Path#6 - Tiger Paths to 25%/Year -  (C) 2006  William Schmidt, Ph.D.

  Make 25%/Yr. Trading Investment Vehicles That Track The Market Indexes

   You can make 25+% per year on DJIA-30, SP-500 or NASDAQ-100 using the
fully automatic signals from Tiger's "Peerless Stock Market Timing".   PEERLESS Provides
Investors an average gain of 25+% per Year on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).
This is perfect for overall-market timing, trading mutual funds, index options and futures.
You can now buy a variety of instruments that track the SP-500, the NASDAQ or
just the DJIA-30. A partial list will be posted here in a few days..

  Peerless has averaged gains of nearly 35%/year with the SP-500.  Here is its track record.
You can also see the Peerless historical track record on the DJIA-30 since 1965 here.
In that period there have been 59 Buys and 59 Sells since 1965.  This is about 3 per year. 
53 of the 59 Buys were profitable.  The reversing Buy signals had an average gain on the DJIA
of  more than 10%. 

  Even better results are obtained using Peerless with the instruments that mirror the NASDAQ,
QQQ (Nasdaq-100) and Standard & Poors 500 (SPX)

           All Bull Markets Must Come to An End.
             Be Ready for The Next Big Sell-Off!

  PEERLESS Sell S9's and S12's Will Warn You When A Market Top Is at Hand

  At this writing in early March 2006, we have not seen a 10% decline in the SP-500 since
January 2003.  That makes 37 months without even a 10% market correction. 

  A little review of market history will show you that the Peerless major Sell signals are
your best advance warning system that a significant market decline is coming.  Think how
wonderful it would have been to completely avoid the 2001-2002 bear market.  Peerless users
did just that.  Just as they has avoided the bear markets and Crashes of 2000-2001-2002,
1990, 1987, 1981, Feb-1980, Sept-1979, Oct-1978, 1973-1974, 1971, 1969-1970
and 1966

  When there are 3 or more Peerless "S9"/"S12" Sell signals in the past 9 months, be
extremely careful.  A DJI decline that then goes below the lower band is your best warning
that a bear market or Crash is starting!   Just as you would think of buying a home and
not having insurance, don't put hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market
without knowing what we can teach you about calling major market tops before significant
bear markets.

   Who is to say that there could not be another Market Crash, like was seen in 1987
when all stocks suddenly lost more than 25% of their value.

  Tiger's   PEERLESS Perfectly Predicted October 1987 Crash Real-Time.
It also perfectly predicted the bottom afterwards, real-time!

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                                       Start of Bull Market - 1982-1987

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