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               The Tiger Power Ranker is included in the Full TigerSoft Package for $995.
  It requires purchase of the TigerSoft and Peerless Stock Market Timing.
               The Power Ranker can be added for $395 later, if you have the first two programs. ($495).  

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  Find The Most Bullish and Bearish Stocks and ETFs in Seconds.

           Ranks and Flag 6000 stocks on your PC with one command. 
Quickly be alerted to:
                               Closing Power new highs showing maximum Accumulation.
                               Closing Power new lows showing maximum Distribution.
                               Major new Tiger Buy Signals and new Trading Buys
                               Major new Tiger Buy Signals and new Trading Sells,
                               The 15 most bullish Stocks in any Group you specify (Oil, biotechs, computers...),
                               The 15 most bearish Stocks  in any Group you specify (Bank, ETFs, pipelines...),
                               Confirmed new highs
                               Confirmed new lows,
                               Hundreds of other technical conditions: Breakouts, Gaps, High Volume

                               The most effective and profitable Stochastic trading Buys and Sells.
                               Imagine a 2278% trading gain in one year.  Here's an example.
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                    Then display resulting spreadsheet of these stocks with their key values
                    and click on stock's row and see TigerSoft graph.

     This is a huge time-saver. In seconds, you can see a ranking of stocks for
                long-term Accumulation and Insider Buying. 
Tiger Accumulation Index
                is the most powerful predictive indicator out there, bar none!  Used with
Tiger's Professionals' Closing Power (CP), the combination is UNBEATABLE!!
Buy these CP qualified High Accumulation Stocks.   Sell Short the Most Distributed
                showing CP Selling and you will find the biggest gainers and lowers.

               Then use their automatic Buys and Sells and short-term CP trend-changes
                 to take and exit positions..

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                                      TIGERSOFT'S POWER RANKER FINDS SUPER STOCKS
                                               AT THE START OF THEIR BIG ADVANCES.

one click, your computer will screen 6000 stocks for

                                      1)   the  most bullish stocks, showing new Buy B10s, B12s, B20s
"                                      and B24s and having
                                      NEW HIGHS being made by TigerSoft's Professionals' CLOSING POWER. 


                                      2) the most bearish stocks, showing new Sell S7s, Sell S10s,
                                      Sell S12s, etc and showing
NEW LOWS being made ahead of price by TigerSoft's Professionals'
                                      CLOSING POWER

                                      3) the trading range-bound stocks showing the
biggest percent gains for the best optimized TigerSoft trading system.

                                      4) the
Top Tiger Power Ranked/Accumulated Stock in the DJIA-30
                                      or any other group.  For DJIA stocks, the top Accumulated DJIA-30
                                      stock held 21- months has gained nearly 24%/year.

                                      When the Power Ranker is done, look at the Tiger Insider Trading
                                      Graphs of these and other categories'  stocks OR inspect the
                                      TigerSoft spreadsheet of these stocks' key values.


                                              1) BULGING ACCUMULATION and INSIDER BUYING,
                                              2) PROFESSIONAL CLOSING POWER NEW HIGHS
                                              3) RELATIVE STRENGTH NEW HIGHS.
                     WE EVEN POST THESE "BULLISH MAXCP STOCKS" and their opposites,
                      the "BEARISH MINCP STOCKS" on our Hotline each night, if you would
                      prefer not to do the screening yourself. 



                 Below is a stock that rose from 2.75 to 95 nine years later.  What was unusual
                 about its TigerSoft chart was how consistently positive was the TigerSoft
                 Accumulation Index.  Our customers were in on the ground gloor with this one.

AMGEN 1990
                       1990 was a year when the DJI fell 20% from July to October.  AMGN barely
                fell.   Instead, it showed very high (blue) accummulation.  That was the "tell"
                that made us buy it and buy it.

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                                               Save Time FLAG and RANK for High Accumulation. 

                                       Over and over the best performing stocks show the same
                         internal strength characteristics at the start of their big moves.  Mainly
                         they show intense insider buying.  The TigerSoft Accumulation Index bulges
                         past the level (+.50).  This is a key screen used by the Tiger Power Ranker.
                         It is a vital part of the major Buys our graphs post and the Power Ranker
                         screens for.   Each year shows many, many examples of this phenomenon
                         of insider buying.  

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                                       Purchasers of the Tiger Power Ranker after getting Peerless or
                         TigerSoft have access to our own picks as Bullish Special Situations for
                         three months.  Purchasers of the Full set of programs we offer, get access
                         to this service for a year.  Here are examples of some EXPLOSIVE SUPER
                         STOCKS that the TIGER Power Ranker let  us identify early on. at the start
                         of their big moves.  Most of these are stocks of companies you never hear of.
                         That's part of the story.   Our software can find stocks that you can also start
                         to investigate fundamentally on the internet.  You'll be fascinated by how the
                         story behind the stock gradually emerges publicly as the stock goes up and up.. 

                                                       DDRX    2008-2009 wpe162.jpg (78726 bytes)

                          It is rare to see a B10,B12,B20, B24 all occurring at once.
                 However, It is very bullish.   And when such an event occurs,
                 TigerSoft's POWER-RANKER and Tiger's Elite Stock Professional Service
                 flags and highlights such stocks for you!  One command from
                 the TigerSoft Power-Ranker will scan 6000 stocks.

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   AXYS 2008-2009  ... Hit 79 in August 2008

wpe15E.jpg (73138 bytes)

                                               CRUDE OIL  2007-2008
            wpe163.jpg (68148 bytes)

                                CWEI   2007-2008

wpe160.jpg (53016 bytes)

                 DBC 2007-2008 - JUST BEFORE THE COMMODITY BOOM

           DBC is an ETF for such commodities as metals, oil. corn and wheat..  
           See how massive Insider buying and accumulation preceded Commodity Boom.

wpe166.jpg (85969 bytes)
                                                           SID 2007-2008
      Tiger's Power Ranker lets you screen and validate breakouts to new highs.        
  wpe167.jpg (74455 bytes)
                                 DRYS   2006-2007

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                                                                   WHEN TO SELL

                       We recommend you mostly trade with the general market's expected
                        trend as by predicted by Peerless and then look for the computer's
                        pick of "bullish" or "bearish" stocks.  These categories are quickly
                        rendered by the Tiger Power-Stock Ranker.   Each stock gives its
                        own automatic sell signals.  TigerSoft's Power Ranker scans all stocks
                        for such automatic Sells.
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                                               2009 Bull Market in Low Priced Stocks

                        A new year in a bull market often brings in new buying for the coming
                        year's best performers.  Tiger's Power Ranker finds these in many ways:

                                                 "Best Performing" among "Bullish" Stocks
                                                 "Intense Accumulation",
                                                 Major Buys: B10, B12, B20, B24,
                                                 Closing Power Confirmed Price New Highs,
                                                 OBV at New Highs ahead of Price
                                                 Unusual Volume
                       and eventually - New Sells: especialy "confirmed Sell S29".
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                         Here are Blogs showing more about the qualities we look for and scan for.  

December 31, 2007
   What Distinguished Early-on The Stocks about To Rise The Most in 2007 
                         See also:
June 18, 2008  
  What Bear Market?    Picking the Best Performing Stocks of 2008
                                                                   Is Easy with TigerSoft's Power Ranker and our Accumulation Index.

                                When to sell a stock that you have made good gains in is taken up in
                         all our books.  The decline in ALL equities and industries since July
                         2007 shows the importance of doing this reading.  Mostly, you will have
                         to get our books and software to see what we look for to sell.  But using
                         Peerless is very important. Look at this Blog I did on precious metals'
                         stocks to get some ideas.

                                 September 4, 2008
  How To Trade Silver (SLV) and Silver Stocks More Profitably 

                        After the July 17-20, 2007 major Sells, I wrote Blogs to show how to pick stocks
                        using the Power-Stock Ranker.  Here are the links:
                                       July 29, 2007    Using Peerless Major Sell Signals
wpe161.jpg (70868 bytes)
                        One quick way to find good short sale candidates is to look for the weakest stocks
                        whose price weakness is confirmed by low rankings in internal strength.       
August 7, 2007
          How To Pick The Best Short Sales?     
August 13, 2007
        Killer Short Sale Techniques    
November 6, 2007  
   Lots of Stocks Look Like Good Short Sales   
January 13, 2008  
     Insider Selling, as TigerSoft Measures It,
                                                                                          Is A Common Characteristic of Weakest Stocks of 2008.

                                      March 3, 2008              Weak Stocks for Short Selling as Found by TigerSoft's Power-Ranker    
                                      May 14, 2008                Spotting The Most Vulnerable Stocks
                                                                                          Is Washington Mutual the Next Bear Stearns or Northern Rock?

                                     June 4,  2008                Far from Over, The Credit Crunch Is Worsening
                                                 October 30, 2008        Learning How To Spot Tops in Stocks Using TigerSoft Is Easy
                                                                                           And Will Save You Many Thousands in The Next Stock Market Crash.

Speculative bubbles can be extraordinarily profitable if you know how to
                        trade them.  There is a point at which stocks go up too far and too fast. 
                        Having traded in and studied closely the 1999-2000 internet bubble,
                        the commodites' and oil bubble of 2008 was easy to spot.  See how easily
                        we recognized what to buy at the end of 2007 and early in 2008.  Note
                        the great bulges of accumulation and  insider buying as these items
                        started very big and frothy moves to tops in mid-2008.
                                  February 26, 2008
       Food Commodities Streak Upwards. 
                                                                                        TigerSoft Easily Spotted The Start of Their Moves..

                                             May 20, 2008                   Oil Stocks Are Going Wild.  How TigerSoft Can
                                                                                      Find The Best Oil Super Stocks for You To Trade.

                                  June 3,  2008                   King Coal's Super Stocks.
                                                                                      TigerSoft's Charts Spotted Them Early-On.

                        You do not have to trust our conclusions, withg the Tiger Power Ranker
                        you can easily examine charts and their indicator-readings for the best performing
                        stocks, early in their move.  You could easily replicate the study I did on
                        February 16, 2008.
February 16, 2008       Today's Biggest Gainers and Losers Can Tell Us Lots about Using TigerSoft Trading Tools.

                       At other times, you will want to use particular screens that suit your
                       trading purposes and test well.   With one command, identify stocks:
                                     (1) with new automatic Buys and Sells,
                                     (2) showing bulges of significant Accumulation of Distribution,
                                     (3) with OBV (aggressive buying or selling) leading prices to new highs,
                        strong or weak Closing Power, clustered major Buys or Sells and hundreds of
                                This saves hours and hours looking through charts on any given day.
                        And you will find the best such situations.   The Power-Stock-Ranker comes
                        with its own manual, but we recommend our 3 books.

wpeF6.jpg (62914 bytes)
                                                        Want to make some serious money?
                                 Always look at the stocks flagged for Buy B10's, B12s and B24.

wpe1E.jpg (5275 bytes)          TIGERSOFT'S


TIGERSOFT's POWER-STOCK-RANKER Screens, Ranks and Flags 7500 stocks
              with one command.

                                 Example.   At our monthly TigerSoft meeting in San Diego, we quickly ran through
                            the best of 7000 stocks.  GENC was the pick.  Note clustered major Buys and earlier
                            bulges of insider buying.  These conditions are reliably very bullish. for a year-long advance.
         wpeF3.jpg (55408 bytes)

                                   Find The Most Bullish
                            and Bearish Situations in Seconds.

                                   Get a list showing the new stocks with New Buys and Sells.
                                   Click the stock in the list and see the TigerSoft graph.

           This is a huge time-saver. In seconds, you can see a ranking
                of stocks for long-term Accumulation. 
The Tiger Accumulation Index
                is the most powerful predictive indicator out there, bar none!
      Buy High Accumulation Stocks.   Sell Short the Most Distributed.
               Use the automatic Buys and Sells on these to take and exit positions..
               Year after year, this simple and time-proven approach makes our users money.
               Our Power-Ranker Software lets you rank all your stocks for this Accumulation
               or Distribution.  Instead of examining charts, one by one, let TIGER's 
               POWER-STOCK-RANKER screen and rank thousands of stocks for the
               very best and the very worst lomger term investments.  . 

                "Our Most  Important   Investment  Discovery!" Investors buying the most
                Accumulated DIA-30 stock at the beginning of each Quarter since 1970
                would have made you close to 25% a year.  These stocks are then sold
               a fixed interval later.  This is a perfect investment approach for conservative  
               long-term investors.  This approach is fully explained in William Schmidt's,
               "Twenty-Five Percent A Year in Blue Chip DJI Stocks Can Make You Rich"                


               Sample Spreadsheet Showing Highest Accumulation Index Stock

              Tiger's Power-Ranking

              Find the era's Explosive Super Stocks early in their rise.  Discover each night
                    all the stocks that have new bullish BUY "B10", "B12", "B20" and  "B24" conditions.

                             TigerSoft's Power-Stock-Ranker lets you flag any stocks meeting
                             over 400 conditions.  You can tighten the screen and look at only
                             the stocks meeting any combination of these signals.

                          Here are a few of the more than 200 Bullish Conditions. 
                          The Reverse Bearish Conditions are Also Flagged.
                          And each autmotic Buy or Sell is also reported.

                          .............Composite "Bullish" and "Bearish"
                          ............ Bulges of Blue Accumulation/Massive Red Distribution
                          .............Record daily volume
                          .............New price highs
                          .............OBV making new high ahead of price.
                          .............Closing Power making new Highs/Lows.
                          .............Both Opening and Closing Power Making New Highs.
                           .............Tiger-Soft's Accumulation Reaches Threshold of "Intense Insider Buying"..
                          .............Tiger-Soft's Accumulation making new high ahead of price. 
                          .............Tiger-Soft ITRS (Relative Strength) new high.
                          .............Tiger-Soft Opening & Closing Power  new high.
                          .............At well-tested price support.
                          .............Pull-back to support of key rising moving average. 
                          .............Multiple Internal Strength Non-Confirmation of new low.
                          .............Price breakout above horizontal resistance.
                          .............Prices near lower band and then Reverses Upwards to Close at Highs..
                          .............Price breakout above key rising moving average.
                          .............Prices near lower band and Reversal Day Upwards.
                          .............Upside price gap on rising volume.

              Imagine their power when you add to reinforce them with
              High/Intense Accumulation and TigerSoft automatic Buys and Sells.

              This is only a small sample of all the conditions our software flags.
              In most cases, the opposite conditions, find the most reliably
              bearish stocks.

           >>>  ORDER TIGER's "25% A Year Can Make You Rich: The
           Experience of Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker: 1970-2007",
                           More info TIGER's Power-Stock-Ranker
                                           Link 1   Link 2   Recent Example

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                    The Experience of Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker: 1970-2007",