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           Here we assume:
     You are a Longer Term
     Investor, who wants to hold
     a typical position 6 months
     or more. 

      You may have a tax deferred
     retirement account.

     You want to maximize gains
    but definitely wish to avoid
    big risks.

You employ Stocks, Mutual
    Funds and ETFs

               Last updated 10/27/2007
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              Investing with Tiger Soft
                Longer term - 6 months to two year or more 
                Volatility may vary, but risk must be limited.
                Using Stocks, Murual Funds or Exchange Traded Funds.
Things you should know.

           1. Bull Markets don't last forever. Bear markets can wipe out 20% to 90% of your invesments,
           depending on their length and severity.  Our website  lets you see year after year of the Dow Jones
           Inustrial Average with the automatic Peerless Buy and Sell signals..      

                                           Peerless Major Signals on DJI-30: 1965-2007
          1965   1966   1967   1968   1969   1969-1970 1970   1971   1972   1973   1974   1975  1976   1977  1978   1979  
          1980   1981    
Written in 1981, Peerless called the October 1987 Top and Crash perfectly.

         Recently Peerless called the May-June 2006 decline and the July DJI-30 peak at 14,000 perfectly.
         1982   1983   1984   1985   1986   1987   1988  1989  1990   1991   1992   1993   1994   1994-5   1995  1996   1997  
         1998   1999   2000   2001   2002  2002-3    2003   2004   2005   2006  2007   

The present bull market  started in March 2003.  We have now gone a record 55 months without even a
           correction of more than 10% on the DJI.
  Instead of just buying and holding your investments until
           you need the money or your emotions get the better of you, we want you to use our Peerless Stock
           Market Timing.  Peerless shows you how to avoid the bad times and come back in when it's safe.  Peerless
           can make your investing much safer and much more profitable. 

          2. Using the Peerless automatic Buy and Sell signals on the general market using the DJIA can put a lot
           more money in your pockets no matter what you trade. 
          3. Peerless keeps on working.   We have even back-tested it to 1915, though some of the data
             is incomplete.   Get out before there is a sharp sell-off. 
                                       1929 top ....  http://www.tigersoft.com/1929-1965/DJI1929.gif  
                                      Nazi attack on Western Europe ... 1940 ...  http://tigersoft.com/charts/adji3940.gif
                                      Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ... 1941 ... http://www.tigersoft.com/1929-1965/DJI1941.gif
                                      Cuban Missle Crisis - 1962 ... http://www.tigersoft.com/1929-1965/DJI1962.GIF
                                      October 1987 Crash ... http://www.tigersoft.com/Peerless-Signals/dji87.gif

                                           Peerless Stock Market Timing:
                                                                                1965-2007 Track Record
                                                      +17.5% to +28%/Year on DJI-30
                                                      2002-2007 Buys and Sells
                                                      Date          Signal      DJI            Gain
                                                     --------------      ---------   ----------      --------------
                                                     5/15/2002      Sell      10244         +20.0%
                                                     7/24/2002      Buy        8191          +7.1%
                                                     1/6/2003         Sell         8774      +14.2%  
                                                     3/11/2003      Buy        7524        + 41.1%
                                                     2/20/2004      Sell       10619          +3.7%
                                                     3/12/2004      Buy       10240          +3.2%
                                                     4/6/2004        Sell        10571        +5.7%
                                                     5/10/2004      Buy         9990         +2.9%
                                                     1/3/2005        Sell        10729        +4.8%
                                                     4/21/2005      Buy       10219       +13.3%
                                                     5/5/2006        Sell        11577       +6.8%
                                                     6/12/2006      Buy        10793      +14.9%
                                                     1/5/2007        Sell        12398       +2.8%
                                                     3/5/2007        Buy        12050      +15.9%
                                                     7/17/2007      Sell        13972        +4.9%
                                                     8/29/07 Minor Buy      13289      +3.7%
                                                     10/3/07 Minor Sell      13968      +3.2%
                                                     10/19/07 Minor Buy    13522       Open
                                                       List of All Peerless Buys/Sells: 1965-200


          4. Retirement accounts can really blossom with Peerless Stock market Timing.
           Example: Buying and Holding the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) since 1965 would have gained
           you +6.7%/year since 1965   or 6.9% over the last 10 years.  Simply buying the DJIA when Peerless
           gave a buy and selling it when Peerless gave a sell would have gained you 17.5%/year.

                        Over 5 years, say, 6.7% will grow $200,000 into $276,600.  On the other hand, getting a
                      return of +21.9%,  as Peerless has since 1965, would turn your $200,000 into $538,329

                         Over 12 years, 6.7% will grow $100,000 into $217,757.  On the other hand, getting a return
                      of +21.9%, as Peerless has since 1965, would turn your $100,000 into $1,076,575.

                         Over 20 years, 6.7% will grow $40,000 into $146,335.  On the other hand, getting a return
                       of +21.9%, as Peerless has since 1965, would turn your $100,000 into $2,099,588.

                   Go to http://www.tigersoft.com/Returns/index.html

5.. Regardless of the sector you invest in, the Peerless Buy and Sell signals let you improve
              upon buying and holding.  Think of the market as a tide that lifts and then lowers all boats.   The
              only exceptions are oil, precious metals and real estate.  Our study of Fidelity Sector funds
              proves this.  Here are our studies:

          6. When you become more confident that you can avoid a bear market, you can become more
              aggressive in your investments.
  This will increase your returns.  In this, TigerSoft can show you
              how to find the best indidual stocks and mutual funds.  Our nightly hotline reviews stocks
              and industry groups each night.  See examplehttp://www.tigersoft.com/AAA/index.html

          7. Use our Tiger Tahiti System, invest in the most accumulated DJI-30 stock as measured
               by our Tiger Power Ranker and make 24%/year.
  Back-tested to 1970, this system buys only
               the safest blue chips, one each quarter, which we hold for nearly 2 years unless our Peerless system
               flashes a multiple set of Sells in a six month period.   This is extremely silmple to follow.  And you
               add to positions over a 21 month period, so that market fluctuations are not reduced.
               See http://www.tigersoft.com/educate/tahiti.htm
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          8. Buy the stocks that are the most intensely accumulated, using the rules of the Tiger Insider
             Watch system.   These are often more speculative stocks. 
We buy them because we have
             such clear evidence that insiders are buying.them  Since 1990, when held automatically for a year,
             these stocks have produced an average annual gain of 36% per year.

                                Book and System - http://www.tigersoft.com/--3--/index.html
                                Recent examples -  http://www.tigersoft.com/Tigersoft-Explosive/index.html

          9. The biggest gainers usually show intense insider buying early in their advances.  Learn
              to spot these tell tale signs using our books and software.  Rank the best performing
              stocks of any period and you will see the same patterns we show you how to spot. 
              For example: The best perfoming stocks of 2006-2007
                                      The best and worst performing stocks of 2007

        10. Don't be afraid to take a small loss.   Our 36%/year gain jumps up to 55%/year if
              you apply a simple stop loss we will tell you about.   Call 858-273-5900 or email

         11. Our "Explosive Super Stocks" book discusses when to sell these super stocks. They
              do not go up forever.  You have to know when to take profits.

         12. Finding the strongest sector and then using Tiger's Power Ranker to find the strongest
               stocks in that sector pays off over and over. 
If you look at the sample HOTLINE
               we show, from December 2006, you can see how well the Chinese stocks we mentioned
               there have done.

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