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PEERLESS Stock Market    Timing Software


Peerless Stock Market Timing Software distills the discoveries of over 40 years of market history into an easy-to-use market timing system, featuring automatically appearing BUY and SELL signals.

Since its inception in 1981, thousands of investors have come to believe it is the best market timing system available for any price. Its converts have been won over by the remarkable accuracy of its many real-time automatic major and minor signals on the U.S. equities markets.

For more information, click the links below.

(1) Original Research into the Market Tops from 1969-1980:
Discovery of the PEERLESS "SELL S9" and the Major BUY Signals.

(2) Real-time PEERLESS Signals Since 1981
Have Kept Us On The Right Side of the Market.

(3) Long-term Track Record of PEERLESS: 1965-2007

Below is an example of a PEERLESS chart of the DJI with automatic buy and sell signals.

Please note that these are the signals just as they appeared and would now with the same data.  Only the underlining have been added for emphasis. The same is true for all charts shown on this Web Page.



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