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                      and PEERLESS SIGNALS

                     6/16/2010 - DJIA = 10409
                 Peerless Signal =  Sell S9/S12   
             See also PEERLESS DJIA SIGNALS and CHARTS
                                             SPY: 1993-2010

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             TigerSoft Chart of SPY and Key Internal Strength Indicators
Note recent Sell S9/S12s

Stay short the DIA or SPY...  The lower band (9831) is the highest probability target. 
      Of the 15 (past) simultaneous Sell S9/S12s, only 7 fell below the lower band, but 12 fell to the
      lower band within a month of the signal."
                                            See how Blue Closing Power is making a new low.
                                            Closing Power leads prices.  This is bearish.

                                            See how the Tiger Day Traders' Tool made another new low.
                                            This is bearish.

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                                           Recent Headlines from
             Peerless/TIGERSOFT Hotlines:

PEERLESS SELL S9/S12 OPERATIVE.   Shorting the DIA or SPY Now Seems Reasonable.
        The DJIA opened up 120, tagged the resistance of the falling 65-dma and then went
         into a steady decline for the rest of the day.  Significantly, this broke the recent uptrend
        of the Closing Power for the DIA.    SPY, QQQQ, MDY and IWM.   That the DJI has also
        tagged the 10600 objective set out based by the DJIA's head and shoulder's right shoulder
        potential apex  means I can recommend shorting the DIA or SPY."

The DJI and other averages may go a little higher to reach their apex of right shoulders
           symmetrical to their left shoulders...  But a re-test of 9800 seems indicated by the S9/S12
           from Peerless on the DJIA."


           SEEMS MOST LIKELY."

Peerless Remains on A Buy.   DJIA-10500 Is A Reasonable Target, although a
            retreat with good breadth would be constructive tomorrow.  Sometimes the market's
            own chart patterns dictate price action.  That seems to be true now.    Symmetry is
            more common than asymmetry in the pattern unfolding.  The DJIA is tracing out a
            head and shoulders pattern by advancing now upwards towards a right shoulder apex.   
            If a symmetrical head and shoulders pattern does unfold, we should see a peak near
            10600 (Intra-Day) " 

Until the DJIA breaks out above 10750 (the apex of its right shoulder) or breaks
              down below   the 9750 (neckline), we probably should use trading range tools.  
              The best tools are the trends of the CLosing Power, the A/D Lines of different groups
              of stocks and the 5-day Stochastic.  In this hotline, see that each of these tools now are
              short-term bullish." 

Today brought another Peerless Buy B14... DJIA ...Resistance at 10700

               "A Rally to 10500-10700 on the DJIA Is As Much As Seems Likely Now."  

"Only The Peerless Buys Give Us Some Hope That The Key Support
                 at 9800 Will Hold...Short drilling stocks.  Hold them short while their
                 Closing Powers Are Declining.

"9800 Is Still Likely Support."


                 "Relief Rally Under Way... Today brought a Peerless Buy B14..."

                 "9800-10000 Is Key Support.  The ETF's CLosing Powers Are Bullishly
                 Rising. That Suggests A Rally of 3%-5%."  

               "We got short-term Buys today as the Closing Power downtrend-lines were
                 violated for the DIAI. SPY and QQQQ...This is a short-term Buy.  A 3%-4% rally
                 would be typical here. "

               "Tiger's Closing Power and The NYSE A/D Line Are Still in Downtrends. 
               Wait until these downtrendlines are broken to Buy. Shorter Term traders
                should use Closing Power downtrend breaks...BP's eforts to stop the flow
                of oil will (likely) fail... Our (Stocks') Hotline is short (BP and) considerably more
               than we are long."

Breaks in (the NYSE).. down-trendline after the DJI is down 9% offer an
                 extremely reliable way to call a bottom. "

9800-10000 is the most likely support area."

The DJI most likely needs to test its best support near 10000.  There are lots
                 of cases of broad 10% trading ranges after a big advance.  Wait for the TigerSoft
                 Closing Power's current downtrend to end and be broken to buy."

                  "Wait for the TigerSoft Closing Power's current downtrend to end and be
                   broken to buy.  Professionals Are Still Selling To The Public."

Wait for the TigerSoft Closing Power to break its downtrend for the QQQQ,
                   SPY and DIA"

Having reached price resistance, a retreat by the DJIA, NASDAQ, QQQQ  
                     and SPY has now  started.
The broken neckline in a head and shoulders
                     pattern and a falling 21-day ma both act as resistance levels.   When they
                     overlap, they reinforce each other and  resistance is more likely to
                     cause a reversal.  Now that we have tested such resistance, a decline has started."

                   "NEW BUYS BUY B5 and  BUY B17" (but) "the extreme downside volatility
                   we saw today alone should make us nervous.   With the DJIA now at a year-long
                   price uptrend, we should be careful...I would prefer to see the TigerSoft Closing
                   Power to break its downtrend, before going 100% long. "  

                  "Tthe completed head and shoulders patterns and Falling Closing Powers
                   are distinctly Bearish.  SPY Head and Shoulders Patterns: 1983-2010:

                   "Bearishly,   the major market ETFs' CLosing Powers' steep uptrend-lines are
                    being broken.  They show developing head and shoulders patterns.  But the
                    necklines have not been violated.  If that happens, "
duck and cover"