#3        Tigersmart Buy/Sell Signals:          
                        Buy/Sell Signals on Any Finanical Instrument:


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Simple & Powerful Automatic Buys & Sells,
           for Trading Any Stock, Commodity, Currency
           or Index.

Tiger's Automatic signals on many NASDAQ-100 stocks produces trading gains of 75%
                to even 1000% a year.  This is perfect for swing-trading and the options' trader..

                Gains for AMAZON. for example,  were between 80% and 330% per year since 2000.

                It's as simple as it looks.  Red up-arrows are Buys.  Red down-arrows are sells.
                The Tiger chart shows you the basis of the Buys and Sells and what the resulting trades
                have yielded in gains for the last year. 

                As of June 8, 2007 the Tiger chart of the QQQQ (Nasdaq-100) has produced
                automatic Red Buys abd Sells that have gained more than 35% for the last year.

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   Tigersmart Buy/Sell Signals:

Superb NASDAQ Buy/Sell Signals
that have gained
nearly 30%/year  since 1988.

See Track Record


Simple & Powerful Profit Maximization
Tools for Trading Any stock, Commodity,
Currency or Index.

Automatic Buy and Sell Signals on
  on any Stock, Index, Commodity.
  Powerful Measures of Internal Strength & Momentum

  Unusual volume...Relative Strength... Big-Money Insider Accumulation ...
  Big-Money Insider Distribution ...Aggresive Buying/Selling...
  Cyclical Channel Trading, Support, Resistance, Breakout BUYS, False Breakouts.

  Seasonality & Cycle Studies, Opening versus Closing Strength
                      Limited Time - Only!  $295

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GET TigerSoft's Introductory Software & Data for Only $295
(Limited Time Offer )

Place TigerSoft's Automatic Trading programs and FREE (for 3 months)
nightly stock data on 450+ stocks on your computer. You can immediately
start to make better stock trades, buying low and selling high according to
TigerSoft's Automatic Buy and Sell signals for any stock you choose.

Timely Up-BUY and Down-SELL Arrows appear on the end-of-day price
charts of your stocks to show you immediately when to take action. They
show you exactly which of more than 50 systems produce the best trading
results. This eliminates the emotional guesswork that usually wears out
a would-be trader and his or her wallet.

Use our ample HELP routines and On-Line Instructions to learn how
best to watch TigerSoft's much imitated "internal strength" indicators
and thereby see the price-turns coming in your stocks before they become
obvious. Find out the meaning of "Trade with the Trend."

Offer includes: 3 months' access to Daily Stock Updating on 450+ Stocks,
including NASDAQ, QQQ, Nasdaq-100, SPX (SP-500), SOX
(Semi-Conductor Index), Biotech Index and XAU (Gold Index) plus
an assortment of currencies and commodities.

Plus -  Superb NASDAQ Charts with Signals that have gained nearly
30%/year  since 1988
. Track Record
     Think of the money you might
have saved  if you had used this system to avoid the bear market of
2001-2002 and taken its April 2003 Buy Signal.  Buy signals averaged
13.98% per trade.  38 trades since 1986. 

                                     PEERLESS Nasdaq Signals will empower your trading of QQQ.
                                     From 1999 to 2004, superimposing the NASDAQ Peerless signals
                                     on the QQQ would have made $500 grow to $87,500. Excellent
                                     results work with those who trade the RUSSELL-2000 or
                                     VALUE LINE.  Superimpose these on any charts you like. 
                                     Look at these gains!  Sample Peerless NASDAQ charts: 19902001-22004

                                     Plus - Introductory Price later can be applied to cost of Full TIGERSOFT
                                     for one year. Full TIGERSOFT includes 3 Books, Hotline, Bullish and
                                    Bearish Special Situations, Elite Service and Software Updates.

                                                                       And there's more.
Only $295 +   7.5% State Sales tax for Calif. residents.

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                                                              Samples:   BUY/SELL CHARTS of 30-DJI Stocks......1/13/2003...

                                             Breakthough research can quickly set you
                                            on the path to consistently, big trading profits.  Because
                                            each stock and each index has its own professional
                                            following among traders, market makers, specialists
                                            and hedge funds managers, each has its own trading
                                            personality. Our software automatically studies a
                                            vast array of trading profiles and then reports to you
                                            the best trading technique to use with that stock or
                                            index. Very big gains are the rule, not the exception.

                                            Here are some more Sample Charts.  They show a recent year's
                                            gain buying, selling and selling short...assuming $10,000 investment
                                            and $80 each round trip commission and slippage.:

                                                               AMZN  .... gain = +311.5%
                                                               IMCL...gain = +281%
                                                               NSM... gain = +242%
                                                               JNPR... gain = +336%
                                                               SYMC...gain = +278%

                                                                Recent DJI-30 stocks


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