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Big Profits Using TigerSoft's Automatic Buy and Sell Signals
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     Big Profits Using TigerSoft's
utomatic Buy and Sell Signals

    Red Automatic Buys and Sells are shown on every chart you draw with your Tiger Software.
   These will help you trade as professionals and insiders do. They are a unique feature of our
   software.  In an instant, Tiger calculates  for whatever stock you choose the best trading system
   from among more than sixty systems for the past year.  That system's Buys and Sells are then
   shown on your Tiger chart.  In the chart of Adobe - ADBE - below you can see the Red Buy
   (up) and Sell (down) arrows.  Taken as a whole, they would have generated a gain of 109.4%
  (as reported on top line of chart) from last May 2006 until March 2007. 

   ADBE.gif (13327 bytes)
       While, it's true that the next year's price behavior may be very different from the past year's,
   more often than not, a particular stock's rhythm, volatility and nervousness continue much
   the same from year to year,  This is especially true of the maturer stocks that make up most of
   the well-known indices, like the DJIA-30, NASDAQ-100 and S&P-500. For these companies,
   the class or type, of investors, and thus their manner of trading, is apt to remain fairly constant
   over time. In addition, the stock's particular NYSE Specialists or NASDAQ market makers also
   change only infrequently.  Thus, the stock's personality tends to be very similar from year to year. 
   It is this continuity of personality which make Tiger's Automatic Buys and Sells work so well. 

       The larger high-tech stocks, like Hewlett-Packard, now are clearly under the control of
   professional traders.  These stocks' prices fluctuate in surprisingly predictable ways once you
   discover the trading system the professionls use. Of ten, the control is seen in the very
   short-term fluctuations of a stock.  This is easy to demonstrate. HPQ (Hewlett Packard) has had
   the same best trading system for more than two years.  The gains using the TIgerSoft Buys and
   Sell have ranged  from +60% to +110% using the top system.  Below is its current chart.

          URBN  Red Signals have Gained 172% for the last year. 
Not shown here, there
  is a line of   information above the chart shows you the best system and what would have been gained
  taking all their Buys and Sells for the past year.  True, it takes a lot of trading to make this
  much money.  But the signals are fully automatic and easy to follow. 

   wpe20.jpg (58009 bytes)

        Most of the high tech stocks in the NASDAQ-100 have produced gains in excess of 50%
  using TigerSoft. Our software excels at finding which stocks these are and how best to trade
  them.   Imagine making +15-% or +300% or even much more  buying and selling a stock that
  has gone absolutely nowhere for the last year  Look at the examples below.   They are the current
  TigerSoft charts for JOYG, MRVL and ISRG.. 

  +331% gain in JOYG using TigerSoft for the last year.
wpe21.jpg (70389 bytes)   

+167% gain in MRVL using TigerSoft for the last year.

wpe22.jpg (64555 bytes)
+155% gain in ISRG using TigerSoft for the last year.                 
wpe23.jpg (67879 bytes)


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