Introductory  TIGERSOFT   $295.00.
           Helping Professionals and the Public around the World to Maximize Stock Profits since 1981. 

Five Different Types of Automatic
           TIGERSOFT Buy and Sell Signals:

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  SEC Now Admits Insider Trading Is Rampant.  

              Insider Buying HALL of FAME    Super Stocks 
              Insider Selling HALL of SHAME 
Short Sales       "To Hell with the Widows and Orphans" 

              More Trading Applications of TigerSoft

         Five Different Types of Automatic
           TIGERSOFT Buy and Sell Signals:

  Tiger Software Charts Make Analysis of Stocks Simple, Easy and Profitable!

1. Red Buys and Sells showing the signals for the best
       trading system from among more than 60 that are tested
       in the instant before the chart and signals first appear
      on your computer.  More examples with explanation of
      internal strength indicators.

  2. Fixed Rule Buys and Sells based on 29 Years' Testing:
      Examples -
Major Buys: "Buy B10", "B12", "B20", "B24"
wpe191.jpg (81632 bytes)

    3. Professional Buying versus Public Buying Automatic Buys
        and Sells.  These produce
Buy B21s and Sell S21s.

QQQQ21.BMP (1034454 bytes)

4. Peerless Major Buy and Sell Signals based on fixed rules
       that have been extensively back-tested to 1928 on the DJIA.   
       These Peerless general market timing's Buys and Sells may be
       profitably super-imposed on nearly any chart you like, so
       intertwined and closely connected are all the world's markets
       now.  To produce these signals you need to own Peerless, too,
       and not just TigerSoft.  TigerSoft with Peerless is offered for $495.

      TigerSoft and Peerless Stock Market Timing with 7 mo. Data and 3 mo Hotline  $495        

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           5. TigerSoft Weekly Charts Buy B12s and S7s.    These B12s
         are very bullish and also very reliable.
Tiger Weekly Buy B12s  on All Stocks, ETFs, Commodities. 
           TigerSoft'S POWER-RANKER screen all 6000 Stocks, ETFs and Commodities with one command. 
           Easily find all the stocks currently producing these and other automatic Buy and Sell Signals. 
Tiger Power Stock Ranker  $395 Call us.
           Full Package Order $995 Tiger Power-Ranker, All Software. All Books, Software Updates, Nightly Data,
           Nightly Hotline, Stocks; Hotline,  Bullish/Bearish Special Situations and Weekend Elite Report.

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                  - TIGERSOFT -
                          Stock Profits Made Easy! 
   (1)   Superb Buy and Sell Signals
         and Manual Showing How Best To Use Them.
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          (2) Tiger's Unique Measures of Insider Buying
         and Insider Selling:
Accumulation Index and Closing Power.

            (3)  Nightly Data for 3 months.

            (4)  Telephone "Walk-Through"   
                                                                      Last updated - 9/10/2008                              

Email Us for More Information....or call us at 858-273-5900 in San Diego.  
                Our main website has many, many stock examples and historical studies from a variety of
                different time periods.  We often send interested parties our charts upon request.
                So, let's get acquainted.
     Send any comments or questions to
                                TIGERSOFT AUTOMATIC BUYS AND SELLS LETS YOU
                                              TRADE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL

                                                           Updated 10/10/2008

                                        When the stock market is no longer in a bull market and is in a trading range
                            or bear market as now (April 2008), the number of new Highs drops.  So, buying
                            and holding will probably lose you money.  Even buying Super stocks is perilous
                            because there comes a time in most bear markets when nearly all stocks sell off.
                            One solution is to sell short the weakest stocks as a hedge.  Our Power-Ranking
                            program (lets you do this.  But the Power-Ranker software is not needed to get
                            very good Buys and Sells on the stocks you want to look at.   Get our Introductory
                            software first.

                                        Here's what to do when the market is not very safe.

                                        Pick an active,  well known stock that is likely to hold up.  Utility and gold stocks
                            usually do hold up in this market environment.  While they may not have the ability to
                            run up wildly,  they can often be traded very profitably.  This is where TigerSoft comes in. 
                            We provide the data on Gold and Utility stocks.  Select several using our giuidelines.  
                            Then watch for new TigerSoft's automatic Buys and Sells.    

                                       Gold Stocks are often great trading stocks.  The XAU is an index of
                            Gold Stocks.  Look at the chart below.  The best trading system has been the 20-
                            day Stochastic-K-Line (red) crossing back above 20 for BUYS and falling below
                            80 for SELLS.  TigerSoft automatically finds you the current best trading syetem
                            for any stock your request.  This system has gained +67.5% for the last year.
                            These automatic signals take the guess-work out of trading.  Before using this
                            systen, we suggest letting TigerSoft tell you what the best system is for any
                            particular gold or silver stock. 

                            ====================== XAU (Gold Stock Index) =====================
                           TigerSoft automatically advises using 20-Day Stochastic-K-Line for Buys and Sells.

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                                                       TIGERSOFT and UTILITY STOCKS

          wpeF7.jpg (65820 bytes)
                             Want more risk?  Below is the chart of EPG - Environmental Power Corp.
                Environmental Power Corporation develops, owns, and operates renewable energy
                production facilities in the United States. It develops renewable energy facilities for the
                production and commercial application of methane-rich biogas from agricultural and food
                industry wastes.  The gains here are a wonderful +249% over the past year.
                TigerSoft automatically displays the best Buys and Sells for the past year on any
                chart you want.
           wpe115.jpg (56236 bytes)

                              Lots of stocks can be traded superbly with TigerSoft.  Here are other examples.

                                                        TigerSoft chart of Phillip Morris (MO)

                                   As someone who has lost several family members to cigarettes, I encourage selling
                            MO short on each of its new red Sell signals.  Trading these automatic Buys and Sells
                            would have gained someone more than 80% for the last year, even though the stock's
                            trend was little more than flat. 

                                   I should add that Tiger's Power-Ranking shows you the very best trading stocks
                            with new Buys and Sells each night.  But you can find certainly these stocks merely
                            looking at a series of stocks, one by one.

  MO.BMP (806454 bytes)

TigerSoft's Tahiti System is for long-term investors.   Usually there is a
                        21 months' holding period.  But there is no law against short-term trading the safe
                        blue-chip stocks the system picks.  For example, in 2006 HPQ was the system's pick
                        among the DJI-30.  Taking one of the best trading systems Tiger has for this stock
                        would have gained a trader +38.5% just taking the long trades.  Full margined,
                        the gains woul dhave been +77%.  Paper losses were very small.  The biggest paper
                        loss was only 7.2%.  And this was not even the best trading system out software had
                        for the stock.

                       wpeF3.jpg (44258 bytes)

Or find a group you like and use new red Buy signals to go long and at the same time
                       a group you feel are apt to be weak and use a new red Down arrow to sell short. At this stage
                       oil stocks look good to buy.  Finance stocks will probably show more weakness.    You
                       can also pick stocks that have more or fewer signals with TigerSoft.

MDR - Oil Service
                      wpeA8.jpg (69772 bytes)
                                                                 LEH - LEHMAN Brothers

                     LEH.GIF (14382 bytes) 

                                               TigerSoft Buys and Sells gained +127% in SSRI below.
                 wpe4B.jpg (50680 bytes) 


              TigerSoft's Automatic Buy & Sell Signals on NASDAQ, Stocks,
              Currencies, Commodities, Indexes, US or non-US, can make you a
              consistent big winner in stock market.  Our 26 years of historical
              studies are paying off, big!  Here's how you will benefit.

              Place the TigerSoft Automatic Trading programs on your computer
              and get FREE for 3 months the nightly stock data on 1500+ stocks,
              commodities, indices, metals, ETF's and key currencies. Getting
              data from us is very quick and simple.  See bottom of page for list
              of data we now provide.

              Using our software, you can immediately start to make better stock trades,
              buying low and selling high according to TigerSoft's Automatic Buy and Sell signals.
              They work for any stock you choose.  Instead of yielding to your emotions or
              acting on news' announcements or "tips", which insiders always start anyway, 
              make some serious money using our best trading system's AUTOMATIC Buys
              and Sells for trading your stocks...

                             See What The "Insiders" Are Doing with Your Stock

              Tiger's very powerful Accumulation Index is included.  This is the oscillator that
              appears beneath the price chart on a TigerSoft chart.  Bulges of Blue Accumulation
              show intense "Big-Money" and "Insider-Inspired" Buying.  Deep valleys of
              Red Distribution show intense "Big-Money" and "Insider-Inspired" Selling. 

              It is often costly to own stocks showing steadily negative Red "Distribution".
              Heavy Insider Selling can be seen when the Tiger Accumulation Index goes deeply
              negative, especially in a rising market, as it did last Fall,  for example, in
              secondary mortgage companies, like LEND,  NFI and NEW.  They recently
              plunged 75% to 90%.  "Insiders always know!"  See these charts on our website.

              See elsewhere the books we offer about Insider Buying, the "Explosive Super Stocks"
              and Insider Selling, the "Short-Selling: Killer Profits in Any Market".   This is an
              indicator Tiger's inventor created back in 1981.  It has been much copied and mis-copied.  
             Variations of it even appear in Investors' Daily.  

                                       Winning TigerSoft Strategies

              TigerSoft gives you many techniques to  make money reliably and safely in the stock

              1) Simply Buy the "Highest Accumulation" stock in the DJI-30.  This is our "Tahiti" system.
              It has gained more than  24% a year goung back to 1970!  It is fully documented in a 200
              page book you can get for $75 from us.

              2) Short-term trade the stocks in the NASDAQ-100 that the TigerSoft system shows have
              been most profitably traded using TigerSoft's automatic Buy and Sells for the past year.
              The profitability for the last year appears above the price chart on a TigerSoft chart.   For many
              stocks,   the best TigerSoft system averages +75% to +300% per year.  These are the stocks
              to concentrate on.  The instructions that come with our software show how to do this.   Using
              our internal strength indicators, it is even easier and more productive to see which Buy and
              Sell signals should be used.

             3 We highly recommend you also get our "Explosive Super Stocks".

36%/year since 1990 using Tiger Software!

             "Explosive Super Stocks" reveals a simple selection methodology using TigerSoft
             that has gained 36% per year since 1990.  It was amply profitable even in the bear
             market years of 2001 and 2002. 
Using stop losses, the gains approach +50% per
             year.  (This level of success is fully documented on our Research/Hotline/Updates
             subscription web-site.)  Suffice it to say here, we highly recommend buying intensely
             accumulated stocks and hold them a year.  In this way, Tiger lets "outsiders" become
             savvy insiders.   The stocks you buy here should meet a specified set of technical
            "Tiger" criteria.  This Tiger software package and the Explosive Super Stocks book,
             together,  provide you all the key indicators you need to see if a stock qualifies
             for a take-off by having all the requisite pre-conditions.   We also offer other software
             elsewhere that can screen for these and many other bullish and bearish conditions.
             And if you like, we will find them for you.  Our on-line Bullish and Bearish Special Situations
             and the Elite Stock Professional (ESP) weekend  report finds for you the best current
             explosive super stocks and the stocks being heavily sold by insiders.

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   See the Unsolicited Testimonials:
                           Lots of Happy TigerSoft Customers

TigerSoft has made a lot of money for thousands of investors and traders using our
              software and research.  See some of their
comments at the bottom of this page and
              elsewhere on this site.

General Market Timing

               This software provides you our operative NASDAQ market timing system, with its
               automatic Buys and Sells.   This is an automatic system with fixed rules based on what has
               worked best at calling tops and bottoms on the NASDAQ since 1986.  It is included.
               Tiger's Buy and Sell signals on the NASDAQ have gained 26%+ over the past 11 months.
               See charts below.  It has averaged a 30% gain  per year since 1988! Think how this
               would have helped you!  Elsewhere, you will find our award-winning Peerless
               Stock Market Timing.  This gives Automatic Major Buys and Sells which have been
               back-tested to 1965 and expand upon the NASDAQ timing system.

Who Should use TigerSoft?

Stock Market Investors and mutual fund holders, short-term stock traders,
               option-players, mutual fund switchers, commodity and currency players
               will all gain a great deal from using TigerSoft. European and Asian stock
               markets' data works just as well as American. And we provide the converter
               for this data.

                             Do you have to be an experienced trader?

               NO. TigerSoft is the distillation of 26 years of writing software for investors
                and traders. We show you what works. It is not complex. The automatically
                appearing Buy and Sell Arrows make it very easy.  Read our simple instructions.

                            Would an experienced trader profit from TigerSoft?

  Yes! Absolutely. It will open your eyes to what will make you big money
                 with much less effort.  The up-Buy and down-Sell arrows make your
                 decisions obvious. In addition, our original internal strength indicators
                 are the best you will see for  any price.  So good, that you will likely set
                 aside many other indicators you may now be using, simply because ours
                 are clearly so much more effective.

                             How does it work?

                Click to display a particular stock. Immediately, timely Up-BUY
               and Down-SELL Arrows appear on the end-of-day the price charts of
                the stock.  You are shown when to Buy and when to Sell.  Tiger charts
                show you exactly which of more than 60+ systems produce the best
                trading results. This eliminates the emotional guesswork that usually
                wears out a would-be trader and his or her wallet. 

                You can even put in dummy numbers right before the close to see if
                the signal has changed. And you can readily see how much difference
                it typically makes to buy or sell at the next day's opening rather than

                on the close of the day of the signal.

                Use our ample HELP routines and On-Line Instructions to learn
                how best to use the automatic Buys and Sells and TigerSoft's much
                imitated "internal strength" indicators, thereby anticipating
                price-turns coming in your stocks before they become obvious.
                "Trade with the trend!"  "The trend is your friend."

               After 3 months, how much does your data cost?
                   Only $20 a month, paid in advance, or $150 for a year.  But you may extend the FREE
               data period for 6 months adding our Peerless Stock Market Timing and Tiger-Power-Ranker

Here's what you get:

                  1. TigerSoft's Superb NASDAQ Signaling Software.

                  The NASDAQ's Peerless BUY and SELL signals have gained an
                  average of  30% a year using only BUYS and SELLS,
                  no short sales, since 1988. Think of the money you might have
                  saved if you had used this system to avoid the bear market of 2001-
                  2002 and taken its April 2003 Buy Signal and then held until the next
                  Sell signal, 30.27% higher. 

===> A recent NASDAQ chart is shown at here: 2006-2007  

                  You can do your own historical studies with the data we provide.
                   It starts in 1988 because that's when Nasdaq daily data for high,
                   low, close and volume began to be provided.  If you're interested
                   in the best market timing system for the period 1965-2006 using
                   the Dow Jones Industrial Average,  look up "PEERLESS MARKET TIMING".
                   It gave a now famous "SELL S9" right at the top just before the
                   October 1987 massacre and has averaged 20% a year on lower
                   volatility DJIA.

2. TigerSMART Automatic Buy and Sell Signals on any stock
                  (or index, commodity, mutual fund or currency) you pick.
                  breakthrough research here is your gain. The software
                  automatically finds the best ways to trade any stock from more
                  than 50 trading systems. The best trading systems tend to
                  last a long time because each stock and each index has its own
                 personality and its own professional following among traders,
                 market makers, specialists and hedge funds managers.

                 Gains using these systems have often been more than 100% for
                 a given stock in a single year. Sometimes they reach 1000%.
                 It's will amaze you how well they extract nearly all of the profits
                 that many a stock's volatility offers. Though past gains are no
                 guarantee to future profitabilility, TIGER users know that the
                 best systems last a long time and that to be trading without these
                 tools is to be trading at a big disadvantage.

                3. TigerSoft's much copied "Internal Strength" Indicators for
Volume usually leads price. Relative Strength can make
                the difference between a mediocre trade and a superbly
                profitable trade.  Find out why so many active traders believe
               that TigerSoft's "Accumulation Index" is the single best internal
               indicator anywhere. "OBV" shows aggressive buying and selling
               pressures. Trade with the trend. Watch for momentum changes.
               These tools are not hard to master. Our HELP Routines and
               On-Line Instructions make it easy.

              4. Tiger's Communications Software for updating from 
              subscription stock data bases and for converting historical
              ascii stock data into Tiger format.
You can follow any stock,
              mutual fund, index, option or commodity you want with most
              On-Line data services and now get excellent TigerSoft BUY
              and SELL signals.

             5. FREE ON-LINE DATA for 3 months.  Get NASDAQ Index
             and 1500+ stocks from us.
Tell us which stocks you follow and
             we will include them if we can squeeze them into the data
             we provide nightly.  After 3 months, we charge a modest
             $20 a month for the data, or $150 a year.  Periodic updates to the
            software are also posted.

Additional Questions?

             TigerSoft is sold here by the software's author. I will be glad
             to answer all emailed questions. Ask to see the signals on
             your favorite stock and I will try to oblige you.

  Sample Graphs with Buys and Sells

              Now look at our sample charts here and elsewhere. I have
              posted 6 graphs for your inspection.  The only difference
              between some of them and the graphs you will get automatically
              is that some here do not show the basis of the best trading
              systems on the screen here. Yours will show you exactly
              which trading system produced these tremendous gains.
              On the charts shown here, I have blanked this information out
              because I do not want competitors to steal our ideas. In 24
              years's experience in this business I have learned that software
              makers themselves are the biggest pirates of others' ideas!

              1. The AAPL (Apple) chart shows just how simple using our system
              is.   Buy when the Red arrow points up and Sell (and Sell Short)
              when   the Red Arrow points down. Note that we have found it best
              to simply SELL rather than SELL SHORT on a Down-Arrow when
              the Blue moving average line is rising and internal strength
              indicators are very bullish. And when the BLUE Line is falling,
              with pronounced weakness seen in a stock's internal strength
              indicators or the overall market, it is best to COVER SHORT SALES,
              but NOT to BUY when a RED up arrows appears.

              The annual gain for AAPL here is well over +239%, allowing $40 per
              trade for commissions and "slippage" (the difference between bid
              and ask). As you can see, AAPL is making big profits.  And note how
              the bulges of insider Accumulation occurred in August and
              September with the stock below $35.  "Someone always knows in
              advance on Wall Street."  We can't know what they know, but we can
             detect their Insider Buying when it reaches significant levels! 

 wpe13.jpg (76477 bytes)

            2. The QQQ is the NASDAQ-100. Even if you do not trade the QQQ
            itself,  you will want to watch this key Index because most NASDAQ
            stocks feel the pull of its gravity. Our top (RED) trading system for
            the QQQ has gained +61% over the last year. It has been the #1
            trading system for the QQQ for more than 36 months.  Many
            professional money managers now use TigerSoft for trading 
            mutual funds geared to the NASDAQ. They love it.

wpe15.jpg (86392 bytes)

            Notice the QQQQ's BLUE Up and Down Arrows. This is the second best
            trading system for the stock at this time. On the chart of QQQ, notice
            the support and resistance lines. With TigerSoft you will learn where
            to draw key SUPPORT and RESISTANCE Lines and how to trade them.
            Buy or Sell Signals that bunch together are particularly reliable.  Combining
            the two best systems often gives even better results than just one.  Our
            testing program makes it easy to see the results of such combinations,
            always conservatively calculated with $10000 traded and each trade
            costing $40 in commissions and slippage.

Should you buy at the Opening or the Close.  TigerSoft readily answers
             this question for each stock you are considering.  This often makes
             a significant difference. 
Just the difference in this in your first trade will
             probably pay for the software!

             3. See the chart of AMLN (Amylin Pharmaceuticals) below. The RED
              arrows would have brought a gain of +135.6% over the last 12
              months.   That's a lot when you consider that we have generously
              allowed $40/trade for commissions and slippage. AMLN is typical
              of many small-medium sized technology companies' stocks,
              whose volatility is perfect for TigerSoft Buys and Sells. 

wpe14.jpg (71539 bytes)          

                4. Now look at CYPB (Cypress BioSciences). TigerSoft's top system
                has gained a whopping
+115% over the last 12 months.   A year
               ago the system had a 102% profit. Most stocks are not this volatile.
               And most are not quite so profitable. But they're out there. And we
               can show you how to find them early in their move!

wpe16.jpg (70967 bytes)

                   5. AMZN (Amazon) shows a trading gain of  +96% over the last 12
                   months.   A year ago the same top system showed a gain of 130%.
                   What makes this all the more amazing is that the stock has
                   actually slipped in value over the last year. So, what makes our
                   signals here so helpful here is that an options trader could have
                   made a very large amount of money risking only a relatively small
                   amount of money on each trade.
Elsewhere we show you the TigerSoft
                   charts of AMZN, year by year, starting in 2000.

                   6. Last, but not least, look at GM. This is a DJI-30 stock.  A staid,
                   conservative blue chip.  Buys and holders of GM would have lost
                   20% over the last year.  TigerSoft traders would have made
                   using the red Buy and Sell signals, to buy, sell and sell short.
                   Even buying and selling on the sell signals, without any short
                   sales, would have gained the TigerSoft trader 21.5%, still allowing
                   $40 a trade for commissions and slippage on a $10,000 investment.

                   Purchasers can pay by PayPal, credit cards, bank or postal checks
                  or private checks.  If you pay by personal check, please allow a week
                  for the check to clear.  This is very valuable intellectual property.  It is
                  sold for use only to the original purchaser. 
We will help you in every
                  way possible. But no refunds can be offered.


            Some Users Comments about TigerSoft
            and Peerless Stock Market Timing

                 "I've been trading the market for thirty-five to forty years.  I think your
                 'Peerless Stock Market Timing' is the best book I've ever read on
                  predicting intermediate swings of the market. And your stocks programs
                  have helped time after time.  Many thanks.  Keep up the good work."
                  CN - retired, San Diego, CA.

                 "Peerless is a most powerful market timing tool...The timing method (is)
                  described in excellent detail and with through historical reference...The manual
                  makes some very important contributions ro the technical literature."
                  Gerald Appel - Financial Systems' Tester and Author - New York City

                  "I have been a TIGER user since the mid 1980's.  I've looked at a lot
                  of other systems but have stayed with TIGER.  I think the graphics
                  and indicators are as good as you will find.  It is not a Black Box
                  system and requires decision making and knowledge of technical analysis."
                  DD - Executive - Nashville, TN

                  "I think your Peerless software is one of the greatest programs I've ever
                  seen.   It has saved my clients a lot of money in this sell-off we just had."
                  JH - Stock broker - Houston, TX

                   "I have found your PEERLESS MARKET TIMING and the
                   TIGER STOCK SOFTWARE to be  fantastic tools for the analyzing
                   of both the market and individual equities.  The PEERLESS general
                   market program has been particularly useful for orderly trading
                   of Index Options.  Bands on the moving averages enable me to
                   establish targets and eliminate emotional influences.  Analysis
                   of individual equites with your system has been more insightful
                   than standard bar charts."  KK - Stock Broker - La Jolla, CA

                   "I've spent $15,000 on stock market software and I'd put your
                   PEERLESS program at the top of the list."  RM - Stock Broker - Denver, Colorado

                   "I am grateful to you and your programs for how much they have
                   expanded my understanding of the stock market.  They are now
                   at the center of my approach to trading stock options.  That approach,
                   by the way, has brought an audited 68% per quarter with money
                   under my management."  DG - Stock Broker - San Diego, CA

                   "For the last four months, I have been using your innovative software
                   for trading the S&P100 Index.  The buy and sell signals have
                  allowed me to make as much as $55,000 in one day of trading.
                  Continued use of the system is the best way to become comfortable
                  in achieving the goal of buying at the bottom and selling at the top."
                  LS - Physician - Raleigh, NC

                  "Your TIGER programs to evaluate a stock's internal strength are vital to
                  my short-term option traders.  And in trading the overall market,
                  I've found your PEERLESS system's signals of intermediate
                  market turning points to be most helpful."   DR - Stock Broker - Winston Salem, NC

"Your TIGER Stock Analysis Tools and PEERLESS market timing system
have become indispensable to my serving my clients in the best
possible way I can.  I will always be indebted to your software
and the follow-up services you have offered me now for the fifteen years."

"I own all the major chart programs-Omnitrader, Advanced Get, 
Super Charts,   Metastock Pro and Tigersoft.  Professor Schmidt's
product is the best by far.  ...For a beginner I would suggest focusing
on buying high accumulation stocks on a pull back-and pay attention
to the Peerless market signals -DO NOT BUY ANYTHING anything
on a Peerless general market Sell."  
KJ - Stock Broker - Alberta, Canada

"I've found your Peerless analysis very informative and educational.
I would definitely be interested in an ongoing series of observations
relative to the market."  JL - Stock Broker - Philadelphia

"I purchased your Peerless software a few months ago and I am happy
to say that it was one of the most important financial purchases in my life.
Your indicators enable me to have the guts to sell out.  Being with
cash on the side and with the market sell-off today only confirms my
belief in your software.  It has saved me from disastrous losses.
Thanks for all your hard work.  BC - Retired - Royal Palm Beach, FL

"I have been reviewing your last couple of Peerless Forecasts and I
would like ot congratulate you on your exceptional market forecasts,
You were right on and so were your indicators to give plenty of
cautionary warnings. Very impressive and skillful calling of the market."
GS - Private Investor - San Diego, CA

"Thank you!  Keep up the good work.  Your was a great call for the Bear!"
Paul J - Private Investor - New York, NY

"Thanks for hooking me back up again so quickly.  I'm hooked on Tiger.
It's the best and most honest market timing system available today.
I've searched the Internet, I.B.D., Barrons and Technical Analysis of Stocks
and Commodities magazine for systems.  None of them works as well
as yours.  None!  It's probably terrible to say but most of your competitors
exaggerate actual profits by running model portfolios that are margined
50%, 100% and some even 200%.  Then they boast of drawdowns of only
14% - 20%.  Can you imagine!  I really appreciate your honesty, integrity
and support."  BL - Psychologist - Fallbrook, CA

"...Tigersoft for NASDAQ/Stocks is outstanding.  I bought TradeStation
back in the late 90s and have spent many, many hours programming the
systems I currently use.  Your software is a wonderful addition to my
'home grown' systems.  In fact, I think it's better.  I wish I had found your
software ten years ago - I would have made even more money."

JS - NC 

                                    Get TigerSMART and trade like a WINNER!

                    Please, look also at our Peerless Stock Market Timing described here.

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                                                  William Schmidt, Ph.D.               


                                         Free Data on 6000 Stocks
          TigerSoft Provides Easy Data Downloads Each Night:

           Easily work with the stocks showing the most insider
           and professional buying.   Such stocks are regularly
           set aside and noted for easy use by all Tiger users.

                  1.       Peerless Index Data     
                                           DJI daily data added back to 1965-1966.
                                           NYSE, SP-500 and OEX daily data back to 1970. 
                                           NASDAQ daily back data to 1988. 
                                 2.      Data.exe:   415 Stocks, Indices, Currencies & Commodities
                                                  Commodities, Metals and Currencies:

                                                                           CANADIAN DOLLAR
                                                                           LIGHT CRUDE

                                                                           GLD - GOLD  ETF
                                                                           HEATING OIL
                                                                           JAPANESE YEN
                                                                           LIVE CATTLE
                                                                           NATL GAS 

                                                                           PORK BELLIES 
                                                                           SOY BEANS
                                                                           SWISS FRANC

                                                                           SKV   - Silver ETF

                                                        TU1620 - 2 Year Treasury Notes  
                                                        UDX - US Dollar Index
                                                        UDN - Play on Declining Dollar
                                                                           UUP - Play on Rising Dollar

                                                                           USTBH - Yield on 3-year Notes. .


                                3.      NASD-100 STKS  
                                           5.      DJI-30 STKS also
                                6.      650 Foreign ETFS
                                7.      35 OLD - STKS.
                                8.      BIOTECH
                                9.      RECENT NEW HIGHS
                              10.      FTSE STOCKS
                              11.     STOCKS HELD BY FILDELITY SECTOR FUNDS
                                              This is based on the top ten holdings for each Fidelity fund as posted by  
                              12.     OIL STOCKS
                              13.    STOCKS THAT HAVE RECENTLY MADE NEW LOWS
                              14.     HOME BUILDING STOCKS
                              15      OPTIONABLE STOCKS  
                              17.     400 Low Priced Stocks
                              18.     200 FINANCE   brokerage, bank and mortgage stocks.
                              19.     BONUS Stocks    User requested stocks.
                              20.     HEAVY INDUSTRY SECTOR FUNDS
                              21.     CHINESE STOCKS AND ETFS
                              22.     "GREEN" STOCKS   Renewable energy.
                              23.    COMMODITIES   These are perpetual futures' commodity contracts foods, fuels,
                                                   cotton, metals, currencies, bonds and SP-500. 
                               24.     CHEMICAL and FERTILIZER Stocks
                              25      AUTO & TRANSPORTATION stocks
                              26      UTILITIES Stocks
                              27..    MUTUAL FUNDS  

                       We show you how to spot tell-tale Insider Buying!
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