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        So Many Dirty Little Secrets on Wall Street:
Every Day More Cases of Fraud and Insider Trading.
      (C) 2012 William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)   www.tigersoft.com 

   Do You Trust The Big Banks?

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           Even the NY Times agress with this negative assessment of Wall Street.
The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption  By EDUARDO PORTER
                          The misconduct of the financial industry no longer surprises most Americans, and trust in big business
                          overall is declining. We should be alarmed.

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  Wall Street Is Not Fooling Anyone, Not Anymore!

     If the Public really knew how corrosively corrupt Wall Street is,
     one might think that they would not let their money go near the place. 
     But,  an honest picture of the place is not often presented by the mass
     media, apart from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which
     are in many ways the daily newspapers for those who work there.   Even so,
     with the pattern of fraud and unbridled greed now pervasive there, trust
     is long gone.

     To the extent the general public thinks about Wall Street, they probably
     feel "slimed" by the Greed sickness that makes a hedge fund manager or
     a big bank CEO want hundreds of million dollars in pay and bonuses while
     doing virtually nothing to help mankind except devise ways to close down
     American factories, to send jobs overseas and to hear rumors of mergers,
     earnings reports and new bankruptcies ahead of other investors.

     I think the general public understands how the Fed. Reserve and the American
     Government protect and make still bigger the big banks that a few years
     ago were said to be "too big to fail" by both President Bush and by the new
     President Obama and their Wall Street serving Treasury Secretaries,
     Paulson and Geithner.   The public understands very well how incestuous
     the relationship between Wall Street and Washington is.    They may not
     know the names, but they understand the essence of how Goldman Sachs
     is Greed Connection between Wall Street and Washington, with its people,
     including Robert Rubin, Henry Paulson, Larry Summers, Gary Gensler...

     The public knows that Congressmen get bundles of bribes (called campaign
     contributions), sweet-heart loans and mortgages (Chris Dodd) from the big banks
     and insider trading tips, too, from Wall Street. 

     They fully unstrand how politically weak they are compared to Wall Street,
     though they couldn't tell you that the finance industry now has 3000 paid
     lobbyists or more than five for each member of Congress.   That Wall
     Sreet openly runs the US economically, financially and politically is not news! 

     They know, for example, that a major reason their jobs are in jeopardy
     is because Wall Street can pressure any big company it wants,by driving
     its stock down, into layoffs and sending its work force overseas.

     The American people fully understand that the reason that they pay a higher
     rate of taxes than Wall Street millionaires do is because social security taxes
     are only levied paid on the first $110,000 in income a year and Wall Street has
     vetoed every effort to tax stock trading profits at a rate equal to the taxes on
     hourly wage earners.  To most Americans, it is no surprise that even a very small
     tax, like the Europeans have, on banks' computerized, short-term trading
     is not even considered by the Obama Administration or the Republican Party

     John Q. Public knows all these things.  But in a weak economy with few
     new employment options, and with stock prices rising, he bites his longue
     and buys and sells a few stocks each year, sometimes desperately,
     to try to build up a retirement fund,   He knows that Wall Street is still a better
     place than real estate and his kids' education costs will not get any cheaper.

     So despite. all of Wall Street's lies and double-dealing, the public has
     decided to learn to live with Wall Street.  The public knows the game there
     is crooked.  Insiders nearly always know in advance.    The SEC is largely
     toothless  when it comes to enforcing the laws against illegal insider trading
     based on material non-public information.  Motivation is hard to prove.  Tape
     recordings are often necessary. The case has to be especially flagrant for
     any of handful of SEC trial lawyers to police  the tens of thousands of
     high ranking corporate executives who are privy to key information about their
     company's earnings and trade their stock with suspicious profitability.. 

     View "An Inside Job" and see if you don't react this way.   This is a documentary
     on Wall Street and the World Financial Collapse of 2007-2009,  The summary
     on Wikopedia is excellent.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inside_Job_%28film%29
     As an introduction, there is a discussion about the Deregulation of Wall Street
     under the Democrat Clinton and the Republican Bush.  I've written about this
     aplenty, too. See

      For the first time snce 1932, Banks were allowed in 1999 to become brokerages
      and trade stocks and all manner of leveraged "investments" , like credit default
      swaps (insurance on your neighbor's bank failing) and collaterized debt instruments
      (bundled sub-prime mortgages).  They were allowed also to use dangerous amounts
      of leverage and make great numbers of "sub-prime" (i.e. only marginally safe)
      home and business loans.

      Why did they take these risks?  The banks will tell you that they were pressured
      into doing so by Democrats, who wanted more loans for minorities.  But the truth
      is they loved making these loans.  They were hugely profitable.  Angelo Mozzila of
      Country Wide made $470 MILLION between 2001 and 2006 by having his salesmen
      make thousands of  "Liars' Loans" with  "baloon" payment schedules.  The idea
      was to make as much money as possible and let someone else worry about
      the fall-out.

      Regulators might have looked back at the tech bubble of the late 1990s and
      learned something about the housing bubble.  They did not.  They consistently
      chose to protect their clients, the big banks, and ignore all the published and
      even FBI warnings that a vast, unsustainable housing bubble was being created. 
      Instead, the banks  saw record profits coming in, and their executives were
      making tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, as part of short-term performance
      "incentives".   Why should they rock the boat.  They were getting fabulously
      wealthy.   Hardly surprisingly, the big banks coddled, cajoled and bribed
      rating agencies like Mood'y's and Standard and Poor's to give their loans and the big
      banks themselves very high investment grade ratings, even while thousands
      and thousands of mortgages were going into default.   Investment banks like
      Goldman knew very well that the ratings were a fiction, that they were putting
      "lipstick" on a pig, but they sold them anyway, all the while they privately
      laughed at the "schnooks" who were buying them and even setting up
      $10 billion dollar hedge funds to sell short the very sub-prime loans they were
      selling to retirees around the world.  

     "Fiduciary responsibility?"  Banks profits were what mattered most.
      Screw the client.  if the CEOs were to keep making their millions and award
      their loyal co-conspirators "Christmas" bonus bribes to buy their silence,
      the enormous game of fraud had to continue. 

      In the end, the biggest banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Wells
      Fargo and their executives escaped all but very minor penalties.  They
      and CitiGroup and Bank of American were bailed out by the tax payer
      unconditionally.  There were no real changes required of their behavior.
      Their pay and bonues soon returned to the pre-Crash levels.   Not one
      big banker went to jail for fraud or insider trading despite the suffering
      they caused millions of people around the world.

      And the influence peddling and fraud continue to this day...

           Ridiculously high salaries for bankers are being perpetuated by the Federal Reserve.

No one has ever explained why bankers should be paid so much for making
                       so much  money simply by borrowing money from the Fed at 1/4% and then
                       buying US or other governmental securities with much higher yields?

raudulent misrepresentation of Facebook.

Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Facebook’s Revenue Estimates In Middle
                      Of IPO Roadshow

            Wall Street's abetting of the tax-evasion and trading done by tens of thousands
            of rich Americans and corporations with Swiss bank accounts.    

Swiss bank indictment details tax evasion ploys

            Wall Street threatens to destroy the last vestiges of American Democracy by the
            wholesale buying of Congress and Presidents through bribes, i.e. million dollar
            campaign contrition. 

            Keeping secret its hidden costs ...
financial products? 
                      Mutual funds, annuities, long/short/leveraged ETF’s, SPDR’s, Index funds, closed end,
                      open end…the list goes on.  

             Most pervasive of all is INSIDER TRADING.
                                       Why do stocks often go down on Good News?
                                       Why do stocks often go up on Bad News? 

                            Seemingly counter-intuitive price reactions to earnings announcements
                            occur because the insiders already have taken their positions in advance
                            of the news.  So, when the  good news comes out, they sell to the public
                            buyers and when the bad news comes out they cover their short sales.

How To Spot Significant Insider Trading
  Using TigerSoft's Unique Tools for This.

                                www.tigersoft.com              TigerSoft Studies of Insider Trading                  
                       work213.gif (5789 bytes)

                                                 In 1973, I developed the formula for the Tiger Accumulation Index
                                      using a Bowmar calculator and then used a mainframe IBM computer
                                      to test the idea.  The results produced by my early Accumulation Index
                                     were so negative on so many stocks that I was sure I had made a
                                     mathematical error in the formula.  I had not.  It was the start of
                                      the 1973-1974 bear market.   True story.  
Tiger Accumulation Index is one of several technical
                                      tools for stock market analysis we have invented.  Another is
Professional versus Public Buying and Selling concept.
                                     The third is our
Day Traders' Tool.  See them at work in a typical
                                     oil drilling stock in 2008, Baker Hughes.

BHI with Tiger Closing Power and Accumulation Index

BHI.BMP (1173654 bytes)

BHI with Tiger Day Traders' Tool
BHIDT.BMP (1228854 bytes)

                                                If you study market history, as much we have since 1981, you will
                                      see that our three tools measures meaningful insider buying and selling
                                      much more effectively than do the published reports of "insider" trading,
                                      as the US Securities and Exchange Commission now defines it and
                                      has it reported. 

                                               These tools work because they are not fooled by lies and exaggerations.
                                      They are based on what Wall Street traders are actually doing with the
                                       money they control.  Our Accumulation Index works because it measures all 
"                                     "insider buying" and "insider selling, not just that which is reported to
                                      the SEC. 

                                                 in the chart  of AAPL below, you can see how Professionals turned
                                       bullish between February and Jul 2009, while the Public remained
                                       skepticallyt neutral.                                                    

wpe191.jpg (64925 bytes)

                      These indicators produce Tiger's automatic Buys and Sells. 
                       They have been extensively back-tested back to 1979, even earlier.

                      With TigerSoft it is to easy to spot insider Stock Buying and  

Insider Sellingwpe1E4A.jpg (5277 bytes)

                           Imagine the disappointment felt by those holding a declining
                          stock in the wonderful rally of 2009.   Look at the chart below.

                              See how TigerSoft picks up on this
stock's extreme bearishness
                         in two important and unique ways, besides price trend.

                                   1) The first is the way the Tiger 
Accumulation Index frequently
                        dips below -.25
in red territory and thereby confirms the falling price trend. 

                                    2) The second key warning for us is that
Professionals were selling
                        and it was the Public that was Buying
.  See at the bottom of the chart how
                        the two lines representing  these two perspectives diverge.  Public buying
                        from Professionals is a loud siren.

RMIX.BMP (1180854 bytes)
RMIX2.BMP (427254 bytes)
       A daily TigerSoft chart below shows a year's price fluctuations
                           Most important is what the
internal strength TigerSoft indicators
                           at the chart's bottom shows. 
Most important are Extreme Bulges
                          in the Tiger Accumulation Index.
They show insider buying.

                                These bulges very often occur months before big price advances. 
                         Insiders are buying because they are anticipating very good news in
                         the stock.  It is that good news which makes the stock rise.  Very often
                         the Public does not believe the early rally.  But, typically, at some point, the
                         Public becomes a believer in the stock.  That is not immediately
                         bearish/  In fact, the biggest gains take place in the later stages of
                         stock's long advance very often come when both the Public and the
                         Professionals buy the stock.  This may create a buying climax, or
                         it may just bring the stock up to a much higher price plateau.
                          It is worth noting that this "acceleration-up" bullish condition is one
                         our Tiger Ranker's best flags.  It allows traders to make the big gains
                         in the shortest period of time.

Below are some Bullish examples of intense insider buying,
Public skepticism, Professional Buying and late-stage Public
   The bulges of Blue Accumulation produce red Buys.

SMCI.BMP (1034454 bytes)
wpe190.jpg (28179 bytes)

Automatic Buy arrows appear when the bulges and Professional
                     buying are considered very significant.   The Buy B12, B20 and B24
                    signals show when TigerSoft users should buy the stock.  Tiger
                    users may or may not know anything about the company.  All they
                    need to know is that insiders and professionals are buying and that
                    TigerSoft has back-tested this method of trading extensively,
                    as far back as 1928.

                         SCSS (below) is a another recent example. Click on CNAM, CYT, DTG,
                   EZPW, NENG, PCYC, SANM and WAVX to see some others.  In each case, notice
                   how the bulge of insider buying and TigerSoft automatic Buys soon afterwards
                   brought very profitable rallies. 

                         It's true: these are smaller, less well know companies.  That's where
                   the most opportunity has usually been.  Bigger capitalization stocks
                   show the same characteristics.  Mostly they don't move up as much.
                   Our website has hundreds of examples of the importance of looking for
                   these bulges of insider buying and watching what Professionals, not the
                   Public, is doing with its money, in all types of stocks, commodities and ETFs.

        wpe191.jpg (68630 bytes)


                     So, now you see that you CAN Trade The Stock Market
           like An Insider.  The major difference is that with TigerSoft
           you can do it legally. 

   Insiders invariably trade at a huge advantage.  Many know exactly
   what the news will be for their company.  Many trade illegally,
   because the SEC is ineffective and serves mainly to make
   individual stock investors think the playing field is level.

         Below is a recent typical Tiger pick.  Study the TigerSoft chart.
   See how it showed bulges of key insider buying and was a Buy
   when the automatic Buy Signals appeared.



      Odyssey Exploration - 2007 - is just one example among thousands.
        Someone always knows first.  And, most likely, he tells his wife or
        someone else as part of a mutual "back-scratching" business arrangement.
        When an insider buys a lot of the stock in the exploration company
        he works for, his stock broker will usually take notice and starts buying,
        too.   I would say such cases show that it is nearly impossible to prevent
        serious insider buying,  even when the company takes every step it can
        to prevent it, as Odyssey in the example below appears to have done.

                                           wpe162.jpg (8663 bytes)
                                     Discovery of The Black Swan - Discovery Channel

                                      Odyssey Exploration, a publicly traded company in Tampa,
                                      discovered more than a half a billion dollars worth of Gold
                                      and Silver in a 400-year old sunken treasure ship in the
                                      Spring of 2007.  The key oceanographer, Ernie Tapanes, who
                                      made the actual discovery then bought more than 42,000 shares
                                      of the company's  stock before the company released the
                                      information to the public. 

                                      I would say that judging from the jump in trading activity in the
                                      stock at this time (See below), the oceanographer did not keep
                                      the secret very well, even even though he and other Odyssey
                                      employees had been advised by the company,  that such
                                      purchases would be illegal insider trading.  Odyssey employees
                                      were at the time required by the company to sign non-disclosure
                                      pledges and a statement that they would not buy the stock until the
                                      public announcement.  

Tapanes was not the only eager new buyer in the last
                                      two months of the chart below, when the stock rose 50% and
                                      right before the public announcement of the discovery.
Other insiders,
                                      as TigerSoft defines them, who did not even work for the
                                      company,  were very likely pushing the stock up.  The term "insiders"
                                      refers to anyone privy to material non-public knowledge about the
                                      company's prospects, not simply the CEO, officers of the company  
                                      or Board members who are legally required to report transactions in
                                      the company's stock.  The nested Tigersoft "B12", "B20" and "B24"
                                      signals register such trading and are our alerts.  (For more
                                      information about what is legally defined as "insider trading"
                                      and TigerSoft's working definition of it for trading purposes, please
                                      see - http://www.tigersoft.com/Insiders/index.html )

                                                  Keeping A Secret like This Is Next To Impossible.

                                      We will never know with any certainty who these other buyers were
                                      and why they bought  Odyssey at this time.  Did Tapanes tell his wife
                                      why he was buying 42,000 shares of stock?  Did she tell others?
                                      Did he or she call home to Canada or Cuba and tell anyone?  I believe
                                      it's more likely he told others.  Who could keep a secret like this?
                                      Tapanes, after all, was the one who found the treasure.  Most people
                                      in this situation would be bursting to tell of their life's dream come true.
                                      Nevertheless, the law required him to tell no one.  Once he started
                                      working for a publicly traded company, he had fiduciary responsibilities
                                      to the company's shareholders.                                       
                                      Did the brokers who took the unusual order to buy shares in the
                                      exploration company by the lead explorer there, take note and buy
                                      shares themselves?  My experience with stock brokers suggests
                                      they probably did.  That's how they make a living!  Did they tell
                                      others?   Again, that's how they make a living. 

                                      Motivations are always hard to disentangle.  They are even harder
                                      to prove.  To further confuse the issue of why OMEX rose 50% in
                                      the two months before the public announcement of the discovery,
                                      we must mention that in March 2007, the Spanish government finally
                                      consented to the company's excavation of the previously discovered
                                      British ship, the Sussex.  Spain had blocked this for 14 months.
                                      (Source.)  What's more, the DJIA rose 10%  from March to May 2007. 

                                                                   Our Recommendation To Buy

                                      All we know for sure is that TigerSoft recommended buying
                                      Odyssey at 4.24 on our Stocks' Hotline and Elite Stock Professional
                                      (ESP) service two weeks before the company announced the
                                      discovery of the "Black Swan".   Here is an email I got at the

                                                  May 18th, 2007  
                                      Just wanted you to know you made me a lot of money today...
                                      OMR (now OMEX) entered my watch lists after showing up in the Elite report...
                                      Not a bad day, up about $60,000 in a single stock.  Without Tiger
                                      I never would have found this...
                                                                                                    Thanks,     JS"

                     Odyssey Exploration's Stock Prices
                         Just before The Accouncement
          of The Discovery of The Black Swan in May 2007

wpe15F.jpg (57734 bytes)

                                                   Announcement about The Treasure's Discovery

                                     Not surprisingly, when the discovery was made public the stock
                                     immediately doubled, at which point the the oceanographer
                                     promptly sold his shares.  The stock soon collapsed as Spain
                                     challenged the company's right to "their" gold and short-sellers
                                     ganged up on the stock, figuring that all the good news was
                                     now out and most people who had been interested in buying the
                                     stock aggressively would have already done so... Our Accumulation
                                     Index quickly turned negative.  This can occur when professional
                                     short sellers take control of the stock. In other cases, it means
                                     insiders are selling the stock.                                    

                                      Below is the TigerSoft chart of Odyssey back then.   Note that we
                                      define bulges of our TigerSoft Accumulation Index above +.50 to be
                                      "insider buying".  The legal definition of "insider trading" is not
                                      practical for trading purposes.  "Insider" trade reporting as required
                                      by the SEC is quite limited in scope, applying mostly to the officers
                                      of a company.

                         Odyssey Exploration - 2006-2007
wpe15F.jpg (88526 bytes)

                                                                     The SEC's Reaction

                                     Even the SEC admitted this was an egregious case of insider trading. 
                                     The toothless Bush SEC did not seek a criminal prosecution.  It did not
                                     require Tapanes to say under oath who else he had informed,
                                     outside the company.  Instead, Tapanes relinquished his profit 
                                     and paid an additional $107,000 fine.  The SEC has said that no other
                                     Odyssey employees were under suspicion of insider trading. 

                                     The St. Petersburg Times wrote: "Odyssey executives distanced
                                     themselves from Tapanes on Thursday. In a written statement, the
                                     treasure-hunting company identified him as "one of many independent
                                     consultants" and "not a direct employee." But published accounts
                                     show that the quiet, cigar-smoking Tapanes has been an integral part
                                     of the company's success."
http://www.sptimes.com/2008/01/18/Business/Illegal_insider_tradi.shtml )

                                      There are two morals here:  (1) Heed the classic adage:
                                     "Buy on the rumor and sell on the news."   (2) Use TigerSoft.
                                      The SEC is there to only give the appearance of a level playing field.
                                      We at TigerSoft were not privy to the rumor; yet we recommended
                                      buying Odyssey at 4.25 two weeks before it doubled, simply
                                      because of the bulge of insider buying that the TigerSoft charts
( On July 15, 2009 the SEC charged six Odyssey insiders with insider trading.)

                                                                                work213.gif (5789 bytes)

                                      If you study market history, as much we have since 1981, you will see
                                      that our Accumulation Index measures of insider buying is much
                                      more effective in predicting stock behavior than watching the
                                      published reports of "insider" trading, as the US Securities and
                                      Exchange Commission now defines it.  And it works with overseas
                                      stocks, too, for which there are no published reports of insider
                                      buying and selling.  The TIgerSoft Accumulation Index is one of
                                      several technical tools for stock market analysis we have invented
                                      and extensively back-tested that is truly indispensible to someone
                                      seriously seeking consistent stock profits. 

                                                          The battle for investment Survival Just Got
                                                                           A Lot Easier with TigerSoft..

           Insider Selling Is Rampant before A Bankruptcy or Steep Stock Decline.
                                                    CHINESE STOCKS, INDY BANK, GENERAL MOTORS.

                                      How Does TigerSoft Spot Insider Selling?
Deeply Negative (red) Accumulation and False Rallies.

                                                    Example: Apple Computer's stock dropped 50% in three weeks in 1987.
                                                    TigerSoft spotted it and warned customers of an impending
                                                    general market collapse.  The method for spotting its top
                                                    has worked in calling general market and stoock tops
                                                    since 1929, as you will see below.  The TigerSoft "S9"
                                                    on APPLE was very bearish, given how far up the stock was.              

                                                                   AAPLE - 1987 Top
wpe15F.jpg (60788 bytes)


                           What Identifies An Explosive Super Stock BEFORE It Doubles or Triples?
Lengthy periods of Positive (blue) Accumulation and
                                                    Intense Bulges of Accumulation and New Price Highs

Many examples - see AMGN, IST, KIRK, DDRX etc...below

                          Our trading strategy is simple.

  First, know if the general market is safe
       or dangerous, by using Peerless Stock
       Market Timing.

See Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2009,

            Secondly, know whether Insiders and
       Professionals Are Buying or Selling Your Stocks. 

             Please read on for more exmples.....

    With TigerSoft it is to easy to spot early-on insider Buying and  

Insider Buying

                            Steadily (blue) Accumulation means heavy institutional buying.
Example:   AMGN 1990 - hit $95 in 2000.
                            More information - Tiger's Power Ranker
wpe15F.jpg (81238 bytes)

If there are bulges of (blue) Accumulation above +.50 and prices
                            rise afterwards, consider savvy insiders themselves to be buying.

Use next automatic TigerSoft Buy then and hold until (blue) 50-day
                            mvg.avg, is violated.

                                        KIRK in 2009 is now 14.24, up 300% in 4 months!
                            There are many more like this in the stealthy 2009 Bull Market.
wpe166.jpg (77515 bytes)

                            Example:    Take-Over target - IST rise from 9 to 38 in a year,
wpe161.jpg (73311 bytes)    

wpe162.jpg (66710 bytes)                      

wpe163.jpg (52841 bytes)                           

                                                     Insider Selling

                            If the the Accumulation Index becomes steadily (red) negative
                            and drops below -.25, consider insider selling to be taking place.
                                               Dow Jones Industrial Avg, in 1929
                                               False rallies showing (red) negative distribution
                                                        bring major severe market declines and bear markets. 
See the false rally tops in the DJI charts of 1966,1972, 1987,
                                               2000 and 2007 at the bottom of this page.

                                               Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2009 shows them all.
wpe164.jpg (51583 bytes)

                               Insiders knew BANKRUPTCY was coming to INDY-MAC!
wpe168.jpg (54671 bytes)

                                  WASHINGTON MUTUAL: 2007-2008 Go To ZERO!

                     TigerSoft warned it would go bankrupt in 2007 after seeing
                     how extensive the insider selling was, specifically by its CEO.
wamu.jpg (68573 bytes)
wpe16C.jpg (20696 bytes)

                                              Chinese Stock Index in November 2007.
                                              Our TigerSoft predicted a Crash for Chinese stocks
wpe167.jpg (73800 bytes)                                         
                                              Insider Selling in England
British Northern Rock Debacle Made Insiders A Billion Pounds 
wpe169.jpg (65629 bytes)

                                              General Motors

wpe16A.jpg (80868 bytes)
                           So, trading and investing need not be difficult or dangerous.

                          TigerSoft, you will see, is Easy, Reliable, Fairly Priced
                          And Is Backed up with Friendly Support and Rich
                          Historical Documentation from All Market Eras.    We provide
                          data and a nightly hotline, so that you can "earn while 
                          you learn" what we show you based on 28 years of
                          intensive studies of the financial markets.       

             wpe15F.jpg (33769 bytes)
                                                                     (C) 2010 www.tigersoft.com   

                                  Since 1981, we have been helping investors and traders gain in
                                  the stock market by showing them how to spot insider buying and
                                  insider selling, using TigerSoft's Accumulation Index, Tiger's Closing Power
                                  and Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2010.   Without such tools,
                                  trading losses are a high risk in markets like we have just seen.

                            "CALLING ALL TOPS"
                                             SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY

                      The 2003-2007 bull market ended with multiple sets of major sells
                      and a key support failure,   This we show elsewhere is exactly how all
                      other bull markets have ended since 1928.  That year's data is the
                      earliest there is for producing all the automatic Buys and Sells on
                      our Peerless Stock Market Timing,   

                                                                 2007 - MARKET TOP    

wpe161.jpg (59641 bytes)

               We offer:

                               Stock/Commodity Charting and Analytical Software.

                               Many Years of Back-Testing To Maximize Performance.
                               Unique Tiger's Trend and Insider Trading Analysis
                              A Nightly On-Line Hotline

                              Automatic Nightly Data Feed.    

                                           Our Software and Services Feature:

Unique Tools To Spot Key Insider Buying and Selling. 
---   Trading / Investing Software - Simple To Use.
---   Make Your Retirement Account Safer
---  Buy The Best Stocks, When The Market Environment Is Safe.
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               TigerSoft will show you how to
                 make Goldman Sachs pay!

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Goldman Sachs Is "The GREED CONNECTION" between Wall Street and Washington
                   Paulson Takes Corruption and Cronyism To Dizzying New Highs.
      Goldman Sachs has its people everywhere in government. 
             Small wonder it is the most profitable, glorified Wall Street
             hedge-fund, masquerading as a commercial bank so that
             it can get access to cheap money at the Federal Reserve. 

                    The CEOs at these companies have little shame.  So, don't
             be surprised when they try to steal your money, if you
             don't have TigerSoft to tell you the score and show you
             how the game is being played.  Example: last September,
             Henry Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary - who had
             previously been Goldman's CEO, arranged a taxpayer gift
             of $12.9 BILLION for Goldman when he bailed out AIG. 
             If AIG - the big insurance company - had been allowed to fail,
             as Goldman's rivals - Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers -
             did,   Goldman would be probably have gone broke or
             have become just another $10 has-been stock!

  But Goldman had been slipping protection money to Paulson,
            now worth 1/2 Billion, in the form of years of huge bonuses. 
            And now - what a surprise! - we discover that Obama's
            biggest campaign contributor was none other than Goldman
            Sachs.  Not for nothing as a result - but for a million dollars
            up-front, Obama has publicly declared that Wall Street had
            done nothing criminally wrong or fraudulent in bringing on
            the 2007-2008 World Financial Collapse.  This Obama assures
            us, while refusing to order a full-blown investigation of
            the facts behind the Crash before prejudging Goldman's


   Goldman's TigerSoft Chart show how bullish a stock can look
            when the companies' insiders know it is fully backed and
            financed by the US Government.  The public thought Obama
            would reform Wall Street!  Insiders at Goldman knew he
            was their ally, protector and benefactor!


GS.BMP (1072854 bytes)
In our opinion, far too many CEOs are over-paid criminals. 

         They add insult to injury by then selling millions of
         dollars worth of their companies' shares at the top
         and buy them back at the bottom.

         Too harsh? Who but a crook would take 1/2 Billion from
         a company's shareholders and customers and then sell out
         his shares at the top, six months before the company goes
         bankrupt, for all practical purposes? 

         With TigerSoft, we can see this insider selling, as it is taking
         place.  We could even sell short these shares and make
        "killer short sale profits." 


The soon-to-be criminal case of Anthony Mozilla,
                           ex-CEO of Countrywide Financial.

wpe168.jpg (42131 bytes)
June 5, 2009 -
Mozilo charged with fraud, insider trading by SEC

           Don't expect CNBC to tell you to sell.  
                       CNBC's Jim Cramer urged his viewers in 2007 NOT to sell Countrywide.
          February 7, 2007 - http://www.thestreet.com/story/10337828/jim-cramers-stop-trading-buy-countrywide.html
          August 16, 2007 -  http://www.thestreet.com/story/10374792/jim-cramers-stop-trading-dont-sell-countrywide.html

          TigerSoft's Blog on August 2, 2007 showed folks how to find the best stocks like Countrywide to go short.

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Insider selling before the collapse of a stock is rampant. 
        Investors and traders need TigerSoft for their own protection.
        Here are some TigerSoft links showing insider selling, heavy
        (red) Distribution from TigerSoft and subsequent price
        collapses in shares:

               Washington Mutual - ex-CEO Killinger
               CitiGroup - Board member, ex-Goldman CEO,
                         US Treasury Secretary under Clinton - Robert Rubin

               Bank of America - Ken Lewis
               Ryland Group - Dreier Chad  
               Donald Trump

               Here are the three greediest of the greedy - CEOs who
               defrauded shareholders and committed insider trading and
               stock manipulation.   thestackeddeck.com's   This was
               prepared before Goldman Sachs  took the stage in 2007-2009,

               Ken Lay of Enron CEO   wpe1E46.jpg (9073 bytes)
               Card Caption:
   This part-time Bush advisor and full-time millionaire was
                       selling company stock while telling employees to buy. Big surprise Enron folded
                       under his watch.  He happily drove up energy prices in 2001 by manipulating
                       the energy futures, causing deadly "brown-outs.". 

              Dennis Kozlowski  - Tyco CEO  wpe1E47.jpg (9223 bytes)
"A true Tycoon of corporate malfeasance: tax evasion, grand larceny,
                      enterprise corruption, falsifying business records, and securities fraud."

               wpe1E48.jpg (8940 bytes)   Martha Stewart and Sam *the weasel)
               Waksaal of Imclone.  
wpe18F.jpg (129144 bytes)
wpe190.jpg (44634 bytes)

                   What A Stock Looks Like Headed To ZERO!

wpe161.jpg (54671 bytes)


One more example - CitiGroup. It hit $1.00 a share in March 2009.

wpe15F.jpg (86313 bytes)  

     CRUDE OIL: 2007-2008 Illustrates how quickly the Tiger Accumulation
    The trend-changes of Tiger'S Closing Power confirmed the trend-change.

     Both tools were invented by TigerSoft and have been back-tested as far
     back as 1928.
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                                          wpe162.jpg (5759 bytes)

                                   OF A FUTURE EXPLOSIVE SUPER STOCK

             Bulges of intense (Blue) Accumulation show insider buying.  If the insiders are
             savvy and the general market holds up,  prices will soon breakout to new highs
             and advance quickly.  Only after prices have already risen a long way will the
             good news that propels them upwards come out.   That is when the broad public
             usually buys.   We want our people to get in at the beginning of the move.  The
             early major Buy signals tell us when to buy.  We hold as long as the trend is up,
             using the blue 50-day moving average.  TigerSoft makes finding such stocks
             very easy.   Our Peerless Stock Market Timing tell you when the market is safe.
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                                                         MORE EXAMPLES TO STUDY!

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wpe192.jpg (26776 bytes)wpe193.jpg (27004 bytes)

   "There are so many former Goldman Sachs staff who work in the US Treasury Dept..."

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