BUY/SELL Charts of Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrials

January  2004

Symbol       Name                                    Gain for 11 Months
=====      ================          =============
MMM        3M CO                                 31.2%
AA           ALCOA INC                           54.7%
AXP        AMERICAN EXPRESS          71.6%
BA           BOEING CO                           69.6%
CAT        CATERPILLAR INC              58.5%
C              CITIGROUP INC                   69.4%
KO          COCA-COLA CO                 33.8%
DIS          DISNEY (WALT) CO          108.3%
DD           DU PONT (EI)                        61.9%
EK            EASTMAN KODAK              91.9%
XOM       EXXON MOBIL CORP         45.7%
GE          GEN ELECTRIC                      63.5%
GM        GEN MOTORS CORP            112.2%
HPQ       HEWLETT-PACKARD          141.1%
HD          HOME DEPOT INC                58.9%
HON        HONEYWELL INTL              39.1%
IBM         IBM                                         83.3%
INTC       INTEL CORP                          53.9%
IP              INTL PAPER CO                    61.6%
JNJ          JOHNSON&JOHNSON        80.3%
JPM        JP MORGAN CHASE              68.0%
MCD        MCDONALDS CORP            82.5%
MRK        MERCK & CO                        51.9%
MSFT       MICROSOFT CORP              67.1%
MO          PHILIP MORRIS CO              49.1%
PG            PROCTER & GAMBLE           58.2%
SBC        SBC COMMUNICATIO          79.3%
UTX        UNITED TECH CORP             48.7%
WMT      WAL-MART STORES             36.8%

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