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Intermeduate-Term Market Timing of NASDAQ


Short-Term Market Timing of NASDAQ, OEX and SP-500

This package is now included in the
Peerless Stock Market Market Timing software

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WINDOWS-based, our Short-Term PEERLESS software gives automatic major and minor BUY/SELL signals on the OEX (SP-100), SD&P-500, NYSE and NASDAQ. This system focuses on those PEERLESS signals which have the best track-record over the next four weeks.

This package is perfect for traders of index options and index futures. Its automatic buy and sell signals are the product of many years' trading experience. More than 300 OEX signals average a 3% gain in 4 weeks.

With the software comes a three months' subscription to PEERLESS FORECASTS and our Nightly Index Tracking Hotline. This package includes our Intermediate-Term PEERLESS system.

The software's HELP routines let you see the OEX track record for each signal.

We provide you the historical OEX data back to 1984 as well as the data back to 1987 for the NYSE, SP-500 and NASDAQ.

Updating can be done in less than a minute a day. The necessary daily data entry includes readily available information which may easily be hand-entered or retrieved automatically from our TIGER BBS or from Dial Data. (ProComm for WINDOWS is necessary to do the downloading from Dial Data.)

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