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Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2016
with TigerSoft

--- Fully Automatic Major/Minor Buy and Sell Signals on DJI
These are superb for trading and investing in the general market.

--- Famous "Sell S9" and "Sell S12" Signals Call Most Major Tops. Typically At or Very Close To DJI's Peak.

--- Powerful "Buy B9", "B12" and "B18" Signals Ring The Bell for A New Bull Market.

--- Typically, They Average More than +20% A Year.

--- Peerless Signals Can Be Superimposed on Charts of SP-500,
OEX, NASDAQ, NYSE and Value Line,.

--- DJIA, OEX, NASDAQ, NYSE and Value Line historical data

--- 6 months' subscription to our Data Service, provides
all the data you need for Peerless indices.

--- 3 months' subscription to TigerSoft/Peerless Nightly Hotline.

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