Day Traders,
   TIGERSOFT's Day Traders' Tool Is for You. 

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TigerSoft Insider Trading Software with Data    

Trade The Trend of The Tiger Day Traders' Tool

        When you look at a stock to day trade, you want to see if there is more upside
        or downside potential in it.  Our Day Traders' tool shows you this. 

When  the Tiger Day Traders' Tool is declining, you will want to fade the opening
        with short sales.  When it is rising, there is more upside potential, so consider
        going long, not short.  Below you will some charts of AAPL (Apple).  Simply
        draw "rubber band" lines through its lows to see if there is a well-tested
        rising uptrend for the Day Traders' Tool.   Oppositely draw "rubber band" lines
        through its highs to show the falling Day Traders' downtrend.  Day traders should
        mostly trade in the direction of the Day Traders' Tool's trend, even though its trend
        can sometimes be different from the stock's own intermediate-term price trend. 

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Major Sells from The Day Traders' Tool

       Breakdowns by this indicator below its well-tested horizontal support are usually
       quite bearish generally. Short sales are usually warranted, especially when the
       the Tiger Closing Power  breaks its uptrend and/or when there is red Distribution shown
       by the Tiger Accumulation Index.

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                                    APPLE 2007-2008
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                                     APPLE 2008

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         Day Traders, We Can Show You A Lot of Other Ways
       To Make Money.

Optimized, Automatic Trading Range Buys and Sells.

             We have an extraordinary amount of original research to impart to you. 
             It is condensed in the materials we use for Day Trading Seminars.  Ask for a
            copy when you get the Full TigerSoft Package.      

            At the simplest level, we suggest you subscribe to our HOTLINE.
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          At the very least, start using TigerSoft $295.  It has the tools you need
          to know to best trade any given stock, index, currency or commodity.
          You will see how very valuable our TigerSoft Accumulation Index
          and Closing Power are.  And you will  find the automatic Buy and Sell
          signals extremely helpful. 

          These signals are based on a system shown at the top line of the chart. 
          They gained 433.2% this past year in the case of CityGroup (C).!

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       Tigersoft gives another HUGE advantage to day traders. 

It tells you whether you should be BUYING
             or SELLING short at the opening.

          Take JNPR for example.  See its chart below..

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         Assuming that the day trades are entered at the opening and closed at the close
         the avg gain on Longs was 1.87% per day on 105 days when the key condition
         we will show you prevails.

         Short selling on the designated days at the opening produced an avg. gain of
         1.62% per day on 128 days. 

         The software also tell you when it is safe to hold a position overnight and
         when it isn't safe.  We will explain this to you when you get the software.

         These amazing tools are only available with Tigersoft.  And the results shown
         here with JNPR are typical for a volatile stock.. 

         Interestingly, the best times to hold a stock long is when Tiger's Opening Power (TM) and

         Closing Power are both rising.  This condition we call "BOTH UP".  This is another
         condition that our programs flag each night from any universe of up to 1,000 stocks
         and display in spreadsheets of key values for any stock..

          Price Objectives to close out day-trades.

             For day traders who want take profits not at the end of each day, our software gives
             you an estimate of the next day's high or low based on the stock's volatility. 

             Another unique chart is the one which shows you when next day high's are moving further
             away from the previous day's close and when they are not bringing much of a move.  
             Similarly, short sellers will want to pick stocks whose daily lows are tending further and
             further away from each previous day's close.  

            Each of the above mentioned tools is only available with Tigersoft.  There are many
            other unique features.  TIGERSOFT has long had a reputation of being an industry leader.
            Use it and stay ahead of your competition.    Call 858-273-5900 for more information.

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