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                                  ODYSSEY MARINE EXPLORATION     

        May 18, 2007
            World's Largest Historical Shipwreck Coin Recovery Produces Record 17 Tons of Silver Currency

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omr.GIF (68040 bytes)
OMR was recommended as a Tiger ESP (Elite Stock Professional) and Hotline pick
at $4.24 on May th.  It had just pulled back from 4.70 and successfully tested its
rising (red) 21-day ma and received a Tiger Red Buy.  It had previously been flagged as a
"Buy B12" stock.  This is a rare, but very bullish condition.  This signal coupled with
other major automatic Buys made us recommend it.  See how the Tiger Accumulation
Index crossed the key threshold we use.  This is shown above as a horizontal pink like.                                  

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May 18th, 2007  
                                   Just wanted you to know you made me a lot of money today...
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