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                                     PEERLESS STOCK MARKET TIMING: 1915-2011
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       Profitable Predictions...Against The Wind. 

      From our Hotline:
>   "You just Cannot Be Too Cynical When It Comes to Wall Street Greed.
               >      July 2007 SEC Let Professionals Sell Short on Down-Ticks, for the first time since 1934.
                                  They had been lobbying for this because they knew they could make a killing
                                  in the bear market that was about to start. See our Major Sell right at the top in July 2007
               >      2007 Big Wall Street Bankers sell millions of shares of their own stock and short home mortgages.
               >      2007 Insider Selling - Donald, You're Fired.
  Quest     Washington Mutual and CitiGroup 
                                         Northern Rock and too many others to mention.
               >   March 2009  Market reverses when Obama sells out his supporters and bails out Wall Street again,
                                        Obama protects top bank executives' obscene jobs, salaries and bonuses. 
               >     May 2009  "The Stock Market Must Rally".
Wall Street Runs The White House and Congress
               >      July 2009   "Wall Street's Stealthy Bull Market Forgets To Invite The Public"
               >      October 2009 - "Buy Gold and GLD."
               >      September 2010 - "Buy SILVER and SLV."  
               >      September 2010 - "Bullish Technology Takeovers Abound... Professionals are very bullish". 
               >      November 2010 - "Very, very bullish seasonality."              

  >    December 2010 -    Why The Market Keeps Rallying...
     "Tax Cuts for Billionaires and Cuts in Social Security Should Make Wall Street Even Happier
                           in 2011. Shades of 1921-1929, 1983-2000"
                    "Learn how to think like a billionaire. Know what they are buying and selling
                     is the surest and safest way to make big money in stocks, commodities and currencies."

             More profitable predictions.

Recent Hotline Samples:   March 2010. 
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