Tiger Index Options' Trading Tools:
   Consistently High Profits from 1979 to 2006

                     by William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)
                    All Rights Reserves (C) 2006 William Schmidt, Ph.D. and Tiger Software

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June 2, 2006 - TigerSoft Options Program (TOP) - $495 with TigerSoft and Peerless Stock Market Timing.
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                    Index Options trading offers both the smaller and the more affluent trader a
                fine opportunity to make high percentage gains in short periods of time. We show exactly
                when buyers of Index Calls or Puts are most likely to be able to initiate a successful trade.
                We also show the trader when to close out their Index Options' positions so that they
                are most likely to be maximizing their gain.  Our system is thoroughly back tested for
                more than 26 years.  Each trade in that period is discussed and analyzed.   

                      This electronic (web page) book is designed to give the reader a thorough and time-tested
                methodology for recognizing short-term bottoms and tops in the Sp-500 and OEX
               which are suitable for trading index options.  The research here will show you
               how to time your purchase of Puts and Calls for these indices and time your
               Selling of these options for optimal gain.   Because of its high degree of success,
               our study makes use of  one particular indicator in combination with daily and
               weekly moving averages, rates of change of the moving average,  price support/resistance levels
               and fixed interval price bands.  Success of each trade since October 1979 is analyzed
               and measured using the concept of "annualized profits".   A trade is not considered
               profitiable unless the annualized gain within 6 weeks is not at least 25%.  This allows
               for the decay of the option over time due to premium.

                         It is recommended that readers also have a current copy of Peerless Stock Market Timing
              software.  But it is not essential.  There is a lengthy discussion of how each Peerless
              signal fares for the purpose of Index Options' Trading.  Readers will be able to construct their
              own charts of these indices with the recommended tools and make much better trading
              decisions regarding Index Options.  The Tiger Options' Trading Software is recommended,
               but not necessary. 

                        Each period of time since Septmber 1979 is shown.  There is no better way to
               learn how to use a tool and a trading system than to see its appication in detail
               over a lengthy period of time.  We think you will be delighted with how much
               you will learn about technical analysis as it applies to the task of short-term
               trading of these Index Options. 

                         First, we set out the general theory and key trading rules to give you a sense
              of strategy using all the weekly and daily charts starting in late 1979.  Then
              we set out more exact rules and show their track record for this 26 year period.. 
              These are the same rules which guide the automatic Buys and Sells displayed
              on Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing SP-500 and OEX charts.

                        The Book is offered on the Internet for your reading and reference for only $37.50.
              We recommend you use Peerless Stock Market Timing and TigerSoft.  

                          Below are some of the recent charts of the SP-500 and OEX  using our Index
                                                                   Options' Trading software.
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