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           Buy the stocks showing
        intense, big-money, insider              

These stocks have averaged
    +37%/year from 1990-2009,
             except for 2008.  

        The "TIGERSOFT Accumulation
      Index" was originally invented by us
          back in 1981.  Accept no weak
         immitations!  Use the original.   

     Discover exactly how to scan
      all stocks each night to find
       these stocks autmatically.

      (C) 2009 William Schmidt, Ph.D.

        All rights strictly reserved.

     TigerSoft scans all 7000 stocks for those showing the major Buy Signals
               like those shown below...

                               THIS CHART (KIRK) SHOWS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW
                               AT THE START OF ITS MOVE.  MEMORIZE IT!

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                 WHAT TO BUY

Insider buying and selling are rampant.  They are much more
              widespead than the numbers reported in SEC filings.  TigerSoft's
              measure of insider buying is much more practical and realistic. 
              It exists world-wide.  We see it immediately.  We see the buying
              done by those who are not officially considered "insiders" by
              the SEC.   We measure it simply by watching our Accumulation
             Index.   Moves by it above +.50 are considered insider buying.
             Our automatic Buy signals alert you to its presence.
                            Discover why we recommended DRYS at 20.
                            It hit 121 ten months later.

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                          36%/yr. to 55%/yr.  Explosive Super Stocks: 1990-2007

                            Insiders knew IST was to be bought out.
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170 page TigerSoft Book            How To Spot Savvy Insider Buying

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                36.2%/year: 1990-2007 - Buying Qualified, Intensely Accumulated Stocks,
                                  as displayed by TigerSoft and picked out by Tiger-Power-Ranker
    Insider Buying Tipped us off to buy Odyssey Exploration just before it doubled,   
                                                         5/18/2007 - Tiger's Sunken Treasures' Stock. OMR 

                                                     Chart below Shows Intense Accumulation's Aftermath.

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rom 1990-2006, the "Insider-Watch" system has averaged +36.2% per year.  
                                      And using an easy-to-apply "stop loss" would have raised even these high returns
                                      jump dramatically to more than 55%/year!   2006-2007 will raise this performance statistic

                                     2008 required taking profits earlier than normal because of the multiple Peerless
                                     major Sell signals.   But 2009 has brought wonderful games using the Insider-Watch

        Buying only the most intensely insider accumulated stocks
                                            as flagged by Tiger-Power-Ranker and holding simply one year:

June 2007 examples
                                                                                    2006       +27.7%
                                                                                    2005       +23.9%
                                                                                    2004       +40.9%
                                                                                    2003       +58.4%
                                                                                    2002       +19.0%
                                                                                    2001       + 1.0%
                                                                                    2000       +40.4%
                                                                                    1999      +175.6%
                                                                                    1998       -13.6%
                                                                                    1997        +7.3%
                                                                                    1996        +34.2%
                                                                                    1995        +37.5%
                                                                                    1994        +10.0%
                                                                                    1993        +14.0%
                                                                                    1992        +56.6%
                                                                                    1991        +29.6%
                                                                                    1990        +44.7%
     Yearly Gain = +36.2% in speculative stocks.

Book:  "How To Find Explosive Super Stocks Early in Their Move"    ===>  Order Book
                                   More Examples    2006-2007 Biggest Gainers   2009 Explosive Super Stocks     

Sample Tiger Chart    More Samples with Explanation

                              Powerful New proof of efficacy of Tiger's Accumulation Index
                                           "Best and Worst Performing Stocks of 2007"

                                                 Four Typical Phases of A Small Stock: TASR 

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      Let us show you how to find

at the Start of Their Moves:

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CMP -  Compass Minerals International, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the production
and marketing of inorganic mineral products. 

0 Page Book by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - only $75....

The book's concepts will show you exactly how to recognize the very best Buys.

Each year, 80%-100 of the year's 10 biggest gainers
have exactly the same pre-conditions we wrote about 10 years ago
that were nearly always  present in an explosive super stock
at the start of its big move.

Exactly - what a perfect stock BUY looks like! 

SIE went up in a bear market and kept on rising in
a bull market.  Reaching 40 in 2003, it quadrupled in two years!
This is exactly what a potentially explosive super stock
looks like - even in a bear market.

sie.gif (16615 bytes)

How can you turn this discovery into a profit for you?

Run our Tiger-Power-Stock-Ranker each night,
or subscribe to our on-Line Elite Stock Professional Service.
Either way, the era's new stock-superstars will be found for you,
while they are still modestly priced and in their youth!

Run TIGER's Ranking and Flagging Software against 7000 stocks.
It Easily Finds those Stocks Having the Most Bullish Signs of Big Money
Accumulation, Explosive Relative Strength and Aggressive Buying...

Note the major BUY signals in the Bullish charts below,
especially the Tiger "B10","B12", "B20" and "B24".
These are the Keys to Finding New Super-Stars in their Youth.

Note the surge in the Tiger's Accumulation Index
as Savvy Insiders and Big Institutions Take Their Positions.

"Someone on the Inside always knows in adance and
tells his closest associates!  Count on It!"

As of 11/07/2003:
LCAV  up 2158%
EVOL   up 2158%
TRCI  up 980%
TRID  up 785%
NTPA  up 581%
NOOF  up 575%
QADI  up 574%
ECHO  up 558%
ONXX  up 449%
LEIX  up 438%

The relatively unknown stock below, USNA,  had the same early signs of a big, big move
coming that we described in the 1990's in this book. Note the major BUY signals,
especially the Tiger B10,B12,B20 and B24 signals and the surge in the Tiger Accumulation
Indexas Savvy Insiders and Big Institutions Take Their Positions. 


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