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     TigerSoft's Perspectives on

        All you needed to know:
   Price Patterns,
     TIger's Closing PowerTrend,
       TigerSoft's Accumulation
by William Schmidt, Ph.D.

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               OIL's ROLLER-COASTER RIDE: 2006-2008

                       All you needed to know to master the ride were:
                       Price Patterns and TIgerSoft's measures of Insider Buying and Selling.

         Watch the trends of  TIger's Closing PowerTrend and TigerSoft's Accumulation.

                           Only TigerSoft offers these tools.

First, look back at 1987.  The same rules applied then.     
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=============================== 2006-2007 ==================================    
                   Note bottom formation - and positive and rising internal strength indicators
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   =============================== 2007 ================================== 
                       Breakout is richly confirmed by positive internals and rising prices.
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=============================== 2007 -2008 ================================== 
                  Rising prices are richly confirmed by positive internals and rising prices.
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                     ========================   2008 ============================== 
                  The Top was marked by a trend-change, from rising to falling
                         and from positive to negative.   But before that, notice how Accumulation
                         turned to Distribution.  The last high showed negative readings.  This
                         neabs that Insiders had switched from Buy to Selling.  After this big an
                         advance, selling was advised.  The downward pressures of Hedge fund
                         selling was very clear as the decline unfolded.  Breaking below support
                         levels should have invited you to sell short.  When you have tools as
                         good as ours, you can become very aggressive.

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