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Technical Analysis Articles
by William Schmidt, Ph.D.
Creator of Tiger Software

How to Make 35%/Year on SP-500: Combining Major Peerless DJI
Signals and Key TigerSoft NASDAQ Signals on chart of SP-500:
Track Record and Charts


Introduction to Computerized Technical Analysis

Why Technical Analysis Works and How Learning A Little Stock Market History Can Make You Big Profits

General Market Timing
How You Can Call Major Market Tops and Bottoms as They Occur Using the Peerless Stock Market Timing Software.

Trading Fidelity Mutual Funds with Peerless Stock Market Timing Software's Signals
This special 2005 report shows how to greatly improve your mutual fund results between 2000 and 2004.

Individual Stocks

How To Find An Explosive Super Stock: Explosive Super Stocks: 2004-5:  Year After Year, The Same Conditions Appear As a Super Stock Starts 200%-2000% Big Moves!

Explosive Super Stocks
The Technical Conditions That Launched The Biggest Stock Advances in 1997.

Explosive Super Stocks: 2003
Report Card on TigerSoft's Bullish Special Situations from January-October, 2003.

Finding Super Stocks

Finding Explosive Super Stocks but Not Overstaying One's Welcome

Tiger's Tahiti Method for Picking Dow Stocks
Using the Tiger Power-Stock-Ranker Software to Make 26% per Year with Safer Blue-Chips.

Making Money with Weak Stocks
Secrets of Successful Short Selling.

Wall Street's Best-kept Secret
There is huge money to be made in low-priced stocks if you know when to buy them.

Tiger's Bullish Situations
The 1997 Report Card on Tiger's Special Situation stocks
totals up the results for the year.

When to Take Profits in High Accumulation Ballistic Stocks
Selling high accumulation stocks as well as any others
are done using six Tiger Power-Stock Ranker Software guidelines.

Test Your Own Current Skills at Stock Selection


Additional General Market Timing Studies

Original Research into the Market Tops 1969-1980
Discovery of the Peerless Stock Market Timing Software
"SELL S9" and the Major BUY Signals.

Real-time Peerless Stock Market Timing Software Signals Since 1981 Have Kept Us On the Right Side of the Market.

Long-term Track Record of Peerless Stock Market Timing Software: 1965-2005:  25%/year on Dow Jones Ind. Avg.

Summary of Trading Statistics Using Peerless Stock Market Timing Software on the DJI: 1965-2005, as of mid 2005

How to Make 35%/Year on SP-500: Combine Major Peerless DJI
Signals and Key TigerSOft NASDAQ Signals: Track Record and Charts


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