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           5/11/2012    DJI = 12821   +77% Trading Gain
                              B=Buy   S=Sell  Any Buy reverses any Sell and vice verse. 
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                       >   We keep proving that the Stock Market is clearly much more predictable
                     than most "experts" say:  Our Peerless has gained +77% trading the swings
                     of the DJIA this past year, using the time-tested Peerless rules that have been
                     researched back to 1915. 

                      > The Buys and Sells in the chart below are real-time.  Someone trading the DJI
                      or its many close equivalents would have made a lot of money this past
                      year.   So, consider this as your invitation to call us.  858-273-5900 or
                      Order Peerlss and TigerSoft.  If history shows anything, it is that we can set
                      you on a path to much greater financial security.

Peerless Automatic Buys and Sells' Trading Gain = 77%.
                                                   Buy on a reversing Buy and Cover Short Positions.
                                                   Sell on a reversing Sell and Initiate Short Positions.

> Whatever you trade, by successfully Calling the major Tops and Bottoms
                        in the DJI, Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing Software or Hotline
                        will make your trading and investing safer and much more profitable.

>   See What To Trade When Peerless Gives a Reversing Buy or Sell 
                        DIA - ETF for DJIA               

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             OLDER HOTLINE COMMENTS, Real-Time....

              9/1/2011    DJI = 11484    NASDAQ S4 and DJI S9V.   "We have sold and now would go
             short bearish MINCP stocks."

NASD.BMP (1029654 bytes)

  DJI = 11150    "Peerless Buys signals"
"Our Stocks' Hotline has today closed out our short sales and went long...
              recent "Tahiti" stocks,  CVX, CAT and IBM."  

     8/25                now 8/31's opening (when this is being written)
                                               CVX    95.96                        99.12
                                               CAT     83.25                       92.00
                                               IBM     165.58                   172.51

           8/24/2011    "Buy DIA"     (111.26) 
           7/22/2011   "The Volume Fuel for An Extension of The Summer Rally is
         Running Low...  The research I have just done for the S9vs suggests
         we are at or near a top, in which there is a 45% chance for a decline
         below the lower band."

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============================================  QQQ.gif (13093 bytes)                   
                         Tiger HOTLINE Subscribers do.


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                                                                       Sample HOTLINE Headlines
6/29/11  DJI = 12261
BUY B17    Closing Powers are rising,  so I would just hold our long positions, including
      SPY.  Seasonality is bullish.

6/28/11  DJI = 12189
BUY B17    Now The DJI Needs To Get Past 12265. The bullish MAXCP stocks of the
       last few days did well today...  Our software shows that the DJI has risen 58.7% of the
       time over the ten trading days following 6/28 since 1965.  And breadth was very good
       today, as NYSE   Advancers were 4x Decliners. 

6/27/11  DJI = 12043
    BUY B17     Today's Rally Is Important, but The Rally Needs To Get Past 12265. 
      Short-term traders will want to use the weakness to buy or play long the QQQ or SPY,
      so long as the  new Closing Power uptrends are left generally in tact at the end of the day.

6/24/11  DJI = 11934
BUY B17 Next week will be important.   If the DJI can hold up without dropping much
      below 10800, over the next week, the bullish seasonality of early July will help the market.

6/23/11  DJI = 12050
BUY B17 but the test of support ...Is Probably Not over.
6/22/11  DJI = 12109.67
BUY B17 still gives us hopes of the DJi surpassing the resistance at 12300. 
6/21/11  DJI = 12190.01
  BUY B17   The downtrends of the key ETFs' CLosing Power have been broken.  
       This and the Buy B17 should bring a recovery by the DIA and SPY back to their (purple) 65-dma
       and the resistance there, at a minimum.


        6/20/11  DJI = 12080.38
        BUY B17   The Closing Power downtrend for the DIA has been penetrated. 
        The SPY's has slightly been  violated, too.  With Peerless on a Buy and the DJI having
        successfully tested the sweet spot     its rising 30-week (149-day) and 200-day ma,  I think
        it's time we buy DIA or SPY (see below) and either some bullish MAXCP stocks or biotechs
        that have recently tested their 65-dma and had their CLosing Power downtrends break


       6/17/11  DJI = 12004.36  
       BUY B17 Is Still Alive, but the SPY and QQQ continue to have trouble rallying.
        We are not yet out of harm's way, as the Closing Powers's downtrends are not yet broken.


                                OLDER HOTLINE PREDICTIONS

     Perhaps, our most famous predictions was the   warning we gave at the stock
     market top just before the DJI fell 33% in 3 weeks.  That was on October 5th, 1987
Our Peerless Stock Market Timing Software issued the
     famous "Major Sell S9" that predicted the October 1987 Crash.  That Top was
     exactly pin-pointed.  After a 33% decline, it was followed by a record number
     of consecutive Major Buy B9s in January 1988 with DJI just above 1900.
     That soon proved to be an important long-term bottom.


                    Just some of the Predictions
   That Have Been Very Profitably to Subscribers.

2005                      From our Hotline:

                                                               August 1, 2005
   "Housing Bubble Trouble"  http://tigersoft.com/Housing%20Bubble/index.html

                                                November 29, 2005
    "Gold Is Gleaming. Silver is Shining!" http://tigersoft.com/silver_stocks/index.html   
2006                      From our Hotline:

                                                January 3, 2006
     "Non-US Stock Markets Are Very Bullish" http://tigersoft.com/ETFs/index.html

                                              February 2, 2006
         "Hi-Ho, Away. Silver Just Broke $10/ounce"  http://tigersoft.com/ETFs/index.html

                                                                 February 6, 2006
          "How To Make 40%/Yr. in Oil and Gas Stocks" http://tigersoft.com/7Paths/Oil_Gas%20Stks.htm

                                                  June 5, 2006
             "Home Building Stocks Are Particularly Weak" http://www.tigersoft.com/What'sNew/index.html
2007                     From our Hotline:

                   March 10, 2007 "Insider Selling in Mortgage Lenders"                      
                         http://www.tigersoft.com/Housing%20Bubble/Second%20Leg%20Down.htm    Extraordinarily right.

                   April 7, 2007

               "Jobs Report Belied by Weakening Recruiting Firms' Stocks"

                    June 19, 2007

                 "Years Ending in '7' Show Big Declines." 

                      June 24, 2007

                 "Absolutely, The 1929 Crash Could Happen Again."
                                      http://www.tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/6-24-2007/index.html   Sadly true.

                        June 28, 2007

                    "Housing Shows No Bottom in Sight."  http://www.tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/6-19-2007/index.htm
wpe190.jpg (68306 bytes)

July 12, 2007
"US Dollar's Decline Is Getting Serious"  http://www.tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/6-19-2007/index.htm
The Dollar fell steeply to a bottom in March 2008.

August 3, 2007 "Widespread Insider Selling before The Bad News Comes Out." http://tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/8-3-2007/index.htm

August 3, 2007 "Fed's Discount Rate Changes and Stock Prices: 1955-2007."

September 13, 2007 "The Coming Dollar Collapse, Gold and Interest Rates."
                     The Dollar fell steeply to a bottom in March 2008.

October 31, 2007 "The Untold Story behind The Run on The Dollar."
                              The Dollar fell 10% more, until March 2008.

November 6, 2007 "Lots of Stocks Look Like Good Short Sales."  http://www.tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/11-6-2007/index.htm
                                                  Certainly very true!

November 27, 2007
  'The Chinese Bubble.
           Tiger Index of 63 Chinese Stocks Show As Much Insider Selling as The DJI Did in 1929! 
                                            This was exactly right.
2008                      From our Hotline:

February 4, 2008
    The Worst of All Worlds: Inflation and High Unemployment.  
                    The Limits of Monetary Policy: Will The "Stagflation" of The 1970s Reappear?    
                     Part III in Series on Monetarists versus The Keynesians 

February 10, 2008      "As Silver Moves Past $17,
                 We Must Ask Is This The Start of An Exciting Third Wave U
                                      All Aboard Silver.  Next Stop $20. 

February 22, 2008  "Food Commodities Are Going Hyperbolic"  
                                   Hyperbolic runs show excessive speculation.

March 1, 2008           The Biggest Theft in American History:   

                         How The US Treasury Was Bankrupted by Bush's and Cheney' Buds at Halliburton.
                             Their Plan wa to leave no money left for needed social services or jobs' stimulation.  

March   29,  2008   Bernanke Has Addicted Banks To Federal Reserve Hand-Outs.   
                      Fed Policies Are Apt To Depress Housing Prices Much More.

                           Housing Prices and Hourly Wages have continued to decline as predicted here. 

May 14, 2008    Spotting The Most Vulnerable Stocks
                Is Washington Mutual the Next Bear Stearns or Northern Rock?
  YES.  It went bankrupt a few months later.  The largest savings and loan in
                                US history to do so,

June 4,  2008    Far from Over, The Credit Crunch Is Worsening:    
                                     Use TigerSoft To Profitably Sell Short The Weakest Banks

July 13, 2008         Investing in A Perfect Financial Storm(1).    
                    America Cannot Afford Its Empire or Its Military Industrial Complex   
                   The History of US Bear Markets: 1915-2008: How To Trade Them.

                                         Very useful, given how bear market did unfold.

July 15, 2008     Investing in A Perfect Financial Storm(2). 
                          Socialism for The Friends of The Administration. 

                          Certainly the $700 billion bailout proved socialism for Wall Street is alive and well in the US..

July 18, 2008    The SEC's Hand in The 2007-2008 Bear Market.
                            Why Do They Protect The Bear Raiders?
                              Unregulated Bear Raiders Have Made The Decline Much Worse.

September 8, 2008   Why Does Treasury Secretary Paulsen Look So Frightened?
                                  The DJI subsequently fell from 11100 to 6500 in 4 months!

September 18, 2008     The CRASH and Greenspan's "De-Regulation" of Banking,
                   by Abolishing the Glass-Steagall Act  of 1933, Has Led Directly to the 2007-2008 Bear Market. 
                    Both Political Parties Are To Blame.   Neither Admits This To Be The Central Malady.
                                  At leastl, Greenspan now admits he was wrong.

2009                      From our Hotline:

March 23, 2009   Obama's Biggest Wall Street Contributors Fleeced Shareholders
                       All The Way Down And Now Will Fleece Taxpayers All The Way Up.

March 25, 2009  Why Is The Stock Market Rallying? 
                       Obama Has Signaled Wall Street That He Will Protect Them. 

                                        Right on the nose!.. 

April 19, 2009   Goldman's Huge Advantage:
                          Goldman Sachs Is "The GREED CONNECTION" between Wall Street and Washington  
                           Making US Financial Policies Pays Off Big for GS. 
Stock rose from 140 to 195. 

July 22, 2009   The 2009 Stealth Bull Market
                    The Public Has Not Been Invited To The Party.

October 6, 2009   GOLD's Breakout Past 1000/ounce into All-Time High Territory Invites Comparisons with 1970s. 

              2010                      From our Hotline:

     September 2010 - "Buy SILVER and SLV."      ABOUT TO DOUBLE+!
wpe1B1.jpg (59803 bytes)

September 2010 - "Bullish Technology Takeovers Abound...
                            Professionals are very bullish". 

                                                 DJIA has rallied 20% since this.

November 2010 - "Very, very bullish seasonality for the Market Now."    

  December 2010 -   Why The Market Keeps Rallying...
                              "Tax Cuts for Billionaires and Cuts in Social Security
                              Should Make Wall Street Even Happier in 2011."
                                       "Shades of 1921-1929, 1983-2000"
                    "Learn how to think like a billionaire. Know what they are buying and selling
                     is the surest and safest way to make big money in stocks,
                     commodities and currencies."   Use TigerSoft, Peerless and our Nightly Hotline.

          Jan - April 2011 "Still on a Buy for Overall Market"

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