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TigerSoft's Buy B24 - Research: +36%/Year 1990-2006.    
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       Research: +36%/Year since 1990

     Research:    Top Performing Stocks of  2006-2007.
           Insider Buying is very apparent in most
           of the best performing stocks of any year..
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         Tiger Software Research:  

+36%/Year since 1970 Buying Most Intensely Accumulated Stocks.

      Our top system for investing in the stocks that insiders are buying
      has averaged +36.2% per year from 1990-2006.  
 This is a study of
      all 7000 stocks now being traded.  It may under-estimate the returns by not
      including stocks that were bought out..And a simple money management tech-
      nique (using stop losses) can be shown to nearly double these returns.

      We have not compiled the data for the period 2007, 2008 and 2009 but the record
      for 2007 was excellent and 2009 broke all records.   Many stocks were up
      more than 1000%.  2008 did well until the bubble in oil broke in July. Taking
      profits when a speculative "bubble" is punctured, is not hard if you know the
      rules for selling explosive super stocks that we have put together.  These
      are set out in our book:


      Track Record: 1990-2006: Buying Most Intensely Accumulated Stocks
          as Flagged by Tiger-Power-Ranker and Holding 1 Year:
2006      +27.7%
                                     2005      +23.9%
                                     2004      +40.9%
                                     2003      +58.4%
                                     2002      +19.0%
                                     2001      + 1.0%
                                     2000      +40.4%
                                     1999     +175.6%
                                     1998      -13.6%
                                     1997       +7.3%
                                     1996       +34.2%
                                     1995       +37.5%
                                     1994       +10.0%
1993      +14.0%
                                     1992       +56.6%
                                     1991       +29.6%
                                     1990       +44.7%
                          Yearly Gain = +35.7%

       What we look for is intense Big-Money Accumulation and Insider Buying
  followed by a new high.  The gains above occur just by holding these stocks for
  one year.  But we can nearly double the results by selling any of these stocks
  if they go down a small percentage. The best stocks tend to rocket upwards.
  About 20 stocks a year meet our Intense Accumulation conditions.  Our study
  was of all stocks since 1990.  Imagine making more than 40% a year!  We
  can point you in the right direction.  That's for sure!  Below are some of the
  stocks we recommended in August 2006.  You can see the instense levels
  of Accumulation  by looking at the blue spikes in our index. 

Some samples:

                      Air France
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              MWP - now over $60!

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                    MALL   - PC Mall

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                     CRVL - Corvel Corp.
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                       CPA - Copa Holdings
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                Diamond Hill Investment Group

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