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Peerless Stock Market Timing Software

Tested 1965-2007


WINDOWS-based, our Basic PEERLESS software gives automatic major and minor BUY/SELL signals on the DJI. back-tested to 1965. You can readily inspect its intermediate-term track record or its longer-term track record with the software.

Peerless Stock Market Timing Software is perfect for mutual fund investors and for stock traders who appreciate the importance of trading in the direction of the dominant market trend, yet recognize the need to periodically sell out when the market is over-extended and unsafe.

The software includes a longer-term system which averages a BUY or SELL every six months. With the longer-term system the average automatic entry BUY signal gained more than 14% on the DJI.

The system gives many additional signals which comprise an excellent intermediate-term system. There have been 1220+ automatic buy and sell signals by PEERLESS since 1969. Per signal, the average DJI gain has been 5.2%, the equivalent of 250 DJI points now. Our major "S9" sell signal advises you when the general market is approaching a "melt-down" like October 1987, October 1989 or July 1990.

This package, offered for $295, includes a three months' subscription to our On-Line Data page...The software's HELP routines let you see the track record for each signal.  A manual with back-testing to 1915 is currently being worled on and should be available in the Fall of 2007.

We provide you the historical DJI data back to 1987 that will let you see the track-record step by step, if you wish.

Updating can be done in less than a minute a day. The necessary daily data entry includes readily available information which may easily be hand-entered or retrieved automatically from here on the Tiger web site.

The updating can also be done from our website for $150 a year or from Dial Data. (ProComm for WINDOWS is necessary to do the downloading from Dial Data.) We also give you the historical data from 1965-2007, so that you can verify the signals and do some


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