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          Peerless Stock Market Timing 1915-2009:

+96% GAIN:  April 2008 - March 2009 Trading Gain DJIA-30 ETFs (DIA and DOG) 
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Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2009       

                                          NOW is the perfect time to start using TigerSoft and Peerless. 
                                   Is this the start of a new bull market or a bear market rally?
                                   What signs must we see to call a new Bull Market, based on market
                                   history since 1915?

                                   Thanks for visiting  ... Yes,  there's a lot to read here.  But this site may
                                   well offer the most valuable reading you can do now as an investor.
                                   Using Peerless can make an enormous difference to your retirement.
                                   Correct timing the stock market makes a huge difference to profitable
                                   investing.   At the very least, seeing when to get out of the stock market
                                   would have saved many readers a lot of anguish and dimmed retirement
                                   hopes.    See if you don't think so....  Thanks for visiting.

                                   By studying the past, very often we can predict the future and understand
                                   the present's potential.  Examples.  In 1981, I found a pattern in the stock
                                   market's technical data that would have predicted the 1973-1974 bear market
                                   and the 1978, 1979 and 1980 mini-market massacres.  Early in October 1987,
                                   the same pattern appeared.  Sure enough, the stock market fell 34% in
                                   three weeks.  In July 2007, the same bearish pattern appeared.  To disregard
                                   this pattern seems highly unwise.  As James Bond said, "Once in chance,
                                   twice is coincidence, but thrice is enemy action."  (Ian Fleming)  

                                   For more details, see: "Calling All Tops": Peerless Stock Market Timing:
                                   Many Stock Market Tops Show The Same Technical Signature: 1929,
                                   1937. 1957, 1959, 1973, 1978, 1979. 1980, 1987, 2000 and 2007.

                                                                 Automatic Buy and Sell Signals

                                    TigerSoft's Peerless Software produces red arrowed Buy and Sell signals.
                                    They have numbers like "B5" (Buy) and "S9" (Sell) so that you can look
                                    up the technical conditions that generated the Buy or Sell and see its
                                    track record in our on-Line Help Section.   When I say "technical" I mean
                                    that the Buys and Sells are generated based on the market's own statistics,
                                    not news or earnings.  The DJIA's opening, high, low, close,  NYSE advances,
                                    NYSE declines, NYSE Advancing Stocks' volume and NYSE Declining
                                    Stocks's daily volume are the only information the Peerless system uses.

                                    We have derived from this data, a number of original indicators of internal
                                    strength (insider and professional buying) and internal weakness
                                    (insider and professional selling.)    We have a series of rules for each signal.
                                    The signals' trading results of each rule since 1928, and sometimes 1915,
                                    have been closely studied.  When the market, for example, falls 10% over
                                    the following 3 months on average in, say, 15 cases, we look closely
                                    at the rules for the potential Sell signal.  If we can then see a solid
                                    rationale for the re-occurring pattern of behavior following the occurence
                                   of conditions meeting the rule, we make it a Buy or Sell.  Come to our
                                   San Diego User group meeting or call us - 858-273-5900, and we will
                                   give you some examples of valid Peerless rules that we use.  

                                                                   New to the stock market? 
                                   San Diego Tiger Users meet once a month.  Join us.  Upon purchase,
                                   we walk you through the installation of our Windows-based software
                                   and give you personalized instruction on using the programs.  It takes
                                   about 30 minutes to get operational.  We provide all the data you need,
                                   though you can use our Ascii converter if you already have a data feed.

                                   Most important is good stock market timing.  Look at the track record
                                   of Peerless Stock Market Timing below.
Peerless Stock Market Timing Software
           Back-Tested To 1915

Signal      Date            DJI                Gain

------      -----            --------            ----
 BUY      4/21/2005    10219             13.2%
SELL    5/5/2006       11578              4.9%
BUY     6/15/2006      11015              1.2%
SELL   6/30/2006       11150              3.1%
BUY    7/18/2006       10799            14.8%
SELL    1/5/2007       12398              2.3%
BUY       3/2/2007     12007             14.4%
SELL    7/17/2007     13971              3.3%
BUY      8/7/2007       13504              1.9%
SELL    9/24/2007     13759              3.9%
BUY     11/14/2007     13223              3.0%
SELL     12/6/2007     13619            12.6%
BUY        3/7/2008       11900            5.5%
SELL     3/24/2007     12549           13.0% 
BUY        9/15/2008     10918            0.9%
SELL      9/22/2008     11016          16.0%
BUY       10/8/2008       9258            0.1%
SELL     10/14/2008     9311           2.6%
BUY       10/28/2008     9065           0.8%
SELL     11/5/2008       9139          12.0%
BUY       11/21/2008     8046            1.3% 
SELL      1/29/2009      8149           
Cover    3/9/2009         6547             19.7%
BUY       3/10/2009      6926             12.3%
         as of  3/27/2009  7776   
   TigerSoft's Hotline answers the most
  important questions you can ask now.

Should we buy, sell or sell short?  
   2. Are we in a Depression and will the stock market keep
falling like it did in 1930, 1931 and 1932? 
   3. What is the key seasonality factor about to hit the market?
   4. What is the safest hedging approach to use right now?
   5. What is the single best short-seling technique to use in cave-in markets?
   6. What would have been the very best way to have
safely recognized
all tradeable bottoms in the 1930s.
   7. How can one distinguish bear market rallies from
the next bull market's start?
  8. Is Gold a satisfactory hedge?
  9. What steps can the Obama Administration take to
turn the stock market up?
10. How you can save a lot of money even if you are

Order Here - TigerSoft Buys/Sells/Insider Trading Detection
                           Peerless Stock Market Timing (1915-2009)   

                           Nightly On-Line Hotline
  200 Page Books
      Killer Short Selling Profits in Any Market:
        Using Tiger's Accumulation Index To Spot Insider Selling.

Everything!  $995  One year of all services, data, updates, Hotlines books.   Peerless, TigerSoft and Power-Ranker software.

Downside Volatility Can Be Profitably Tamed.
     Use Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2009

                      Who Let The Dogs Out?

                      For good or bad, the Bush Securities Exchange Commission permitted a
               great expansion in the number of trading vehicles that can be used to
sell short
               major market indexes in a retirement account.  Just before the Crash began,
               in June 2007, the Bush SEC also allowed short selling on down-ticks.  These
               changes have badly served most holders of stocks and Main Street and I have written
               many Blogs and Hotlines comdemning them.  See my Blog -
  7/18/2008   Wall Street's Dirty Little Secret.  It Owns The SEC.
                                              The SEC's Hand in the 2007-2008 Bear Market

  2007-2009 Big Losses, unless You Used Peerless Stock Market Timing

                      These SEC changes have added greatly to the stock market's downward volatility.
                Because Peerless predicted the declines, the extra volatility has actually helped
                TigerSoft's Peerless traders make considerable profits in the extreme weakness
                since mid-2007    Folks following Peerless and our Hotline have completely avoided
                the Bear Market because of the real-time Peerless major Sells.  Others who did not
                heed or did not know of our Peerless Sells on the general market are mostly down
                50% or more.  As you will see, I tried to warn anyone who visited my site.

                     I wrote Peerless in 1981 to avoid exactly what has just happened.   It is now
               back-tested to 1915.   I watch the stock market very closely every day and write a
               nightly on-line Hotline.  The few hundred dollars a year I charge for it has saved my
               customers millions and millions.   As a trained political economist with years of experience
               writing about politics and economics from a populist's perspective, I wanted desperately
               to warn everyday people of the economic dangers I saw lying ahead.  Put yourself
               in my position,  How would you get the word out?  How would you now?  I wrote
               and I wrote about the troubles I foresaw.  See
My Predictions  

               June 24, 2007 -  The 1929 Crash: Could It Happen Again?   Yes- Absolutely.
               June 17, 2007 - June 23, 2007  Peerless gave major Sells to our people.

                               Major Peerless Sells in 2007 Warn of Coming Bear Market
    wpe155.jpg (69548 bytes)
                Blogs - July 25, 2007     The Curse of Cassandra: With Peerless You Will See The Future,
                                                           but Your Friends Will Not Believe You.  
                 - August 5, 2007  Don't Be A Deer in The Head Lights.  Timely!
                 - November 22, 2007  World Bull Market Is Ending
                 - November 27, 2007  Chinese Stocks Show As Much Insider Selling as The DJI Did in 1929!
                 - May 1, 2008 
Overpaid CEOs Are Destroying Their Companies,
June 4,   2008   Far from Over, The Credit Crunch Is Worsening.
                 - July 16, 2008   Investing in A Perfect Financial Storm
                 - September 21, 2008  Wall Street Is Dangerously Out of Control.
                 - October 28, 2008  The Biggest US Stock Market Declines: 1915-2008

                        For years, I have explained to investors that "long-term investing" carries enormous
                risks.   Most people in the stock market with portfolios now down 50% see
                right I was.  But Wall Street had for years trained most people to "Buy and Hold". 
                So, resistance was hard to overcome.  People tend to "freeze with anxiety".
                I wrote
Don't Be A Deer in The Head Lights right after the top in 2007.   It was timely!
                But only 30 or 40 people bought my software in the Summer of 2007.  Will it be
                any different now,  as we look for a bottom?  

  Here's how we advise using Peerless.

                           Use a reversing Peerless Sell Signal on
the DJI-30 chart  to decide when
                the market is going to decline.  When that happens, buy
even in a Retirement
                Account to effectively go short the DJIA-30.   Oppositely, when there is a reversing
                Peerless Buy signal, buy DIA, the ETF that matches  the DJIA. 
Most everything
                moves up and down with the DJIA-30.

              Other hedging vehicles of the major market indices can also be used:
DOG   Short 1.0 x Dow Jones Industrial Average
                            DXD   ultra short 2 .0 x DJIA  On a 1% market decline, this ETF will be up around 2.0%.
                     SH   Short S&P 500 ProShares (AMEX:
                     SDS  UltraShort 2.5 X S&P 500 ProShares .  
                             PSQ  Short NASDAQ-100 ProShares
                             QID   UltraSort 2.0 X NASDAQ-100 ProShares.

                    April 2008 - March 2009 Trading Gain on DIA +96%

              Using Peerless'es Buys and Sells on the DJIA-30 would have gained a trader 113%
              applied to the DIA from April 2008 to March 2009.  Here are the trades. 

              Our software shows what would have happened starting with $10,000 and taking
              each trade for the last 12 months.  Here we assume that each trade has a slippage
              (commissions and differences between bid and ask) of  $40 with each trade and that
              the trades are taken at the close the day of the signal.  Had the trades been taken
              at the next day's opening, as is more likely, the gains would have been +96%.  It
              should be noted that our Hotline actually improved on some of these trades, such
              as covering the short sale on DIA on 3/9/2009 at 6547.06, well below the next day's
              Buy signal at 6926.49. 

                    5/1/2008        Sell Short DIA @ 129.96  using $10,000
                    9/15/2008      Cover Short DIA and buy DIA @109.8 using account's new value of $11,551.25
                    9/22/2008      Sell DIA and Sell Short DIA @ 110.5 using account's new value of $11624.89
                   10/8/2008      Cover Short DIA and buy DIA @91.4 using account's new value of $13634.26
                   10/14/2008    Sell DIA and Sell Short DIA @ 93.67 using account's new value of $13972.89
                   10/28/2008    Cover Short DIA and buy DIA @91.14 using account's new value of $14350.28
                   11/5/2008      Sell DIA and Sell Short DIA @ 91.85 using account's new value of $14462.07
                   11/21/2008    Cover Short DIA and buy DIA @80.54 using account's new value of $16242.87
                   1/29/2009      Sell DIA and Sell Short DIA @ 81.53 using account's new value of $16442.52
                   3/10/2009      Cover Short DIA and buy DIA @69.14 using account's new value of $18941.27
                   3/27/2009      Sell DIA and Sell Short DIA @ 77.81 using account's new value of $21316.46

                                      Peerless Buys and Sells on the chart of the DIA.wpe156.jpg (48694 bytes)
wpe157.jpg (4206 bytes)                 
                   Had these signals been used to trade the SPY for this period at the openings the next day,
             the gain would have been 118.52%.  For the QQQQ, the gain would have been 110.45%.
             The software allows one to superimpose the Peerless signals on any other chart.  When you
             do this, you will quickly see the enormous value of Peerless.

                   Below is the DJI chart on which the Peerless signals are based.

                                                DJI and Peerless Signals: 2008-2009
wpe155.jpg (78916 bytes)

More information? Call Us -   858-273-5900 

Trade Like A Pro.  Then Profits Are Easy.

                                                                           Some Basics:
                                                                   "Tips" Are Unreliable.
                                                         "Buy and Hold" Is Proven Deadly.. 
                                                 Greed and Fear Bring Trouble.  Be Objective. 
                                     Be Self-Reliant....Be Your Own Guru... Use TigerSoft Charts.
                                Perfection is not possible...Take small losses to avoid bigger ones...

                                                          Use The Best Trading Software.
                                               Peerless has been back-tested carefully to 1915.
                                             Always Inspect TigerSoft Charts for Insider Trading.
                                             Buy What Insiders and Professionals Are Buying
                                        Sell What Insiders and Professionals Are Selling Short.
                                      Look for Historical Parallels. Learn from Market History. 

wpe115.jpg (5921 bytes)

                                  It's easy...We can show you how in 30 minutes on your computer.

                                                             1. TigerSoft Automatic Buy and Sells
                                                            And much more. All developed by us over
                                                            a 28 year period, since 1981. $295 or $49/mo

                                               2. TigerSoft Insights into Key Insider Trading
                                                      Use TigerSoft's Unique Tools To Spot Insider Trading 
                                                            "Accumulation Index" and "Closing Power". 
                                                                   Don't trade without these tools.
                                                                 Insider Buying        Insider Selling.

                                                      "TigerSoft's Closing Power is a game-changer"

                                              3. Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2009

                                              4.  Read our TigerBlog and Nightly Hotline ($298/yr).  

                                        5.  Nightly Data and  Stock Trading Tutorials for TigerSoft Data Users.  $150/year 

                                                            6. TigerSoft Books:
                                                                   Explosive Super Stocks
                                                                   Killer Short Sales in Any Market
                                                  Tiger's Tahiti Strategy for Investing in DJI Blue Chips: 1970-2007



                       More about How We Can Help You:

     Tiger Software's

    #1       PEERLESS STOCK MARKET TIMING and TIGERSOFT. $495.00 <<<
                                            Automatic Buy and Sell Signals:

                                           Full History of All Reversing Buys and Sells since 1965   

                                wpe1E.jpg (5271 bytes)   4
3 year Track Record .... 28+% per year!

PEERLESS Provides Investors an Average Gain of 28+% per Year
                                 on the DJIA.  This is perfect for overall-market timing, trading mutual funds,
                                 index options and futures. 

                  FACT:  "Successful Stock Market Timing Accounts
                  for 70% of A Typical Investor's Profits." 

Our Peerless Stocks Market Timing Has been back-tested as far as 1965.
               Originally written in 1981, and tested with the Dow Jones Industrial Avg.,
               it has certainly stood the time.  Look at the typical annual returns:
                Avg.Annual Returns from Peerless Stock Market Timing and TigerSoft
               25%-36% per Year:     DJIA          SP-500          NASDAQ         QQQQ      
               75%, 100+% per Year:   Using Options Safer Blue Chips.

               FACT:  The SP-500 has not had a 10% correction since January 2003.
                This is the longest such period without a correction since 1965. 
                A correction is Over-Due. The market is now especially vulnerable!

                 FACT:   Study after study shows that historically most stock market profits
               are made between October lows and the end of April.

                       Want to read more about Peerless?   See Full Track Record?

                           Market Timers,
See also TigerSmart nearly 30%/year NASDAQ/QQQQ  
                       Market Timing below.   Learn to compare current market conditions with those in the past. 
                       For example, does the market right now bear the same characteristics of other Summer
                       periods before a decline, or before a rally.  History does repeat in the stock market...

                          SIMPLE BUYING AND HOLDING
                         IS GETTING RISKIER and RISKIER!

                         The DJIA has now gone a record 50 months without a 10% correction.
                               It would be wise to get our Peerless Stock Market Timing to know
                               when the next correction is about to start.   "The higher the diving board,
                               the bigger the splash!".

                         The long bull market from 1982 to 2000 is now a part of market history.
                               Market History shows long bull markets are often followed by 13-17
                               years of volatile trading markets.  The year 2000 saw the
                               top in a long bull market that started in August 1982.
                               Despite the strength seen in 2007, as investors enjoy the world-wide bull market,
                              in the US we will probably see volatile swings up and down, for many years,
                              without a sustained run to multiple years' new highs.

                          Below, look at how well investors were alerted to the impending Crash of 1987.  
                              This was done real-time.  The Peerless Stock Market Timing system had been
                             written six years earlier.  Hundreds of investors got out at the top because
                             of Peerless. at the time!   We teach you how to see these tops coming. 
                             Learn from the past!   Don't let the next "BIG ONE" hurt you.  Get Peerless! 


dji87.gif (11669 bytes)
                                         Market Timing is Everything.
                      If you buy at a significant market bottom, you will almost
                       certainly make money.  But if you buy near a major market
                       top, you will almost certainly lose a lot of money. The importance
                       of market timing is now the subject of a new book, by our
                       long-time friend David Rogers:
                                     The 90% Solution,
                        (John Wiley & Sons, 2006

                       The long bull market from 1982 to 2000 is gone.
                       Market History for the 20th century shows long bull markets
                       are followed by 13-17 years of volatile trading markets. The year
                       2000 saw the top in a long bull market that started in August 1982.
                       We may well see volatile swings up and down, as
                       repeatedly occurred between 1966 and 1982 when war,
                       inflation, higher and higher interest rates and heightened
                       partisanship, including impeachment reigned supreme....
                            Review by William Schmidt of Tiger Software

                       So, don't just buy and hold, hoping for the best!

                       ===> Here's our Special Offer in honor of the
                                   May 10th, 2006 - Perfect Real-Time Major Sell
What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone
                                   order Peerless today.  858-273-5900.  We'll give
                                   all the details needed to start trading these signals
                                   right away.   

            Peerless-Tiger Soft combine to give very profitable signals
            on mutual funds like those of Janus and Fidelity funds...

                                       More information.
                                Recent chart of Janus Fund:
wpe1E.jpg (41939 bytes)

                                                      Here is the recent chart of
Fidelity's FDCPX - Computer
                                                       Select Fund.

wpe20.jpg (42403 bytes)



Detailed Track Record
Peerless Gained  +28.5% per year from 1965-2007 on DJI-30

                       LEARN WHEN TO INVEST & WHEN TO WAIT! 

               Nearly everything goes up when the DJI-30 rises.
               And nearly everything falls sharply when the DJI-30 plunges.
               So, Peerless will help you no matter what you trade.   

                                 Nearly All Stocks
                                 DIAMONDS - DJI-30 Equivalent.
                                 Spiders (SPY)
                                 NASDAQ-100 (QQQQ)
                                 RYDEX Nova and Ursa Funds
                                 Fidelity Select Funds.
                                 Non-ETFs and Overseas Stocks.
                                 Index Options
                                 Index Futures

Use the major reversing Peerless Buys and Sells from charts the DJI-30 and
               the NASDAQ.  They have been back-tested to 1915.  The results here have been
               carefully computed for the 42-year period 1965-2007. 

               Peerless has been bringing big profits to its users since 1981.  Its core concepts
               and initial signals have remain unchanged.  Over the years since 1981, a few more
               major Buys and Sells have been added, but only after careful back-testing.  

               There have been  67 times since 1965 when a long position was taken and 66
               occasions when a Peerless user should have gone short the DJI-30 or its equivalent.

                                   RESULTS YOU CAN BACK-TEST YOURSELF

                       We provide you all the back-data to 1965, so you can readily back-test
              and better understand the dependability and power of Peerless. 

                      The Automatic major Buy and Sell Signals for Peerless have averaged
              a yearly gain of more than 28% on the DJI since 1965.  They give a big boost to
              the performance to nearly all portfolios, because of how inter-twined and
              inter-dependent global markets now are.  The reversing major Peerless
              signals are powerful and last long enough to affect nearly all markets.
                         Which Sectors benefir most from Peerless Stock Market Timing?

               Peerless improved the profits of those holding Fidelity Select funds by 11.6% per year
               from 2000-2004 .  Especially fine results are seen in Technology, Consumer Services,
               Cyclical and Banking for the entire period 1987-2005.
  Anyone owning stocks in these
               areas would have been aided enormously by employing the Peerless automatic
               Buy and Sell signals.

Make 28.4% per Year on DJI-30 if you are willing to Sell Short

      Make nearly 20%/year Buying the DJI-30 and Selling only  

                Using Peerless would have turned $100 in 1965 into $89,600 in 2007
                           This is the equivalent of  17.5 %/year.
                                      By comparison, buying and holding the DJI-30 from 1965 to 2007
                                      would have only increased the value of the original $100 investment to $1437.
                                              61 of the 67 trades (91.0%) would have been profitable.
                                              On average 1.6 trades per year.
                                              Avg. Trade's Gain =  +11.2%
                          The Peerless gains of simply buying and selling on the reversing major Peerless signals
                          are understated, in that no consideration is given the interest received while in cash.
                          This would probably have increased the average annual return by more than 2.5%,
                          making the average annual return 20%.  It is assumed that dividends received cancel
                          out commissions..  

83% of the reversing major Peerless Sells brought a decline to at least the
                           lower band in our charts.  And that was in a market environment that rose
                           from 1000 to 13500
.   Calling All Tops!

                            In 50% of the cases of a Peerless major Sell, the DJIA went well below
                           the lower band and down anywhere from 8% to 33%.

                                    What Value Do You Place on Peace of Mind?

Know when the stock market is safe and know when it is dangerous.
We have spent 25 years researching market history.  It repeats and repeats.
                           Don't resign yourself to a cruel financial fate.  You do not have to suffer bear
                           markets.   Sell when Peerless tells you to and use the time until the next Buy
                           to relax and to prepare for the next Buy signal.  You peace of mind and
                           confidence will soar, along wth your investments.

                             With Peerless You Can Afford To Be More Aggressive.

Keep in mind the returns below are for conservative Dow Jones Industrial
                           Average.  Because of the added safety our Peerless system offers, you may
                          well want to be more aggressive.


"Calling All Tops "

19 Reversing Major PEERLESS  SELLS
                            brought Dow Declines of 6.2% to 34.1%, 1965-2005

Date of Major Reversing Sell                 Next Subsequent Reversal to BUY
------------------------------------------------------           -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1/6/1966   Peerless Major Sell "S12"             7 months later after 21.3% decline in DJI
9/14/1967 Peerless Major Sell "S12"             4 months later after 6.2% decline in DJI
1/7/1969  Peerless Major Sell "S10"            16 months later after 28.4% decline in DJI
8/17/1971 Peerless Major Sell "S9"               3 months later after 7.6% decline in DJI
1/3/1973  Peerless Major Sell "S9"                8 months later after 9.9% decline in DJI
10/26/1973  Peerless Major Sell "S9"              4 months later after 16.1% decline in DJI
4/19/1974  Peerless Major Sell "S9"                6 months later after 29.8% decline in DJI
5/25/1977 Peerless Major Sell "S10"              7 months later after 10.7% decline in DJI
10/10/1978  Peerless Major Sell "S12"           1 month later after 7.2% decline in DJI
9/21/1979 Peerless Major Sell "S9"                2 months later after 9.7% decline in DJI
1/16/1980 Peerless Major Sell "S12"              2 months later after 10.1% decline in DJI
2/26/1981 Peerless Major Sell "S12"              7 months later after 12.9% decline in DJI

Real Time Signals: Peerless Users Saw These Signals at The Time.
10/1/1987 Peerless Major Sell "S9"                3 weeks later after 34.1% decline in DJI
1/3/1990 Peerless Major Sell "S9"                  3 weeks later after 8.9% decline in DJI
7/13/1990 Peerless Major Sell "S9"               3 months later after 17.7% decline in DJI
10/1/1997 Peerless Major Sell "S9"               3 weeks later after 6.5% decline in DJI
4/23/1998 Peerless Major Sell "S9"               5 months later after 16.5% decline in DJI
1/4/1999 Peerless Major Sell "S9"               32 months later after 10.3% decline in DJI
5/15/2002 Peerless Major Sell "S12"             3 months later after 20.0% decline in DJI

                      "Calling All Bottoms, too"

                                                  35 Reversing Major PEERLESS Buys
                             brought Dow Advances of 6.0% to 35.6%, 1965-2005

Date of Major Reversing Buy                 Next Subsequent Reversal to Sell
-------------------------------------------------              -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9/24/1965 Peerless Major Buy "B18"              4 months later after 6.0% advance in DJI
11/22/1966 Peerless Major Buy "B9"              4 months later after 9.4% advance in DJI
5/19/1967 Peerless Major Buy "B9"                4 months later after 6.3% advance in DJI
1/22/1968 Peerless Major Buy "B9"              12 months later after 6.2% advance in DJI
5/27/1970 Peerless Major Buy "B19"              2 months later after 9.1% advance in DJI
8/11/1970 Peerless Major Buy "B9"                3 months later after 9.4% advance in DJI
12/15/1970  Peerless Major Buy "B4"             9 months later after 9.8% advance in DJI
11/30/1971 Peerless Major Buy "B12"            5 months later after 15.4% advance in DJI
10/7/1974 Peerless Major Buy "B19"            11 months later after 35.6% advance in DJI
12/4/1975 Peerless Major Buy "B9"               4 months later after 19.9% advance in DJI
2/23/1978 Peerless Major Buy "B9"               5 months later after 11.7% advance in DJI
11/1/1978 Peerless Major Buy "B19"            10 months later after 8.0% advance in DJI
11/21/1979 Peerless Major Buy "B9"              2 months later after 7.2% advance in DJI
3/28/1980 Peerless Major Buy "B19"              7 months later after 26.3% advance in DJI

Real Time Signals: Peerless Users Saw These Signals at The Time.
8/17/1982 Peerless Major Buy "B19"          4 months later after 29.5% advance in DJI
1/24/1983 Peerless Major Buy "B9"             6 months later after 20.7% advance in DJI

1/14/1985 Peerless Major Buy "B9"             9 months later after 20.7% advance in DJI
11/18/1985 Peerless Major Buy "B4"           3 months later after 10.6% advance in DJI

2/10/1986 Peerless Major Buy "B4"             4 months later after 14.6% advance in DJI
9/11/1986 Peerless Major Buy "B17"           7 months later after 33.3% advance in DJI
6/22/1987 Peerless Major Buy "B4"              3 months later after 7.9% advance in DJI

10/19/1987 Peerless Major Buy "B16"         2 months later after 18.8% advance in DJI
11/2/1988 Peerless Major Buy "B15"           2 months later after 27.7% advance in DJI
1/25/1990  Peerless Major Buy "B17"          6 months later after 16.4% advance in DJI
9/24/1990  Peerless Major Buy "B17"          19 months later after 16.4% advance in DJI
12/28/1992 Peerless Major Buy "B15"         22 months later after 18.1% advance in DJI.

3/27/1995 Peerless Major Buy "B15"           8 months later after 17.2% advance in DJI.
9/13/1996  Peerless Major Buy "B10"          4 months later after 14.8% advance in DJI.
5/5/1997  Peerless Major Buy "B14"            4 months later after 11.1% advance in DJI.
10/28/97 Peerless Major Buy "B19"             3 months later after 8.1% advance in DJI.
2/10/98 Peerless Major Buy "B4"                  2 months later after 10.2% advance in DJI.
10/1/98 Peerless Major Buy "B17"               3 months later after 20.3% advance in DJI.
9/21/01 Peerless Major Buy "B16"               3 months later after 23.8% advance in DJI.
7/24/02 Peerless Major Buy "B19"             19 months later after 29.1% advance in DJI.

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                  wpe21.jpg (48671 bytes)


 Track Record:  DJI  1965-2007 Major Signals
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