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                      TIGERSOFT BOOKS

William Schmidt, Ph.D.

Tiger's Tahiti System

Explosive Super Stocks

Killer Short Sales in Any Market

Peerless Stock
Market Timing: 1915-2013

  > 1. Tiger's Tahiti System:    24.4%/Year: 1970-2007: Buying The Most Accumulated DJI-30 Stock.  $75.     --> Order here.

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> 2. Explosive Super Stocks: How To Spot Them at The Start of Their Move: The Conditions That  Launch Each Year's Biggest Gainers and Then How Not To Overstay  One's Welcome.   
          $75. -->   Order here.

SIE went up in a bear market and kept on rising in a bull market.  Reaching 40 in 2003,
it quadrupled in two years! This is exactly what a potentially explosive super stock
looks like - even in a bear market.

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3. Killer Short Selling: Using Tiger's Accumulation Index To Spot Insider Selling.
   $75. -->  Order here.

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