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     Buys & Sells for Every Stock,
     ETF, Commodity You Graph.
                  See also TigerSoft's TRADING RANGE BUYS/SELLS

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                 HGSI - TigerSoft Gain = +3026.8%, 2009-2010 
                      Statistics TigerSoft shows for each stock.
                           27 winning trades, 6 losing trades.
                              Biggest Gains = +451%, 40%, 31%
                              Biggest Paper Loss =  14.5%

         HGSI between 2009-2010 was a prime example of how TigerSoft can make
         you big money.  . Using Tiger's red Buys to go long HGSI and its red Sells to
         sell and sell it short would have gained a trader more than +3000% in the
         last 12 months.  Each year there are stocks and ETFs like this.  Find them
         early on with TigerSoft.  Why let the Professionals make all the money?

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Review: TigerSoft Internal Strength Indicators:

1) The Blue Closing Power below the price bars measures
        net Professional buying or selling.  We distinguish it
        from Public buying/selling

  2) The Magenta OBV Line crudely measures aggressive and
        selling oressure.  It is often less sensitive than the indicators

        we have created.

        3) The Brown Relative Strength Line measures how well the
        stock is doing when compared with the general market

4) The Blue (positive) and Red (negative) Accumulation Index
         measures patient buying and selling.   At the extremes, it
         shows insider buying and insider selling.    With it, we
         can distinguish patient accumulation from emotionally
         driven public buying and selling



             TigerSoft charts all start by showing you the best simple trading system
              for a stock.  The 20-day Stochastic was flawless in 2011-2012 for the
              perpetual contract of Crude Oil.  This system's Buys and Sells are in red. 
              The trading gain here is shown on the top line.  It was 92.6%.

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             Example - YRCW -  Trade short term automatic TigerSoft Buys and Sells.
YRCW - TigerSoft Gain = +2278.2% 
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70% of the time the market is going sidewise, not significantly up nor down.
          Many Professional traders swing in and out of stocks repeatedly. 

          For many, the direction of the general market or a particular stock is not
          clearly up or down.  After a big January - June advance, what do you do?
          Some go away for long vacations.   But other Professionals switch to
          trading and hedging.  Summers more than any other time of the year
         are good for short-term trading.  This is an especially good time to use TigerSoft's
         automatic Buys and Sells when the software finds that the best trading system
         is a 5-, 14- or 20-day Stochastic.   Of course, we also recommend Peerless
         Stoch Market Timing and our Tiger Internal Strength and Momentum Indicators,
         as well. 

         A particularly effective trading system can work for more than a year.  It does
         so because the most heavily capitalized Professionals are making it work
         and because it suits the psychology of those currenly buying and selling it.
         TigerSoft finds such systems as faster than you can put a chart on your
         computer screen.  There is no need for trial and error or optimizations,
         slowly worked out, one trial after another.  Our Tiger Power Ranker gives
         you a complete list of the most profitably traded stocks, ETFs and commodities
         and what trading system works best with them.

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         The gains are often phenomenal.   Trade these stocks especially
         using our trading rules, which emphasize:
                    1)   Using stop losses for when a stock starts to change its
                    trading personality and a paper loss exceeds the earlier
                    biggest paper loss..
                    2)   When in doubt, require a Closing Power trend-change to
                    confirm am automatic Buy or Sell.
                    3)   Trade mostly with the prevailing price and CLosing Power
                    and with the trend as indicated by the current Peerless signal.         

Our Trading manuals show you everything you need to know
         about how to find and trade such stocks, often better than even those
         who own and run the compnay.   Certainly, much better than
         even the smartest engineers and sales people working for the
         firm.   Instead, your eyes will be opened.  You will see exactly
         how market professionals are rigging and trading these stocks.

          The top row of every TigerSoft chart shows you the best system
          to use and what its track record has been for the last year.
          Tiger's Power Ranker flags the new red Buys and Sells.  The
          results assume $10,000 is invested initially and all subsequent
          red signals result in a Buy or a Sall with commissions being
          $20 pwe Buy or Sell.  You can also see what happens if the
          trades are all taken a the next day, as well as getting a list
          of the trades and outcome plus results showing the biggest
         paper losses and the number of winning and losing trades.

                            Stock       2009-2010           

                                                      Long               Short   
                             Symbol          Trading           Trading    (Winning Trades
                                                       Gain                 Gain           Losing Trades)

                             AIN                   +236%             +68%     (6 wins 1 loss)
                             ARD                 +335%             +129%  (10 wins 0 losses)
                             ATHN               +253%             +51%   (11 wins 3 losses)
                             ATI                   +275%             +138% (11 wins 3 losses)
                             ATSG              +995%             +347% (6 wins 1 loss)
                             BDC                +215%             +78%  (13 wins 2 losses)
                             CAP                +257%             +130% (15 wins 4 losses)
                             ESL                +201%             +119% (13 wins 2 losses)
                             GRA                +206%             +107% (12 wins 3 losses)
                             HMIN              +226%              +97%   (10 wins 4 losses)
              +204%             +94%     (13 wins 4 losses).

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 CitiGroup - 54 to 1 in two years.
                Short such heavy  distribution (Insider Selling) stocks on all New Red Sells
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JRCC - another example
                                 Look at how well these automatic Red Signals work with JRCC

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                 Update   2/20/2010  (C) 2010 www.tigersoft.com

Below are some recent NASDAQ-100 TIgerSoft charts.  They
        show the initial screen display for a TigerSOft chart.  The
        top line shows the basis for the TigerSoft automatic Buys and Sells
        and the percent gain for the last 11 months trading these
        red Buys and Sells.  The basis of the signal has been whited
        out here to protect value of our research.

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The TigerSoft chart shows you in an instant what hours of
        trial and error would show about what indicator works best
        with a given stock, at any point in time, based on the
        last year's data.   Stocks tend to have personalities and
        attract certain types of traders.  These optimized Buys and
        Sells tend to continue to be successful.   And when the stock's
        behavior does change, so does the basis for the red Buys and
        Sells.  Not shown here, TigerSoft charts also automatically
        show the second, third and fourth best systems, too.

These charts show four internal strength indicators
        beneath the price chart.  A bullish chart will show rising
        indicators and a positive Tiger Accumulation Index at the
        bottom.  Automatic readings for each indicator will say
        "bullish."   Downtrending internal strength readings will
        give a "bearish" automatic note beneath the indicator.
        We want to confirm a Buy signal with good internal strength

                 TigerSoft Chart of SPY with Automatic Buys and Sells
                            Trade Mostly in the Direction of Its Closing Power.

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         More examples below:               
Yahoo - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +125.9%
               EBAY - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +124.9%
              INTC - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +143.3%
              SHLD - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +238.7%
              JOYG - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +330.7%

                     Yahoo - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = 125.9%

wpe18D.jpg (75790 bytes)
     EBAY - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +124.9%

wpe18E.jpg (65264 bytes)
                    INTC - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +143.3%
INTC2.bmp (1068054 bytes)
                     SHLD - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +238.7%
SHLD.BMP (1069878 bytes)
                JOYG - TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Sells' Gain here = +330.7%

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