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Track Record of
 Peerless Stock Market Timing Software
Major Signals 1965-2008

$500 in 1965 theoretically would have become 
$3 million in 2007.  The average 25% gain per year
is consistent with a doubling every 3 years. 

These are fully automatic Buy and Sell signals.
The results are based on the major (Red) Buys and 
(Red) Sells.  Additional shorter-term trading signals
are also provided.



The extraordinary real-time gains from Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing Software owed much to the major BUY signals appearance at the start of each of the market advances in the primary bull market after 1982. They also owed to the "S9" signals in 1987 and 1990. 

In addition, we know from experience that the third or fourth "S9" signal in 12 months usually sets up a rising market up for its biggest declines.The multiple "S9" signals in 1999 and 2000 gave our traders ample warning of the severity of the
expected decline in 2001-2002.

The "S12" signals have also called many a real-time top, as you can see in January 1984, January 1990, September 1997.

Four Cases of Four S9's in a Year

(1) 1/4/73 DJI 1040 - this was to be a 10 year high. DJI fell to 800 in 11 months. This was drop of more than 20%.

(2) 10/29/73 DJI 985 - DJI dropped 18% in two months to 790 and 580 in a year. The latter represented a decline of more than 40%.

(3) 3/31/81 DJI 966 - DJI rallied to 1024 and then fell to 780 a year later, a bear market decline of more than 20%.

(4) 10/5/87 DJI 2640 - DJI plunged 30% in three weeks.


Please note: Ultimately past performance can not guarantee the success of future predictions. However, because the market is driven primarily by mass psychology, we have not found markets change so much from year to year that the PEERLESS system ever loses its edge very much.

I would suggest that look at the past years' signals shown on this site.  Get our software.  It includes all the back-data to 1965.  Run you own tests.  Then use Peerless with a new-found confidence.

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