How we play trading ranges differs markedly from how we trade a stock that
               has just moved past the trading range bounderies.  It is important to recognize
               when a stock is in a trading range and when its has escaped its confines.        

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        Flat or Nearly Flat well-tested support and resistance lines define trading range.
        Moves past these lines usually end the trading range and start a move in the
        direction of the breakout, provided the Accumulation Index and market conditions
        confirm and reinforce the new move.   Stochastic Buys and Sells work well
        within the trading range.
The top row of each chart tells yhou what the best trading system
        has been for the last year.  Stocks have personalities because their followers and market makers
        trade in certain ways.  Our automatic signals determine the best way to exploit these patterns.

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                   Usually there are warnings when a breakout is going to be false.

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          A flat bottom (support) and declining resistance (through tops) usually means a BREADOWN.

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                    Both Buy and Sel Stochastics usually work well in a Trading Range.
                    But Stochastics should be used only in direction of trend once there is a breakout or breakdown.
                    Selling shor ton Red Sells will usually lose you money unless the internals are very weak.
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                    Innocent and Boring Trading Ranges often give way to big moves.                   

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