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 We teach you how to read a stock chart like a pro.

                                        Successful Market Timing

1.   Most mutual funds' performances are compared with the Standard & Poors' 500 Index.
   And most stocks and fund go up and down with the general market.   That is why it is
   so important to be in the market when our Peerless Stock Market Timing system
   is on a major Buy but out of it when it is on a major Sell.   Peerless has been back-tested
   to 1965 and averages more than 24%/year.  Here is a typical chart.
   For all the charts since 1981: http://tigersoft.com/Peerless/index.html
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                              "Insider-Informed" Big-Money Buying

       2.     When Peerless gives a major Buy, we recommend buying stocks that show
      intensive big-money, insider-informed Buying.  Our Tiger Accmulation Index
      usually shows big bulges of Accumulation.  The stock below showed massive
      (blue) big money accumulation and a surge of it in July 2006.  The stock rose
      sharply afterwards.  TigerSoft specializes in finding stocks like this.
      The Tiger Accumulation Index is the most important indicator in finding each
      year's best candidates to be explosive super stocks.
      Please see - http://tigersoft.com/Examples-TIGER-Accumulation.htm

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                                      Sell before The Next Bear Market

         3.      At some point our Peerless market timing system gives a major Sell on the
        general market, such as it did in early January 2007.  Then we have to be careful. 
        Our Peerless system called the top in October 1987 just before the 33% Crash
        that immediately followed.  Our original studies of market history shows us when
        a major decline like that which took place in October 1987 is about to occur. 
        It is important to understand that we called the market's top in October 1987
        REAL-TIME, based on William Schmidt's 1981 book,  "Peerless Stock Market
        The chart of that period is shown below.   Notice, we also called the bottom after-
        wards as it was taking place.  (With the DJIA now up a record 48 months without
        a 10% correction, investors should not, in our opinion, blindly take a "buy and
        hold" approach. 
See how the patterns that produce the bearish Sell S9/S12 signals
        repeat and repeat from major to top to major top over the years.

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Don't Own Stocks Insiders Are Selling

       4.     What you don't want to do is own stocks being sold by Insiders and under the
      selling pressure of "insider-Informed" big money.    Mortgage lending stocks showed
      such selling last Fall just before many of them fell 80%-90%!  Criminal investigations
      have been started about this Insider Selling.  We have a book for sale showing
      how the key TigerSoft indicators show you the stocks insiders are heavily selling,
      making the stocks very dangerous unless you sell them short.

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                 Many times insiders and their Big-Money friends sell heavily before
    bad news comes out.   We show many cases of this on our main web-pages:
                         www.tigersoft.com   and   www.tigersoftware.com

                 Don't be left holding the "bag".  Let us show you how to use TigerSoft
    to watch  stocks for signs of insider buying and selling.   But know that
    buying the stocks that insiders are buying  is extremely profitable and TigerSoft
    specializes in finding these stocks.

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