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Tigert Software
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Windows stock charting software,
includes stock ranking and flagging,
with automatic buy-sell signals on the screen.


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Software for Stocks and Commodities
($395 after
the purchase of Peerless
and Tiger Software.)

The World's BEST? 
See why so many of our users think so.


TIGER's Power-Stock-Ranker Software Package offers:

  • The best measure of what "big-money" and "insiders" are doing that you'll ever find - Tiger's unique and proprietary "Accumulation Index".

  • Superb Windows charting of your stocks.  Automatic Buy and Sell signals appear on the screen.  Includes full testing capability for the past profitability of each signal as they are applied to a specific stock, commodity or mutual fund.

  • Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker    finds the most accumulated stocks from a data base of 1000 per directory.

  • Flagging of each BUY and SELL signal's occurrence each night.  Quickly see
    which stocks have given
    new major Buys and Sells,
    as well as which ones have
    given trading buts and sells.

    Many more TIGER trend-determination innovations plus most of  the standard technical analysis indicators and tools.

  • SAVE TIME: One Click of your mouse updates your data via Dial Data with a local call  and then conducts a full TIGER Analysis and POWER Ranking.  It also finds the most reliable breakouts or breakdowns, as well as stocks with high relative strength, gaps, reversal days and unusual volume. 

  • HELP routines which explain each signal, discuss the best way to use each signal and answer most typical questions.

  • Easy user-validation and testing of automatic signals.  With a simple click of the mouse, Tiger's stock software shows you what would have happened had you invested $10,000 in a given stock using any set of TIGER or PEERLESS signals you choose.

  • Learn from our experience.   Get author Wm. Schmidt's three books on blue-chip investing, trading explosive super stocks and short selling. Each normally sells for $55.

  • Profit while you learn.  For 6 months you get from this web site our bi-weekly research report, PEERLESS FORECASTS, the Nightly HOTLINE, the Daily Special Stock Situations and the weekly Elite Stock Professional (ESP) Report, our scanning of 11,000 stocks for the most accumulated and most distributed.

  • Easy up-dating from Dial Data.   Simple conversion of data in TC-2000 or Metastock format to efficient TIGER format.    If you need data and want to use a "TI" account with Dial Data we also provide you a year of data on each of the SP-500 stocks.  TIGER lets you perform your own pre-1977 historical studies using a TC-2000 CD of stock data back to 1985.

Our Software is NOT a laboratory of arcane tools requiring long hours of your time to figure out how best to use them.

     TRADERS, you will appreciate our distillation of 25  years' extensive computerized research into what works best to predict extra- ordinary gains in growth stocks and smaller high tech companies. 

     We have streamlined the use of the best volume-versus-price and relative strength indicators for finding each market cycle's super stocks that rise 200%, 300%, 400% and more in a year.   You will applaud the discoveries we share in our two trading manuals,

"Explosive Super Stocks: How To Recognize Them Early but Not Over-Stay One's Welcome"


"Short Selling: Killer Profits in Any Market".





Attention Long-term Investors:

Blue Chip Investing

Tiger Tahiti System...
25% per year
since 1970!

Simple, safe and ultimately exceedingly profitable.

Owners of TIGER Power-Stock-Ranker Software for stocks and Commodities have discovered the special reliability and profitability of the world's best long-term investing system using just one technical variable.

     Using TIGER's unique discovery, the  Accumulation Index, our Tahiti Tiger System shows longer term investors which blue chips stocks to buy and hold for 21 months or more.

Since 1970 this system has made 26% per year with never a down-year. 

     All you have to do is buy the #1  Accumulation Index ranked stock in DJI or SP-500, hold it 21 months, sell it and buy the new #1 stock.  This simple system would have turned $10,000 in 1970 into more than $20,000,000 in 1998.


Attention Traders:

Tiger's  Automatic "B12"
and "B24" Major BUY Signals commonly occur at the Start of the Biggest Advances of Stocks Each Year.

Research you will get shows how these have averaged 59%/year when one carefully screens them and works with sell stops.

Sample Bullish Stock Chart:

     Our  proprietary Accumulation Index and the "BUY B12" FLAGGER finds speculative stocks just before they explode upwards.

See the chart for Cognitronics (CGN).

    It tripled just after being highlighted on our subscription services and on charts showing our major TIGER buy and SELL Signals. 


Heavy "Distribution" Warns of An Impending Decline even When The News Is Still Bullish

Sample Bearish Chart:

     Steadily negative readings from the TIGER  Accumulation Index signal  the presence of heavy "insider selling" and "big-money distribution" in a stock.  This is a better predictor than and very often belies the still bullish publicly available news on a company.   Very often it warns of an impending decline.

  See the chart for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

In the mid-30's insiders were heavily selling the stock and we suggested buy puts in it.  It quickly fell 40%. 


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