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Test Your Skills at Stock Selection

by WIlliam Schmidt, Ph.D.
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Investing or trading without the right time-tested tools is just plain gambling. You're competing against stock market pros. So, it's vital to spend some time learning how to get the edge that computers can give. That where TIGER's years of experience can help you.

To illustrate this let me ask you to decide which of the two stocks shown below went up and which went down in the year that follows each chart's end. The first was "big-blue", IBM, the mightiest of the blue chips. The second was a small computer software company, named Cheyenne Software traded on the American Stock exchange.

IBM had just conveniently already declined back to where many found it attractive.

Cheyenne Software (CYE) had already doubled in the past year.


Which Stock Did Best? IBM or CYE?

Look back at these two charts, IBM was declining slightly and CYE was rising slight, as judged by their 200-day moving averages. By itself, this was probably too subtle a distinction to pick one stock over another. Most investors facing a choice between the two would have picked the safer, bigger IBM.


Which would you have bought?

Many more investors opted to buy IBM at this juncture than CYE.

Users of Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker Software, however, would not have opted for IBM. They would have immediately looked at TIGER's original and proprietary Accumulation Index (also known as Intra-Day Volume Percent). They would have noted the vast difference between IBM and CYE in terms of the Big-Money accumulation levels as of September 30, 1992.

IBM showed consistently red (dangerous) levels of accumulation. CYE showed consistently positive (blue) levels of accumulation. IBM was being dumped on all rallies by savvy institutions and shrewd professionals while CYE was being accumulated.

At the time, our newsletter, PEERLESS FORECASTS, and our NIGHTLY HOTLINE strongly recommended Cheyenne and warned of a coming slide in IBM.


Here is what happened to these two stocks.

IBM lost 50% and CYE tripled over then following 12 months.

TIGER's Accumulation index made the difference. Over the same time period, the stock with the steadies accumulation more than doubled and the stock with the least lost half its value, even though it was considered a safe "blue chip". The single most most important step investors and traders can take is to use our invention, the TIGER Accumulation Index.


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