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      Stock Selection and Trading Techniques     

Expanded and All New E-Book (using link we send you).  
at the Start of Their Moves:

                      AND KNOW WHEN TO SELL THEM.
by William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)

                   Tiger's System for Buying the most intensely insider-bought stocks has averaged +36%/year since 1990.
Gains Like These Let You Achieve Your Retirement Objectives much, much faster!

Use Tiger's Accumulation Index and its all-mechanical approach to find
      the stocks that are about to be the year's biggest winners.

       Tiger's all-mechanical approach would have gained you +30.1%/year since 1990
      buying such stocks. The approach tested here is simple.  Buy and hold for a year.
      That averaged a 35% gain in 12 months.  Only 10-20 stocks a year meet
      our key criteria perfectly.    200+ stocks met this criteria from 1990 tp 2006.

       Better results are used using Peerless.  That is the lesson of the extreme bear
      market of 2008. 

This Tiger's system's best gains ever have been seen in the period 2009-2010.

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                                    ------------------------------ NSS - 1997 ------------------------------

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Crude Oil - an example from 2008 ------------------------------
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HUSA - an example from 2010 ------------------------------
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                        Tiger's Book: Explosive Super Stocks: Spotting Them at The Start of Their Move. 

                    What do the Biggest Gainers look like at the start of their moves.    

                      More details
    Explosive Super Stocks
                           Start of Their Move: The Conditions That  Launch Each
Biggest Gainers and Then How Not To Overstay One's Welcome  $42.50. -->   Order here.

   Tiger's Power Stock Ranker Software:
                                   Flag/Rank 7000 Stocks with One Command

                        TigerSoft + Peerless + Power-Ranker + Nightly Hotline +
         Elite Stock Professional Studies, Special Situations and Services  

                                           Special  Order All  $995.

                          1) Peerless is on a Buy
                          2) Intense Insider Buying - see charts
                          3) TigerSoft major Buys.

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                                                   Our Top TigerSoft System:

                                             +36.2% per year from 1990-2006.
Our top system - "INSIDER-WATCH"- features a one year holding period.  Tiger users invest in the stocks that insiders are buying with a very unusual intensity, as measured by the
Tiger "Accumulation Index".   Six other technical conditions must also be present.  We disclose these to Tiger customers.

     From 1990-2006, the "Insider-Watch" system has averaged +36.2% per year.
 And using an easy-to-apply "stop loss" would have raised even these high returns jump dramatically to more than 55%/year!   
We will be updating these returns at the end of June 2007.

      Track Record: 1990-2006: Buying only the most intensely accumulated stocks as flagged by Tiger-Power-Ranker and holding simply one year:
                            2006       +27.7%
                                     2005       +23.9%
                                     2004       +40.9%

                                     2003       +58.4%
                                     2002       +19.0%
                                     2001       + 1.0%
                                     2000       +40.4%
                                     1999      +175.6%
                                     1998       -13.6%
                                     1997        +7.3%
                                     1996        +34.2%
                                     1995        +37.5%
                                     1994        +10.0%

                            1993        +14.0%
                                     1992        +56.6%
                                     1991        +29.6%
                                     1990        +44.7%

             Yearly Gain = +35.7%

Tahiti Investing System.
The "Accumulation Index" was Tiger's original invention back in 1981.  It has been much copied and mis-copied.     You'll soon see why so many agree with us.   This is the most powerful technical tool you are likely to ever use. Get the original!


                       IST was recommended repeatedly below $8.00. 
                            Do you see all the blue Accumulation?

        Interestingly, when we do back-testing, of our Tiger major Buys
        we always get an underestimated average gain, because so many
        of our high accumulation stocks are BUY-OUTs.

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The Tiger "Buy B12" and the "Buy B24" setup-pattern work over and over. 
            Here are some recent examples.  

       LEARN THE SECRET OF EASILY FINDING THESE STOCKS                            
             Tiger's Power-Ranking Programs Screens All StocksTo Easily Find These Stocks:                                     

                   Tiger's Superb Stock Selection and Trading Techniques.
                                             Buy what savvy imsiders are buying.
                                             Forget what the insiders are saying.
                                             Don't rely on the SEC to keep the playing field
                                             honest. Use TIGER's INSIDER-WATCH and
                                             Tiger's Accumulation Index. Let us show you
                                             the conditions that make
+36.5%/year when
                                             buying only these stocks and holding them a year.   
                                             Learn how to spot each era's explosive super stocks early-on.

"Insiders always know."  Never forget this truth.  Let Tiger show
         you the stocks they are pouring money into, with the foreknowledge
         that share prices will be much higher in a year.  These stocks often 
         double and triple.  The best can rise 500% in a year and a half! 

         Forget what insiders are saying. Certainly, don't rely on fear of the SEC
         to keep them honest.  Use TIGER.  Tiger's Accumulation Index lets
         you see exactly what insider-informed-Big-Money is actually doing.                 

                    How Well Does Tiger Do in A Bear Market?

      Stocks Showing Insider-Informed Big Money
      Buying Surges in the Bear Market of 2001-2003
      Rose Significantly.

      It will probably surprise you.  It surprised us that even in the
  middle of the awful bear markets of 2001-2003, heavily
  accumulated stocks were able to rise.  The gains Tiger brought
  then were smaller. And there were fewer stocks showing the
  very bullish Buy patterns we have identified as actionable.
  But our study of the "Augmented Buy B24s" from January 2001
   to February 2003 brought very positive  results. 

4/20/2007  Wall Street's Best Kept Secret.
Low-Priced Stocks Come Alive after Long Periods
of Quiet Trading.  The market conditions are just
right for this now. 

Top Performing Stocks as of February 2007.
Insider buying is very apparent in nearly all of the best performing stocks from July 2006 to February 2007.   Foreign stocks make up 20% of all the stocks up more than 75% since July 2006.  California companies make up only 12%.

+35.7% per year since 1990-2007!

Our Tiger Special Buy Signal on individual stocks has been back-tested to 1990 from 2007 against all stocks... 
More than 200 stocks have had this powerful Buy signal occur since 1990.  The annual gain averaged + 35.7% simply buying them and holding for a year,,,. They have been profitable even in the middle of bear markets. A full explanation comes with our Full Software/All Books/ On-Line Services for a year. $995.  


Since 1981, Tiger's highly original technical analysis tools and methodologies have revolutionized
             technical analysis of the stock market
They are now widely used by thousands of successful professionals.
Learn while you earn. Get our books, software and hotline.  Our tools and concepts will become pivotal
             parts of your approach to stock market investing and trading for many years to come..Read how pleased
             our customers are.
Discover why Tiger users rate TigerSoft above mass-advertised Metastock and Trade  
             Station! Read some Unsolicited Testimonials about Tiger Software        


 Learn to Recognize Insider Trading and Profit from It.


Tiger's invention, the "Accumulation Index", lets you see what savvy insiders are doing with 
              their own money.
Buy the same explosive Super Stocks that insiders and their friends are intensely
              buying.   Since 1990, our best system for making money this way has averaged
+35.7% year,  It has
+55%/year if you work with simple stop losses.  We have a perfect market environment for
              using this approach now.  Why wait?      

  More proof:   See Top Performing Stocks of 2006-2007.
                333 Stocks were up 50% or more between July 2006 and February 2007.
               More proof that spikes in Tiger's Accumulation Index signify savvy insider buying.
               Most of these stocks show such spikes of intense "insider buying" before their big advances.   
    Tiger Users Detect and Profit from Insider-Informed Trading:
                                       AKH, CPNO IPR, OMR, NFI  NEW  LEND, TNXI  VPF  DNDN,
                              5/18/2007 - Tiger's Sunken Treasures' Stock. OMR, doubled today!
                                    5/15/2007   What predicted biggest gainers of last month?   .      
                              4/21/2007 Wall Street's Best Kept Secret... Low Priced Stocks.
                                  4/11/07    Classic Cases: NEXC   IPR   CPNO  EPP


Recent Recommendations:
          AKH - Air France     7/28/06 B24 @24.65.  Now 48.70
                      CAPA - Capataris Inc. 8/11/06  B24  @5.05.  Now  5.81
                      CRVL - Corvel Corp.   8/14/06  B24  @19.45*.  Now  29.52 ... *Split adj.
                      EWP - IShares Spain    8/16/06  B24  @44.88.  Now   58.22 
                      KTII - K-Tron   3/9/06  B24 @43.59.  Now 71.68
                      VOLV - Volvo 9/13/06  B24 @ 60.  Now 87.26
                      MALL -  PC Mall 1/15/06   B12/B24 @9.8 . Now 10.43
                       WWIN - Waste Ind. USA   3/2/06  @16.60   Now 29.60   .    


6/12/2007   Insider Trading Appearing in Top Performing: San Diego Stocks


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"Insiders always know in advance."

    Never forget that phrase. Let TigerSoft show you how
to reap the rewards that come from closely following the tell-tale signs of insider buying, insider accumulation, insider selling and insider distribution.    Visit tigersoftware.com for additional details. 

    A Classic Case:  Odyssey Exploration

5/18/2007   Very Heavy Insider Buying Was Spotted in OMR. Tiger recommended it. Two weeks later the company doubled on news that it had brought up from the ocean floor $500 million in 500-year old silver coins.

Tons and tons of them!

    5/18/2007 - Tiger's Sunken Treasures' Stock OMR, doubled today!  We spotted intense Insider Buying, weeks before it announced it had brought up $500,000,000 in gold and silver coins.   This tipped us off to buy Odyssey Exploration.  It doubled on the announcement..
Insider Buying Tipped us off to buy Odyssey Exploration just before it doubled,    

                   5/18/2007 - Tiger's Sunken Treasures' Stock. OMR, doubled today!      

  Insider Trading Appearing in Top Performing
   San Diego Stocks:   6/11/2007  

5/15/2007    What Predicted The Biggest Gainers of the Last Month?  Insider-Informed Buying as Measured by Tiger's Accumulation Index.

4/20/2007  Wall Street's Best Kept Secret.
Low-Priced Stocks Come Alive after Long Periods
of Quiet Trading.  The market conditions are just
right for this now. 

   The Top Performing Stocks of 2006-2007:

Each of these stocks was up more than 50% in period.
Most of these stocks show the same tell-tale spikes of
intense "insider-informed buying" before their big moves, 

This is more proof of the power of Tiger's Accumulation Index.

Editor's Note:    7/2/2007
        Years of research has shown us how to identify Explosive Super Stocks at the start
        of their moves.  Discover how to find these stocks yourself. You may well never buy another stock
        without looking at it through the prism of TigerSoft's analysis.. In the chart below, we have crossed
        out the top line which shows the top trading system.  Your computer will automatically find the best
        trading system and show you how much it has gained for the last year. This hot celllar stock is
        now showing a 552% gain based on the red Buy and Sell signals.  There is certainly no way we
        we would have recommended it, had it not been for Peerless being on a major Buy and this stock
        showing so much savvy insider buying.

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Examples -


Seven More Examples Below:
nsider-Informed-Big-Money Surges Are
                     Spotted by Tiger's Accumulation Index.

These Correctly Predicted Much Higher Stock Prices
                     as the Market Moves up in 2006-2007.


==================== Tiger Chart oVOLVO =======================================

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================     Tiger Chart of  AIR FRANCE    ==========================

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