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PEERLESS Stock Market Timing Software  ($295)

"Does The Stock Market Seem too High?"

What's the Upside Potential?

What's the Downside Danger?

Is the Market Changing Direction and Starting
a Big New Move?

The answers are reliably found
in the operative PEERLESS BUY or SELL signal.

  • Superb real-time track record at Market Tops.  Peerless called major tops in October 1987 just before 30% DJI plunge, in July 1990 just before 20% mini-bear market in 1990 and in October 1997 just before 13% free-fall in DJI.
  • Tiger's PEERLESS Stock Market Timing Software now has a 40 year track record of very profitable, fully automatic BUY and SELL signals on the DJI. The average yearly gain is
    more than 20%!
  • Each automatically appearing BUY and SELL signal has its 40 year track record detailed within the software.  Moreover, as new signals occur, their results are added to the trading results' totals the HELP routines report.
  • 275 page manual "Recognizing Major Market Tops and Bottoms As They Occur: 1965-1997 by William Schmidt
  • The basis of each major and minor signals is disclosed in the book so that user can see how close the the market is to satisfying the conditions for the next buy or sell signal, as well as understand why the system works so well.
  • Verification software lets you see what would have happened had you  traded the PEERLESS signals on the DJI with $10,000 at any point back to 1987.  Necessary back data to 1987 is provided.  Back data to 1965 is available for $100 extra.
  • Numerous internal strength, breadth, volume and momentum indicators included as well as conventional and original  trendline drawing procedures.
  • Three months' subscription to Tiger's Elite Stock Professionals' Website - There you will see a thirce a weekl hotline, software updates, stock market research and bullish and bearish speical situations.

plus .....

PEERLESS Short-Term Market Timing Software is now
included with the Peerless software.

WINDOWS charting with automatic short-term buy and sell signals on charts of OEX, SP-500, NYSE and NASDAQ.  Average gain is 2.7%+ on 300+ short-term buy and sell signals on OEX since 1983.

Includes the Peerless Stock Market Timing software (described above),  plus all necessary back data on indexes with historical data on OEX from 1983-2004.


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