7 Tiger-Paths to
             How To Make 25%/Year on Your
    Stock Investments Using Tiger Software

1. Use the NASDAQ-100 Tahiti System. It Gained +43.8%/Year, 2003-2005,
     but has been back-tested with DJI-30 from 1970 to 2000
       (Very Few trades. Longer term. Very Safe) 
   Use the Tiger Tahiti system with a universe of oil stocks.

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2. Use Tiger's Automatic Buy/Sell Signals with The Highest Accumulation Stocks
      (Lots of Quick Trades, highly profitable  and Safe)

3. Buy The Highest Accumulation Stocks At Price Support and Sell Them
   at Resistance or Let Stock Run if Breakout    Comes Quickly.
       (Lot of Quick Trades, very profitable and Safe)

4. Buy Highest Accumulation Price Breakouts above Well-Tested Resistance    
    (Exciting, Lot of Trades, very profitable and Safe)

5. Build A Portfolio of Stocks Having Tiger "Buy B12s"..
    Then Sit Back and Watch It Grow!    
    (Highly profitable but more speculative.)

6. Make 25%/Yr Trading Investment Vehicles That Track The
    Market Indexes with Tiger's PEERLESS.
    (Safe, slow and steadily profitable)

7. Use Tiger's Trading Tools, Rather Than Being Guided
    By Raw Emotions or "Hot" Tips   (Always A Good Idea!)

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