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Stock Options' Trading
     with TigerSoft

Here we assume:
            You are a stock options' trader.

You are looking for an options'
               play where the underlying index
               or stock falls or rises sufficiently
               in a short period of time for the
                option to double in price.  This
               means it must move significantly
               in the direction we expect and
               do so in less than 3 months,
                preferably much less.

   It is best if you buy Puts when
              the stock or index appears
               strong, so that there is minimum
               premium,  and you buy Calls
               when the stock or index is
               down, so that the premium is



                    We provide the data on more than 800 optionable stocks.  Running the Tiger Power Ranker
          program reveals those stocks that look best (for call Buying) or worst (for Put Buying).  Our books
          show you the best screens for these stocks.  But even without the Tiger Power Ranker program,
          the TigerSoft user will do well using the automatic Buys and Sells for the mature high techs in the
          NASDAQ-100.  He will do even better if he trades mostly in the direction of Peerless, i.e. he
          buys Calls when Peerless is on a major Buy and buys puts when Peerless is on a major Sell. 

                    We suggest that the trader search for the NASDAQ-100 stocks whose optimized system gives
          Buys and Sells as often as he is comfortable.  Thus a short-term Put and Call buyer might inspect
          the NASDAQ-100 stocks to see which show their optimim trading system to be a 14-day Stochastic
          and the gain is at least 80% for the last year. While the TigerSoft program finds such stocks almost
          instantly, the TigerSoft user can quickly scan the stocks in his universe, looking just at the top row
          of the chart.  As of 11/12/2007, he would find the following stocks to trade Puts and Calls on.

                                             Year's                                                                   Current
                       Stock             Gain        Status    Close     Change   AI/200       Accum.
                       --------             ------        ---------   -------      ----------   ---------        --------------------
                      ADBE             73  %     Sell       42.19      -1.05        148              -.02
                      AKAM          130.5%   Sell         35.54    -1.01          117             -.06
                      FLEX              59.1%    Sell        12.11    -.361           127              .10
                      MRVL            92.1%   Sell         17.14    -.411            75              .2
                      NTAP              95.9%  Sell         26.11    -.77              97              .1
                      URBN           101.8%  Sell         25.49   -.281           138              .08

                   A glance at the charts below for these stocks will give the Options trader a good idea
             how helpful TigerSoft is.  Buy Calls on the red Buys and buy Puts when a red Sell is given.

  ADBE             73  %     Sell       42.19      -1.05        AI/200=148             Current AI= -.02
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AKAM         130.5%    Sell        35.54    -1.01          AI/200=117           Current AI=  -.06
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FLEX              59.1%    Sell        12.11    -.361           AI/200=127             Current AI= .10
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MRVL            92.1%   Sell         17.14    -.411            AI/200=75             Current AI= .2
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NTAP              95.9%  Sell         26.11    -.77              AI/200=97            Current AI=  .1
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URBN           101.8%  Sell         25.49   -.281          AI/200= 138              Current AI=.08
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               "Explosive Super Stock" principles are seen in best performing NASDAQ-100 Stocks
          Notice timely major Buy signals for these stocks.  These are automatic fixed-rule signals
          that apply to all individual stocks.

AMZN  Notice B10/B12/B20 cluster in April
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RIMM - Classic Buy B10 Breakout in June..
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ISRG - Classic Multiple Major TigerSoft Buy Signals in June.wpe1B.jpg (42430 bytes)

  Options' Traders will want to look for major Tger Stock Sells to find stocks for their
   Put buying and Buy the options when these occur if Peerless.is on a major Sell, too, for
   the general market.
SEPR - Note major Sell S12
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VMED - Note major Tiger Stock Sell S9 right at top!
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TLAB - Note timely Major Sell S4 and Sell S12
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