Tiger's Automatic Buys and Sells: 
   Case Study: AMZN - 2000-2007
   Yearly Profits Ranged from +80% to +330%
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   These automatic Buy and Sell signals are optimized for the last year from more than 60
   different trading systems.  While the best system does change, they are valid and
   exceedingly profitable until they do.  We teach you when they are the most reliable. 
   Used in conjunction with the major trend as defined by Peerless or even the stock's own
   long-term moving averages, you will never trade the same way again.   Hundreds of
   professionals know how to take advantage of these short term signals.    Let us show you.

  Here are the charts of Amazon from 2000-2007.  Judge for yourself if these signals
  would not have helped you.  You will also want to study these charts to see the power
  of Tiger's Accumulation Index.  Our books explain how to use this important internal
   strength indicator.
AMAZON - 2000

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2000-2001 - AMAZON
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2001 - AMAZON
wpe20.jpg (63197 bytes)
2002  AMAZON
wpe21.jpg (65494 bytes)
2003- AMAZON
wpe22.jpg (60455 bytes)
2004 - AMAZON
wpe23.jpg (67189 bytes)
2005 - AMAZON
wpe24.jpg (63184 bytes)
2006 - AMAZON
wpe25.jpg (63773 bytes)
2006-2007 - AMAZON
wpe26.jpg (62972 bytes)

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