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Recognizing Major Market Tops and Bottoms
As They Occur

A History of The Market, 1965-2008
from a PEERLESS Perspective

PEERLESS Stock Market Timing Software
distills the discoveries of more than 40 years of market history
into an easy-to-use, automatic market timing system.


Since its inception in 1981, thousands of investors, and traders have come to believe it is the best market timing system available for any price. Its converts have been won over by the remarkable accuracy of its many real-time automatic major and minor signals on the U.S. equities markets.

The most important PEERLESS signals are derived using simple-to-obtain NYSE data and the DJIA's high, low and close.  Proof of just how much market history has to teach us can easily be gleaned by studying similarities of the most important tops of the 1970's and 1980's. Once these core concepts have been understood, users are in a position to make big profits, whether they trade stocks, mutual funds, options or index futures.

Rule #1 - Don't Lose Your Profits in A Bear Market

"Calling All Tops".

The most important PEERLESS sell signal is our "SELL S9". This occurs when the DJI reaches an "overbought" position near the upper band with our proprietary internal strength indicators negative and weakening.

Below you can see how this juxtaposition of technical conditions prevailed in early October 1987 just before the DJI suffered its most severe plunge since 1929. From the pinpointed "S9" on October 5th, the DJI dropped more than 30%, from 2640 to 1740. A fourth S9 in a year is very bearish.

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1987 DJI-Market Top:


Market Tops Can Be Predicted
               ...as They Are Being Made!

Don't believe for a second that such stock market plunges cannot be predicted. Using the PEERLESS system, which had been in place since 1981, our Nightly Hotline and bi-weekly market letter, Peerless Forecasts predicted in early October 1987 that there would be "an avalanche of institutional sell orders". We did the same thing - real time - in July 1990.

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1990 DJI-Market Top:

Copious Documentation

The rules that produce these signals are embodied in our WINDOWS software. Automatic buy and sell signals render interpretation unnecessary. The accompanying 270 page manual details the track record of each of the major and minor signals since 1965.


Hard work led to my discovery of how to recognize major market tops.

Early in 1981, Dr. Schmidt entered 25,000 data elements into an Apple II+ by hand to study the tops and bottoms of the 1970’s. "There was no guarantee when I started that this enormously tedious effort would have any pay-off. I simply wanted to try to avoid being caught in another sharp down-turn like that of October 1978 (see chart below). What I discovered and then published in 1981, went far beyond my wildest hopes, although at the time I doubted if history could keep repeating itself.  Only in the course of the 1980’s, when the system was applied on a real-time basis, and history did repeat itself over and over, did I realize that I had, indeed, found a gold mine for my customers and for myself."

He published his original findings in 1981 in a book, PEERLESS STOCK MARKET TIMING. It highlighted the timeliness of historic SELL “S9” signals between 1972 and 1980. In 1988 he rewrote my book, emphasizing the major BUY B4, B9, B10, B12, B15 and the fearsome S9 sell signals.   In 2005, Peerless has been re-visited and the effectiveness of its signals presented on this website.

"Unless we learn from history, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over." PEERLESS shows you how the major tops in the 1970’s and then in 1983, 1987, 1989,1990 and 2000 were all formed the same way. In each case the DJI would reach an overbought condition at or near the upper band with at least one of our key internal strength indicators still negative. This bearish divergence is labeled a SELL “S9” signal. The more S9 signals occur in a year without a serious correction, the bigger the eventual upheaval.  4 S9 signals in a year has always brought a bear market.   This was true in 1972 (before the 1973-1974 bear market), in 1987 (before the October massacre of that year) and it was true in 2000, just before the bear market of 2001-2002 began.

PEERLESS Market History Is Our Guide

Believe the sell signals from PEERLESS even if well known market pundits are wildly bullish. For example, in early January 1973, Barron's had a bold front-paged headline to the effect that the "DJI Should Soon Reach 1200". Richard Nixon had just been re-elected in a landslide. Why shouldn't the stock market go up? In actual fact, the series of major PEERLESS SELL S9 signals, then with the DJI above 1025, were quite correct.

A Fourth S9 in January 1973 Called A 10-Year High,
(Similar Tops Were Later Called in March 1981 and October 1987)

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1973 DJI-Market Top

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1974 DJI

Four S9 Signals in Mid-1974 Again Led To Dramatic Sell-Off

. Major BUY B9/B12's Signal Start of A Bull Market

In the chart above note our PEERLESS major BUY B9/B12 signals at the end of 1974 with the DJI below 600. Two years later the DJI had boomed to 1000. This is typical of the BUY B12. It averages DJI gains of 25% at the time of the next major Sell S9.

Want Some More Proof How Well PEERLESS Works?

Single SELL S9 signals have a 40% probability of bringing a DJI plunge below the lower band, Look at how well the PEERLESS system called the mini-top in October 1979 and the top in February 1980, just before the Bunker Hunt affair was to panic the DJI into plunging from 900 to 750.

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1978 DJI-Major Market Bottoms and Top:

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1979 DJI-Market Top and Bottom:

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1980 DJI-Market Top and Bottom:

Market Bottoms Repeatedly Signaled by BUY B9's and B12's


Click this icon to see recent PEERLESS chart of the 1970 DJI-Market Top and Bottom:


Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1974 DJI-Market Bottom:


PEERLESS Excelled Real-Time after 1981.

The Start of 1982-1983 Bull Market illustrates the importance of multiple PEERLESS BUY B9 signals.

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the start of the 1982-1983 DJI-Bull Market:

The major BUY and SELL Signals given by PEERLESS after 1981, have been very reliable and very profitable. Look at the way our BUY B12 started the 1982-1983 bull market. It was given on 8/18/92 with the DJI at 829. The DJI then rose 48% in eleven months to 1230, when on 7/27/83 the first major SELL S9 signal during this whole powerful advance was sounded. Two more S9 signals took place in late 1983. The DJI then fell 15%, from 1270 to 1090. After that, the next major PEERLESS BUY signal, a B10, was produced on August 2, 1984. Over the next 20 months, the DJI then rose 57% to 1826 before the next major SELL S9 in mid-1986.

The Major Buy and Sell Signals Excelled Real-Time in 1986-1987

On September 12, 1986, with the DJI at 1759, PEERLESS users were again told by the appearance of a major PEERLESS BUY B9 signal that the bull market was about to resume. The DJI then rose 34% more until there was another S9 signal on April 7, 1987 with the DJI at 2363. This brought a quick decline to the lower band and was reversed by the BUY B4 on 6/17/87. The DJI then gained another 10% with PEERLESS users correctly “long” the market. On October 2nd and October 5th with the DJI at 2640 PEERLESS gave its fourth S9 signals of the year. This immediately led to the October '87 Crash. The DJI fell in 3 weeks form 2640 to 1740.

Smaller stocks fell a lot more than the 30% that the DJI declined. (The 1987 chart was shown earlier.) With the DJI near 1900 in January 1988, a series of emphatic BUY B9's told us to get back into the market. 1988 saw the DJI build its base.

1989 produced a great bull market. The next major non-Presidential Election Year SELL “S9” signal was on October 10, 1989 with the DJI at 2785. By then the DJI had risen 874 points and was vulnerable again. It next fell sharply below 2600. The next major non-Presidential Election Year SELL “S9” signal was on October 10, 1989 with the DJI at 2785. By then the DJI had risen 874 points and was vulnerable again. It next fell sharply below 2600.

1989 Bull Market Ended with Another S9

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1989 DJI-Bull Market:

The market then went into a broad trading range. The tops were called perfectly - real-time. The July 1990 top showed a perfect S9. Six months later and 380 points lower, PEERLESS gave another BUY B12, out most bullish general market signal. The DJI typically rallies more than 25% after a B12. There have been 14 cases since 1965. This launched the bull market of 1991-1993.

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1990 DJI-Market Top:

DJI: 1994-1995

The chart below shows the 1994 October “S9” and the start of bull market early in 1995. Note the major B15 overrode the March 1995 “S9” and told us to expect much higher prices. The average DJI gain after a major BUY B15 is 8.7% at the time of the next major SELL “S9”.

Click this icon to see recent PEERLESS chart of the 1994 DJI-Market Takeoff:

Click this icon to see PEERLESS chart of the 1996 NASDAQ-Market Top:

Where Is The US Stock Market Headed Next?
Find out - by ordering your copy of Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing Software.


Get Peerless Stock Market Timing Software for $295 and Get 3 months' data and access our thrice-a-week Hotline for FREE!

Peerless Software includes:

(1) Windows-based Peerless Stock Market Timing Software to place automatic buy and sell signals on charts of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, exactly like those shown in the charts above.

(2) The self-updating automatic signals' track record for major and minor signals is built into the software.   HELP routines easily let you learn the historical significance of all signals. Access to our on Line Help that lets you study the entire market's history since 1965 from the PEERLESS perspective.

(3) Historical back data since 1965 so that you can replicate all the Peerless signals.

(4) TIGER's communications software to ride on the back of ProComm for Windows to get new data from TIGER on Line or from Dial Data.

(5) Three months subscription to TigerSoft's Thrice-a-Week Hotline  by PEERLESS author William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University).

Now would be a good time for investors and traders to apply the lessons of PEERLESS..

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