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                 2.  Tiger has Superb Stock Selection Tools
                           and Highly Profitable Teaches Trading Techniques     
                            LEARN HOW TO SPOT

"Insiders always know."  Never forget this truth.  Let Tiger show
         you the stocks they are pouring money into, with the foreknowledge
         that share prices will be much higher in a year.  These stocks often 
         double and triple.  The best can rise 500% in a year and a half! 

         Forget what insiders are saying. Certainly, don't rely on fear of the SEC
         to keep them honest.  Use TIGER.  Tiger's Accumulation Index lets
         you see exactly what insider-informed-Big-Money is actually doing.                 

                       Averaging 30% per year since 1990

Use Tiger's Accumulation Index and its all-mechanical approach to find
         the stocks that are about to be the year's biggest winners. Tiger's all-
         mechanical approach would have gained you +30.1%/year since 1990
         buying such stocks. The approach here is simple.  Buy and hold for a year.
         That averaged a 30.1% gain in 12 months.  Only 10-20 stocks a year meet
         our key criteria perfectly.    200+ stocks met this criteria since 1990.
         Use our Tiger-Power-Ranker or our Nightly Hotline to Find and follow them.

Screen all 7000 stocks each night with
           Simple, Time-Saving and Powerful Stock Ranking,
                          Stock Selection and Stock Timing Tools.

                                    See also #3, #4, #5 and #6 Tools below.

Recent Recommendations:

Notice the huge bulges of blue Insider-Informed Big-Money Buying!
          AKH - Air France     7/28/06 B24 @24.65.  Now 48.70
                      CAPA - Capataris Inc. 8/11/06  B24  @5.05.  Now  5.81
                      CRVL - Corvel Corp.   8/14/06  B24  @19.45*.  Now  29.52 ... *Split adj.
                      EWP - IShares Spain    8/16/06  B24  @44.88.  Now   58.22 
                      KTII - K-Tron   3/9/06  B24 @43.59.  Now 71.68
                      VOLV - Volvo 9/13/06  B24 @ 60.  Now 87.26
                      MALL -  PC Mall 1/15/06   B12/B24 @9.8 . Now 10.43  

                                   More Examples Below:
nsider-Informed-Big-Money Surges Are
                     Spotted by Tiger's Accumulation Index.

These Correctly Predicted Much Higher Stock Prices
                     as the Market Moves up in 2006-2007. 

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How Well Does Tiger Do in A Bear Market?

      Stocks Showing Insider-Informed Big Money
      Buying Surges in the Bear Market of 2001-2003
      Rose Significantly.

      It will probably surprise you.  It surprised us that even in the
  middle of the awful bear markets of 2001-2003, heavily
  accumulated stocks were able to rise.  The gains Tiger brought
  then were smaller. And there were fewer stocks showing the
  very bullish Buy patterns we have identified as actionable.
  But our study of the "Augmented Buy B24s" from January 2001
   to February 2003 brought very positive  results.