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wpeC.jpg (1509 bytes)       Some Unsolicited Testimonials to Tiger Software
    Unsolicited testimonials are THE BEST. They make our day!  Out of the blue, we received these.   
    We'd like to share them with you... We want to earn your trust, too.


          7/5/2011  R.L.. Wisconsin
                                      "Hotline is AWESOME"
         "Thanks, BTW your work is awsome.   It's the only thing I've ever seen that actually works as suggested."

          20011 CM, Maine
                                      "Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative"
        "  William "Doctor Bill" is extremely detailed in his research of stock market technical analysis. He has studied the
         markets in detail back to the Great Depression times, comparing his signals of today, to instances since then ften           crunching numbers well past bedtime. Bill loves the market, the service he provides and his customers. He has           also developed many of his own ideas for technical indicators that are worthy of any financial analysis notebook           from the professional to the personal trader.”

         BB, Ohio 
        :"Bill - It's been nearly a year since I joined up with the "TIGER-SOFT / PEERLESS - family".
         As you know, I brought to this system an incredible amount of skepticism. My guard was up
         and my filters were muti-layered.

         "Reflecting back, it's been the first time in a decade I've been able to invest and allocate funds in
         a way that reasonably makes sense and helps take the emotion out of the game. Years of frustration,
         pain, and financial loss were spent jumping from system to system.

DATA2010.BMP (1080054 bytes)

  " I am convinced that the "emotion" factor (greed / fear) has been my greatest detriment and
         led to years of horrible losses that could have been years of terrific gains - if had I been using
         the PEERLESS system all along. But at 49 years old, I realize that even with the wasted years,
         it's never too late to get on a track that can eventually make the losses of the past look like a
         faded/far-away memory. Now I'm on a good track! My ongoing challenge has been to ignore
         the talking heads and daily market jolts and to patiently / systematically trust the larger picture
         that the PEERLESS framework projects. My 10-year goal/dream is to not just to obtain personal
         comfort/security, but to be able to share generously and ongoingly with others of greatest human
         need (Haiti, for example).

         Thanks again for the good 2010 and wishing you and your family a joy-filled New Year!"

          BB - Ohio

        May 7, 2010 from JK, California

         "Thanks for all the continuing great work you do--it's still one of the best analytic sites available!   
       --and you can quote me.  Best to you and Lana."   

       February 12, 2010 from VF, California

        "I purchased your "Peerless Program" years ago (maybe it was about 1994).  I love this program
         of yours and have updated it faithfully every day using the data from the Los Angeles Times....
I want to so thank you for this program.  It has been wonderful over these many years. "
        VF - California.

       June 1, 2009 from DM, Missouri

        "Mr. Schmidt,    I'm following your hotline every night but wanted a functional version too....Thanks for your help. 
         You are making me money and I'm very happy with your service and the signals are nothing short of amazing. 
         Everyone, including Art Cashin on CNBC every morning, were looking for a pullback, but your software said stay long.     

                                                    DJIA and Peerless Signals
wpe15F.jpg (60487 bytes)
        March 12, 2009  from MW, Phoenix

       "Bill, your work is solid and that's why I took the trade. I know you deeply care about what the accuracy
        of the information you print. What I respect most about you Bill is your hard work, your a very good market
        technician-at times brillant, and most importantly your a man of conscience...Tiger Software has some great
        strengths: your work on closing power was a game changer for me. Also, the 4 combinations: Accumulation,
        OBV, Closing Power, and Relative Strength work was very helpful  

      January 3, 2009    from    TR,  California
            Just wanted to Thank you for the seminar. I also wanted to let you know I purchased 3000 shares of XTXI at 3.95.
       (It's now)  trading at $6.16."    (Actually, it closed at 6.71 that day, only 2 trading days after the meeting and 3 trading
       after we had recommended it on our Hotline. 
XTXI.gif (12955 bytes)

      December 6, 2008 from    TR,  California
      "Hi Bill:

      "I just wanted to drop you a note and Thank you for yesterday’s seminar. ...I really enjoyed the seminar/class
       and look forward to the next one in January. You were a very clear concise speaker and kept the 3 hours
       interesting and humorous."

      September 26, 2008 from    CT,  California

      "The market is a big scary fighter that makes you want to run and hide, but with your software I can stand up
       to it, I have the tools to counter punch with shorts and a few longs."

      December 12, 2007 from    AW, Hawaii 

      "Thank you very much for all your detailed analysis and all the hard work you put into last night's (Dec. 11)
      hot line.  You really went beyond the call of duty to answer all my questions regarding S9s and S12s in
      December!  I know it really took you quite a long time to reprogram Peerless and to go through all that data,
      and I really appreciate all the effort you put into the hot line and the software."

     --------------------------------- Peerless Major Signals and DJI: 2007 -------------------------------------
                                                        +29% Gain: Buying and Selling and Selling Short DJI
                                                        +19% Gain: Buying and Selling DJI
     wpe25.jpg (48454 bytes)
     --------------- Peerless Major Signals aand Short Term Buys/Sells on SP-500 (SPY): 2007 -----------------
                                             +37% Gain: Buying and Selling and Selling Short SPY
                                             +20% Gain: Buying and Selling SPY
     wpe26.jpg (66371 bytes)

         September 16, 2007 from    SD, SF CA 
     "Many thanks, Bill.  You've helped me a lot through the recent turtbulence."

       August 20, 2007 from     brutus1234
     "As stated before this works. Saved me 1000's when the market dipped this month."

      August 13, 2007 from DT  (CA)
"Just a brief note to tell you your nightly hot line is worth every nickel I paid to get it. Thanks for the
      explanation on how to use the NY New High/New Low Ratio."

      August 7, 2007 from TH (MI.)
"Bill, I'd like to express my happiness with your programs, bools and research.  I also enjoy your
     market commentary...I share many of the same (Blog) views.   Keep up the terrific work."

     July 26, 2007 from Dan T 
"I don't know how the (7/17/2007) S12 and S9 signals could have been any better."

     July 26, 2007  from. W.D., Ph.D.
     "Bill;  I want to tell you that I appreciate your hotlines as well as your blog.  I also read a blog,
     "Calculated Risk" with CR and Tanta, who know a lot about housing, mortgages and banking. 
     I've made some comments to others that I have found your software and hotline helpful. I am
     doing extremely well in my investing in the last two months since using your system and advice.. 
     I lightened up my retirement accounts since the Peerless sells on the DOW.

wpe1.jpg (43301 bytes)

       May 18th, 2007   JS - Va
  "Bill, Just wanted you to know you made me a lot of money today...OMR (now OMEX) entered my
        watch lists after showing up in the Elite report...Not a bad day, up about $60,000 in a single stock.
        Without Tiger never would have found this...     Thanks, JS"

wpe15F.jpg (87038 bytes)

      April 19, 2007 from 
TH - Michigan
     "Impressive software and research; there's a lot here to learn. Great support."

     Aprill 12, 2007 Posted on Yahoo Message Board for TigerSoft:
"There are some exciting new tools available for various plarforms nowadays but the prize
the best overall package still has to go to Tigersoft. Moreover this toolbox pulls it all together
     in a cohesive fashion...With Tigersoft the computer will do the heavy lifting for you and produce
     a short list of candidates each night. Then it will allow you to futher investigate each one using
     every standard tool and several unique ones. On top of that. the customer support is absolutely
     first class. When you call the company. you speak directly to the programer and CEO - a man
     who shares our passion for trading. I have followed Bill's work for 15 years now. His methods
     work in up, down and sideways markets. And he keeps making it better.
The package will be the |
     best investment you ever made.

    "Thanks again -
I only wish I had found your services a few years ago".  TB - MN.

Bill, Thanks for hooking me up so quickly. I'm 'hooked' on the Tiger.  It't the best and most
     honest market timing system available.
I've searched the internet, Barrons and Technical Analysis
     of Stocks and Commodities for systems.  None of them works as well as yours. None! ...
     I really appreciate your honesty, inregrity and support...
RL, Ph.D. - Fallbrook, CA

"What can I say. Great service."  March 27, 07    TH - Tacoma, WA   

Peerless is a most powerful market timing tool...The timing method (is) described in
    excellent detail and with thorough historical reference...The manual makes some very important
    contributions to the technical literature."
Gerald Appel - Financial Systems' Tester and Author - New York City
    "I have been a TIGER user since the  mid 1980s.   I've looked at a lot of   other systems but have
    stayed with  TIGER.  I think the graphics and indicators are as good as you will find."
    DD -Nashville,
TN - Feb., 2005
I own all the major chart programs - Omnitrader, Advanced Get, Super Charts,    Metastock Pro and Tigersoft. 
Professor Schmidt's product is the best by far."  KJ - Calgary, Alberta  - Feb.,  2005

I was one of the first members of Computrac in the early '80s and have tested just about every stock program
     I could find since.then
. Tiger Software is #1 and I have stuck with it for 20 years...
     AS - Boca Raton, FL - January 2007.

Bill, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful work you do at Tiger. Outside of Christ, you have been
     the single most influential person in my life as an adult.      What we do is not easy and requires lots of discipline
     and courage.  I believe that my clients will benefit and be blessed for years to come from all your hard work
     and from your years of experience...Thanks
"  MW - Investment Manager - Phoenix, AZ April 2005

I have been trading for the past 15 years.  I have used most of the programs that are heavily adverised...
    I found your program when (internet) surfing... After talking with you I decided to purchase TigerSoft,
    Peerless and the Power-Raning program as well as your data,,,My experience has been very Rewarding $$,
    I have been able to identify a number of trades that I would otherwise have missed.
My "winnings"
    have paid for the initial investment more than tenfold.  I look forward to a long term relationship
    with TigerSoft."
Dr.J.S. - Md- 2007

Do you have any very recent Tiger stuff you've put out since the last upgrade back in 01/05? That last one was
     fantastic! You've hit a home run
" DG - North Carolina, May 2006 

I purchased your Peerless software a few months ago and I am happy to say that it was one of the most
    important financial purchases in my life
. Your indicators enable me to have the guts to sell out... 
    Being with cash on the side and with the market sell-off today only confirms my belief in your software. 
    It has saved me from disastrous losses"
. BC - Retired - Royal Palm Beach, FL

Tigersoft for NASDAQ/Stocks is outstanding.  I bought TradeStation back in the late 90s and have spent
     many, many hours programming the systems I currently use.
Your software is a wonderful addition to my
     'home grown' systems.  In fact, I think it's better.
I wish I had found your software ten years ago - I would
     have made even more money."
JS - NC"

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