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2018 Version of TigerSmart Automatic Buys/Sells....Tiger's Introductory Software & 3 Months' Data and Tutorials
- $295.00   Internet Downloadable.

Features:  Automatic Buys and Sells. TigerSoft Accumulation Index, Tiger Power Index, TigerSOft Day'Traders' Tool.

California residents
must pay 8 1/2% sales tax. 
CD with instructions $5.00 shipping.
charge in US and $7.00 Canada. $10 overseas.

--- Daily TigerSoft charts on your computer showing timely
automatic Buys and Sells and powerful internal strength
and momentum indicators.

--- Optimized Buys and Sell Signals for NASDAQ, QQQQ,
NDX, OEX, SP-500, NYSE, SOX (Semi-Conductors Index),
BBH (Biotech Index) and 1500 individual stocks, commodities
and currencies - all downloadable from our website for free for
3 months and then only $150 a year.

--- Data Conversion Software that will let you use nearly
any ascii formatted historical stock-data.

--- Tiger's "Trade-the-Trend" NASDAQ trading system. Using pre-defined signals which have been back-tested to 1986, this
lets you see the likely trend of more speculative stocks.  These
Buy and Sell signals have produced an average gain of 30% on "long" trades since 1987.

---Simple Instructions, so that You Can Consistently Buy Low and Sell High.
--- Additional Tiger SYSTEM-TESTER SOFTWARE to let
you fine-tune your approach to trading any individual stock, commodity, currency or index.

Introductory Price later can be applied to cost of Full TIGERSOFT
for one year. Full TIGERSOFT includes 4 Books, Hotline, Bullish and
Bearish Special Situations, Elite Service, Regular Research Reports and Software Updates.

---- Many more features, too numerous to detail here.

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