall Street insiders will want to understand
                 and gain from these lessons of history.  

                 If the average investor knew just how much the market repeats and repeats certain
                 key patterns, initially he or she would be amazed.  That amazement would next turn
                 to anger, when that novice realizes just how much they have been taken advantage of
                 by Wall Street, Insiders and Professionals.

                 In 2009, Wall Street's gloves came off.  Nearly bankrupt, they had to openly grab
                 whatever they could from the government and the taxpayer.  And they got away with it.
                 The big banks are bigger than ever, as are their profits and their executive bonuses.
                 This came as no surprise to us.   Bernanke gave them trillions and Obama pardoned
                 them without any investigation.  Will history repeat?  Wall Street has gotten even
                 richer, more bloated and unaccountable.   The bull market is dependent upon the FED's
                 free money.  How much longer can the Wall Street bubble grow? 

Insider Trading is Rampant in the Stock Market.
                         Professionals Now Rig Stock Prices with Extra FED Help and Approval.
Goldman Sachs Is "The GREED CONNECTION" between Wall Street and Washington

                                                           William Schmidt, Ph.D.  4/14/2010
Tiger User
Group Meeting
in San Diego

William Schmidt,
Creator of Tiger Software
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              TigerSoft and I have a number of trading lessons we want to share with you.  They will help
              give you a big advantage trading, because they take advantage of what Insiders on Wall Street
              are doing in the market.  Our Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2015 shows how similar are
              many market tops with each other, when you know how to look for the signs of insider selling.
              Market bottoms are also similar to each other in other key ways, which also reflect insider buying.

                               Start of 1982 Bull Market Spotted by Peerless Stock Market Timing

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              Our TigerSoft charts reflect the discoveries of years of time.  First, our software tells you what
              the best way to trade a stock has been for the last year.  Certain systems are favored by Wall
              Street professionals.  When the best trading system is one of these we should join them, not fight
              them.   To be surer we will make money, Tiger users will want to watch for important changes in
              the trends of TigerSoft's Professional Closing Power.  Nearly, each stock illustrates these break
              throughs.   We can be even more confident if we see insider buying or selling from our invention,
              the Tiger Accumulation Index.  In the example below, see how well these three discoveries work:

                                 1) automatic Buys and Sells, 
                                 2) TigerSoft Professional Trading - Closing Power Indicator and
                                 3) TigerSoft Accumulation Index to Spot Insider Buying and Selling.

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A Personal Note - 3/28/2009 - William Schmidt, Ph.D.  (Columbia University)

                                                         Insider Trading - My First Lessons

   Wall Street insider tips and excessive pay offend my Mid-Western values. When I worked
            on Wall Street 40 years ago, I saw first hand how partners in a major brokerage got inside information
            which they did not share with their public clients.  An obscure shipping company named Natomas
            suddenly struck oil.   It had a very big interest in a major new oil discovery in Indonesia.  This news
            I learned from a telegram that came into the Research Department of Harris, Upham & Co.
            at 120 Broadway - New York - later bought out my Smith Barney.  I was there as a trainee stock broker
            at the time, in this the Wall Street headquarters of a big stock brokerage.  Naively,  I thought "Wow,
            now I will  see how important information is disseminated to the firm's clients."

                     My expectation was completely wrong.  The news was not released for several months.  
            First, the partners, I learned, bought the stock for themselves between 22 and 25.  Only after it had
            doubled and reached 40, did I see a Harris, Upham report on the stock for its customers.  The partners
            then sold some of their shares and helped provide the stock to meet the newly created demand.
            1968 was a very speculative market.  The stock finally tripled by the time the broader public,
            outside of Harris, Upham, heard about Natomas in Time magazine on 8/29/1969.  This is the experience
            that made me forcefully see how insiders buy long before the full story is released to the public.

     When I worked at the main office Harris, Upham & Co I also saw a lot of other things that
            made me distrust Wall Street.  I saw the filing cabinets, one after another, of numbered Swiss Bank
            bank accounts in the margin department.  The margin clerk laughed about how little the wealthy
            owners of stocks had to pay in taxes when they used Swiss Bank accounts.   I also watched the Mafia rig
            and manipulate profitably seven straight very low priced stocks.  A customer I knew worked for the
            Mafia ( He was a pimp for homosexual celebrities and was forced to join the Mafia.)  He bought 7
            straight stocks through me that tripled or quadrupled.  It was amazing.

                    I also saw the good-old boys' trade stock tips left and right.  They got rich because of who
            they knew, not from what they created or accomplished on their own.  They had every reason
            to obsequiously ingratiate themselves with powerful Wall Street figures,   They certainly had no
            reason to challenge them or tell what was really going on there to the public. 

I say these things, so you will understand how much it offends me when I see that Obama's
            Treasury Secretary, Geithner, kow-tow to big Wall Street interests all the while Obama pretends to
            represent Main Street.  Bush I had met.  I never had any hopes for him.  He was as arrogant
            and immature in 1972, as he later was as President.  He never changed.  But I had hopes for Obama. 
            Big mistake.  Last night on C-Span I saw Geithner refuse to promise to publish the number
            much less(not the names) of employees receiving more than a million dollars a year in pay and
            bonuses from banks getting public TARP funds.  House Rep. Sherman had asked him to provide
            Congress this information in House Banking and Finance Committee hearings.  Geithner demurred
            and refused to say "Yes".  He said he would have to think about the request.   (Who says Congress
            runs the the show even though it appropriates the money for these bailouts?  So much for responsible
            government under Obama!)

                The Bible says "the truth shall set you free."  The software I have created lets average investors
            see the truth, what Corporate and Wall Street insiders are buying or selling.  The software shows
            us not be fooled by false news stories put out by Wall Street and corporations to take advantage
            of the unwary trust the public gives in good faith.   The Blogs I write reflect these values, experiences
            and the software allows me see if I'm on the right track.  I think our software will help you a lot. 
            The amount of back-testing is probably unequaled.   No other software has, I think, a better way of
            watching insiders and market professionals.  I have spent 30 years figuring out how to do this.
            Our TigerSoft Accumulation Index and Closing Power originated with me.  Use them as I show
            you how here and make some real money in the stock market.  You'll be leveling the playing
            field when you do.

Click TIGER wpe140.jpg (1918 bytes)  Predictions and Commentary.
               I have been writing a nightly Hotline since 1985. Here's a sample.   Sample

          Tiger Software was created in 1981 by me.  

          It started on an Apple II+ with the writing of Peerless Stock Market Timing. 

          Price bands and Oscillator Non-Confirmations were his invention.  In 1982,
          he invented a way to compare each stocks' level  of relative Accumulation
          and Distribution.  His Accumulation Index has been purloined, crudely
          copied and misunderstood by quite a coterie of well-known intellectual
          thieves.  His software and books make heavy use of this original indicator. 

          The power of Peerless was never more evident than in 1987 when it called
          the top in early October, just before the severe Crash that followed.  The
          power of Tiger's Accumulation Index has won loyal converts.  As the years
          went by, Tiger has developed many other highly original concepts and tools.  
          One of which is the "Tiger Day Traders' Tool" and its off-shoot, Tiger's
          "Closing Power".  

          Thousands of traders and investors have used Tiger since 1981.  Some
          brought a lot of trading experience to bear on Tiger and others wanted
          to learn how to make more money and how best to safeguard what they
          already had.

           It is a tribute to Tiger Software that many of our customers today have

           used the software for more than 25 years!

William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)
                        Author of Peerless Stock Market Timing,
                        TIGERSOFT's Automatic Buy & Sell Software,
                        Tiger's Power-Ranking & Flagging Software

BA - Yale University
Ph.D. in Public Law and Government - Columbia University
Dissertation: "Role of Chancellor of Exchequer in British
Cabinet Politics: Case Studies of Political Power,: 1919-1937

Dissertation Summary:

The number two man in the British Cabinet did not want to let spending
ministers get a positive public reputation and become his rivals to become
Prime Minister.  In this way, the financial orthodoxy of the "City"
(Keep the Pound strong and balance the budget, whatever the cost
when unemployment was already very high.) had a very willing ally
in the Chancellor of the Exchequer. And this is still true.

As a result, England stagnated economically,  did not create public works jobs
in the Depression, despite Keynes being a well-known figure in London, and
did not build up its Air Force in a timely way, when the Nazis threatened war. 

Conclusion: The dynamics of Britain's Cabinet Political System worked
in conjunction with the UK bankers' interest in a strong Pound
to keep and attract investment funds that prevented England from

escaping its economic decline in the inter-war years.   As a result, high unemployment
ravaged the lives of millions throughout the inter-war period.

In what way is Obama, Summers and Geithner any different.  Their
first priority has always been to help the big banks and Wall Street.
It is a wager on the wealthy they make.  This type of trickle-down
did not work in 20th Century England and it will not work in 21st
Century America.  But that does not mean, the stock market will
not rally or even bubble.  The risk now  is that there will be a 1937-like
Crash.  Fortunately,our Peerless will probably spot it with a major
Sell S9 or S12.   As one of my early heroes, Joe Granville"  used to say,
"The higher the diving board, the bigger the splash." 

DATA1937.BMP (1080054 bytes)

My Career

While in graduate school writing my dissertation, I was a Stock Broker - Harris Upham, NYC
on Wall Street.  I learned technical analysis, saw how rampant insider trading was and
learned how institutions "accumulate" and "distribute" stock.

College Teacher of Economics and Political Science:

Editor for Santa Fe Seers:  I wrote more than 50 feature length articles
on political, social and economic Issues in New Mexico.  They had
considerable impact on

(1) raising state oil and gas severance taxation from state lands,
   (2) the launching of the state's biggest law suit involving New Mexico
consumers and a utility company that had a vested interest in buying
high prices natural gas and over-charging consumers and New Mexico,
  (3) causing the State Treasury to change its investment practices
to favor state businesses and banks.
  (4) elevating state environmental standards for protecting uranium


Researcher/ Computer Systems Analyst  for State of Washington:
...........Child Protective Services.
While there, I set up a sampling system which saved State of Washington
many million dollars in making required reports to the Federal government.
Other states adopted this money saving approach.

1981:  Started TIGER Investment Software.
Hand-entered 25,000 stock market pieces of market data for the
period of 1972-1982 into an APPLE II+ and write the original      
Peerless Stock Market Timing Software in 1982 for APPLE
computers and in 1983 for PC system. This system pioneered the
use of fixed interval bands and showed how to use them in conjunction
with critical measures of market internal strength.

1982:  Created Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker Software.
Originated multiple stock "Accumulation" screening and ranking and
invented the "Accumulation Index ".  It is a credit to the concept that it
has been widely copied by others in field..

1984:  Started bi-weekly Peerless Forecasts.  Now being published
on Internet.

1984:  Started San Diego's Tiger User Group for computerized

1985:  Started Nightly Hotline.  Now being published on Internet.

Oct. 5th, 1987:  The Peerless Stock Market Timing Software issued
the famous "Major Sell S9" that predicted the October 1987 Crash.
That Top was exactly pin-pointed with DJI at 2640 in early October.
It then fell 34% in less than 3 weeks.  A Peerless Major Buy (B9)
signal was issued in January 1988 with DJI at 1900.

July 1990:  The Peerless Stock Market Timing Software issued
Major Sell signal  with the DJI at 3000. This exactly pinpointed the
DJI's peak for 1990.  Issued Major Buy (B12) signal in January 1991
with DJI at 2600.

1993:  Released WINDOWS versions of Tiger's
Peerless Stock Market Timing Software and Tiger's
Power-Stock-Ranker Software.

1994:  Published "Twenty-six Percent a Year Can Make You Rich:
The Experience of Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker Software with Safer,
Blue-Chip Stocks, 1970-1994"

1995:  Started the Elite Stock Professional Report, a weekly screening
of 6,000 stocks for those showing the smart, Big Money, insider-
informed  accumulation.

1996:  Tiger Investment Software's Monthly Tiger User Group Meeting
hosts the largest group of computerized investors in San Diego for
tenth straight year.

1997: Published "Short Selling: Killer Profits in Any Market."

2000: Created Several New Indicators of A Stock's Internal Strength:
Opening Power, Closing Power and Day-Traders' Tool. A record
number of major Sell signals appeared in 2000.

2002: TigerSoft added automatic BUY and SELL signals on daily
data for any stock,  index or commodity.

2004: TigerSoft weekly automatic Buy and Sell signals on stocks,
mutual funds, commodities, currencies...

2006: TigerSoft Options Program.  Buy and Sell signals on the
OEX and SP-500 for Options' traders.

2007  Insider Watch.  Analysis of all stocks in TC-2000 data base
showed that "Augmented B24" stocks gained more than 37%
per year since 1990.

2007 - 2008 ---- I started TigerSoft News Service to let visitors
to www.tigersoft discover how the stock market really works
and how much influence finance and profits have on the US government
and vice verse.  Ir. covers many topics.  Please see

2008 - 2009 I am writing a new Peerless Stock Market Timing manual
and software to show how technical analysis may be effectively used to time the
market, using the same rules consistently, for the period 1915 to 2008.
The studies of the 1930s have helped us (me and my subscribers) enormously
to anticipate the markets' big swings since the then end of 2007...|

History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought. (Etienne Gilson)

The 1987 Crash Was Called Real-Time using the tools developed in William Schmidt's
Peerless Stock Market Timing.
  "Those who say the market cannot be timed, are the
very people who need to start using Peerless Stock Market Timing the most.  History
is not "more or less, bunk" as Henry Ford said.  (Ford also said: "Exercise is bunk.)

Rather, as Cervantes said, "History is in a measure a sacred thing, for it should be true,
and where the truth is, there God is".

"History" is a Greek word which means, literally, just "investigation." (Arnold Toynbee)

History is organized memory, and the organization is all-important. (Henry Steele Commager)

History is the intellectual form in which a civilization renders account to itself of its past. (Johann Huizinga)

                                   History Let Us Predict The 1987 Crash
                                   and many other major tops and bottoms!

         Peerless Stock Market Timing's Buy and Sell Signals were created in 1981.

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