Path#7 - How To Make 25%/Yr. - (C) William Schmidt, Ph..D.

          There is an easy-to-spot 7th Path That is Powerful
        and Effective if You Want To Make 25%/Year!.
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           Below is a recent example of the 7th Path.
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      Use Tiger's Trading Tools, Rather Than Being Guided
      By Raw Emotions or "Hot" Tips and That is the 7th Path

   You cannot make 25% per year following the emotions of Greed and Fear and Impatience
that we all have in us when we see our stocks rise and fall.  These the market manipulates
and regularly takes advantage of.  Use the principles that our software can readily teach you
when sizing up a stock you are considering and when calculating where best to place your
buy and sell orders.

   The biggest boost you can do to your portfoilio's yearly performance is this:   Before you
Buy a stock because of a "hot tip", alway take a look at the Tiger charts of it.  Some tips,
of course, are timely and profitable.  But why take a chance.  Let our charts give you a sense
of how fresh and reliable the tip really is.

   The HELP routines will show you exactly what to look for in a stock. The screen display even gives
you a written conclusion. See below.   Or if you would like a written analysis of a particular stock from
the Tiger viewpont, make a request to us at   We will respond within
24 hours.  We charge only $35 for a full report and follow-up for a week..

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