Tiger Path #5  -  How To Make   25% A Year - (C) 2006 William Schmidt Ph.D.

Build A Portfolio of Stocks Having Tiger "Buy B12s"..
            Then Sit Back and Watch It Grow!

   Investors and traders, use the Tiger-Power-Ranker with the 1000+ stocks
from our on-line data base to find the powerful Tiger-"B12" and -"B24"   breakouts. 
Or subscribe to our Hotline/Bullish Special Situations/All Updates per year for $575/year.

   Year after year, we have looked at the biggest gainers for the last year.
A bulge of intense Big Money Accumulation, as Tiger measures it, occurs
at the start of 75%-90% of each of the biggest gainers'  moves.  Look at the
2005 study here.

  We have created four major Tiger Buy signals that detect this pattern.  These signals
appear on Tiger charts and you can screen 1000 stocks for these special
conditions each night in just a few minutes.

These conditions are:
    B10 - Price Breakouts
    B12 - High Accumulation and High Relative Strength
    B20 - High Take-Off Momentum Reached.
    B24 - Previous Very High Accumulation and Subsequent New High.

   You can easily have new occurrences of these conditions flagged each
night for you by our software ($590). Or you can buy these special  stocks as we
announce them on our Elite Stock Professional (ESP) webpage, a subscription
to which runs $575 for a year.  You can get all the Tiger and Peerless software,
all updates for a year, all our books and a year's subscription to the Hotline Services
for $995.

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    We recommend buying 10 or 12 of the Bullish Special Situations
we report. These are most appealing B10's, B12's and B24's we can
find 3 times a week.  Plan to hold them each for a year.  Let them grow.
Don't. trade them.  Let them prove themselves.  If one of them
drops below its 30-week mvg.avg., it is OK to sell  it.  Relax and let
them show you why Big Money was so eager to buy them  This is a perfect
strategy for your more specualtive portfolio. There will likely be some
very big gainers, over 100% for 6-9 months.  It is these big gainers that
will give the value of this portfolio such a boost.

   Except when there is protracted bear market, which our Tiger
Peerless program should be able to spot, such a portfolio will typically
grow  at least 20% over a year.  More likely it will be up more
than 50%. 

Here are some of the studies I have published.  There are many,
many exampples. 
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