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                   Want to be your own stock market guru? Or just make a lot more money in the stock
           market and reduce the anxieties associated with investing in stocks and mutual funds?

           Of course.   But how?
                     First, we teach folks how to successfully predict the stock market,  
           what conditions have repeatedly signaled a major change in the stock market's
           direction since 1915 and how to spot key insider and professional buying and selling. 

                   Think of the peace of mind.  Think of how you could be more aggressive if risk
           is managed.   And think of how more profits could change your life.  Peerless and
           Tiger Soft are the choice of hundreds of professionals.  They can help you, too.

                   There is just no need to be forced to endure big losses from violent stock market
            declines or miss great opportunities for investing when the market advances.  We
            show you how to recognize these trend changes in the general market, weeks
            and months before the average investor is aware of any change in the market's
                   Getting started? No problem.  Do you have an XP compatible lap top or
             home computer?   We help you personally, making sure that you are up and running
             with the software and have a good grasp of how to use the programs.  With
             Windows7, you will need the Professional version to download the free XP-Emulator.

          Tiger Software -  Stock Market Charts and Analysis
"This is not rocket science." says William Schmidt, Ph.D., author of TigerSoft.
                    Just watch the Tiger and Peerless charts. 

  Use Tiger's Internal Strength Indicators
        To Monitor What Insiders and Professionals Are Doing

                   1) Believe the trend shown by the TigerSoft
internal strength indicators even
                   more than the price action of the stock or commodity you are trading.
                   In the chart below,
                           >   the
Blue Accumulation turns into red Distribution at the top.
                           >   the
Blue Closing Power breaks its uptrend and goes into a Decline.  This
                   shows that Professionals have switched from being net buyers to net sellers.
                          >   the Automatic
optimized Red down-arrow sell signal appears. 
                          > A
fixed-technical-rule Sell S29 tells you the stock has broken its 50-day ma.

                  At the bottom, the Tiger Accumulation Index turns positive and the
                  Tiger Closing Power bullishly breaks its downtrend.

TigerSoft Chart of USO in 2008

wpe10.jpg (69485 bytes)

              Use PEERLESS Buys and Sellsi
            To Allow The Overall Market's Likely Trend
            To Reinforce The Trend in the Stock You Are Using.

                          2)   Use the automatic Peerless Buy and Sell signals to tell you when
                    the general market is going to rise or fall.  In the USO chart below, the
                   Peerless signals are superimposed on the USO Tiger chart.  See the
                   many Peerless sells in the Summer of 2008.  All that was needed to make
                   USO reverse was a change by Professionals from being new buyers ot
                   net sellers.  The Tiger CLosing Power and Accumulation index above
                  show these changes of trend.

                                       PEERLESS SIGNALS Superimposed on USO Chart

USOPEER.BMP (1176054 bytes)

                     In the Summer of 2008, Peerless gave multiple Sells.  They amplified and
                     reinforced the importance in the change in trend shown by USO's internal
                     strength indicators of USO.  USO should have been sold and sold short
                     above $100.  A short position should have been held as long as Peerless
                     was on a Sell
and the TigerSoft Closing Power was still declining.  

                    When Peerless went to a Buy and the Closing Power for USO kept falling,
                    the stock might just have been avoided.  Half the short position might have
                    been held as long as the Closing Power was falling as a hedge. Our research
                    demonstrates such stocks most often make good short sales as long as
                    the CLosing Power is falling.


                           1) Buy when Peerless Stock Market Timing says to buy and Sell when
                    it says to Sell.  ETFs work well.  But buying the highest Tiger "Power Ranked
                    stocks usually works out better.  On an automatic Peerless Sell for the general market,
                    Sell Short the lowest ranked stocks and take some profits in the long positions.                 

                           2) On a Tiger chart, always note the Big bulges of Insider Buying above +.375
                   using ehe
BLUE Accumulation or RED Distribution at the bottom of our charts.  

                           3) Heavily weight in your consideration, too, the "vector" of the Tiger
                    Blue CLosing Power Line" that appears just beneath the price bars.  The blue
                    CP measures net Professional Buying and Selling, its direction and strength,

Trade as much as possible in the same direction that Wall Street Professionals
                   are taking your stock.  The
Blue line beneath the price chart is our Tiger Closing Power.
                   Its trend should be up in a bullish stock and down in a bearish stock.  New highs
                   made by the stock should be confirmed by the Tiger blue Closing Power also
                   making a new high.  When the CLosing Power, instead of confirming a new high,
                   fails and then breaks its uptrend, consider the Professionals to have switched
                   to a net bearish stance. You should, too.

                           4) Notice the buy and sell arrows produced by the stock's own technical
                    action.    The Buys have up-pointed arrows and are numbered so that
                   you can look up their meaning in the Help section.  Buy B10s, B12s, B20s
                   and B24s usually appear at the start of the stocks about to rise significantly.

                   Trade in the same direction that Wall Street Professionals are taking
                   with the stock.  The
Blue line beneath the price chart is our Tiger Closing Power.
                   Its trend should be up in a bullish stock and down in a bearish stock.  New highs
                   made by the stock should be confirmed by the Tiger blue Closing Power also
                   making a new high.  When the CLosing Power, instead of confirming a new high,
                   fails and then breaks its uptrend, consider the Professionals to have switched
                   to a net bearish stance. You should, too.

         Example: DWCH Tiger chart below.
      Peerless was on a Buy for most of the first quarter of 2012. 
      DWCH was a strong buy on the line formation breakout shown below.
      Note the insider buying bulges of Accumulation and major Buys,
                  B10, B12, B24, B20.  They are all there!

             Example: FSLR
             Contrast the Bullish chart above with a stock
             showing particularly high
Red Distribution.

FSLR.BMP (1168854 bytes)

                       We have been writing software and thinking about how best to predict
                      stock prices for a long time.  It is gratifying when one of our customers
                      writes something nice about our labors.

                       Read this unsolicited testimonial from KJ in British Columbia, Canada. 

                     "There are some exciting new tools available for various plarforms nowadays
                       but the prize for the best overall package still has to go to Tigersoft. Moreover
                       this toolbox pulls it all together in a cohesive fashion...With Tigersoft the computer
                       will do the heavy lifting for you and produce  a short list of candidates each night.
                       Then it will allow you to futher investigate each one using every standard tool and
                       several unique ones. On top of that. the customer support is absolutely
                       first class. When you call the company. you speak directly to the programer and CEO
                       - a man  who shares our passion for trading. I have followed Bill's work for 18 years
                       now. His methods  work in up, down and sideways markets. And he keeps making
                       it better.
The package will be the best investment you ever made.."

                           TigerSoft/Peerless Features:

      Simple To Use.
4 mouse-clicks place Peerless signals on chart of your stock/ETF.
      Highly Profitable. 
Recently +57.7% gain on DJI using Automatic Peerless signals, long/short - as of 3/16/2012
      Time-Tested Automatic Buy and Sell Signals.

                Recently +158% gain on HPQ and +127% on BAC using Optimized TigerSoft signals, long/short - as of 3/16/2012
      Unique Tools To Spot Key Insider Buying and Selling.
             Discover the Power of  TigerSoft's own Accumulation Index to spot Inside Buying and Selling.
                TigerSoft Closing Power lets you clearly see when Professionals are buying or selling your stock.  

      Nightly Hotline Shows What's Hot, How To Use All Tools.
Get the latest TigerSoft/Closing Power research.
                See the track record calculated back to 1928 for each new Peerless Buy and Sell as it occurs.
                Vuew daily all the key ETF charts, signals and indicators.
                Trade long the sectors and stocks being heavily bought by Insders and Professionals. 
                Sell short the stocks and sectors that both Insiders and Professionals are selling.
                Read the real news and see how it is shaping the market's outlook and direction.

        wpe11.jpg (9270 bytes)
     Again, here are TigerSoft's BASIC RULES

        #1   Believe the automatic Peerless Buys and Sells.  Their track
               record is far superior to most guesses, hunches and feeling.
               Buy when the general market is safe becausePeerless is on a Buy.
               Take profits or Sell Short when Peerless switches to a Sell.

        #2  Buy the highest TigerSoft Power Ranked stocks showing very strong
              Closing Power.  These are the Bullish MAXCP Stocks.
              They show both Insider Accumulation and rising Closing Power Professional Buying.
             Take profits or hedge by simultaneously selling short the lowest Tiger Power
             Ranked stocks that alss show very weak Closing Power.

       #3  Sell Short outright or hedge using the lowest Tiger Power
             Ranked Stocks.   These are the Bearish MINCP stocks.
             They show both Insider Disribution and Falling Closing Power Professional Selling.
             Hedge or sell short outright these the the lowest Tiger Power
             Ranked stocks that alss show very weak Closing Power.

           How Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing Works

  Peerless is a system of automatic Buys and Sells that have been back-tested
        thoroughly to 1915.  Any Peerless Buy reverses amy Peerless Sell and vice verse.
        Many of the signals have remained essentially the same since 1981, especially the
        Buy B9 and Sell S9.  Each signal has its own track record.  As a purchaser of Peerless
        or new Hotline user, you will get access on the internet to all our Buys' and Sells'
        documentation.  (A newPeerless Stock market Timing book is being worked on.).

                      Having the Peerless Software lets you superimpose our general market timing
        signals on any chart you want.  ETFs all around the world can be traded using Peerless.
        So can 95% of all stocks.  Commodities and precious metals are the most independent
        trading vehicles.  The Peerless/Tiger Software lets you back-test the Peerless signals
        with any stock you like.  Our Power Ranker software shows you a table of Peerless
        results for any directory of stocks you are following. 

                    Take CAT, Caterpillar for example.  Below is the current CAT chart with the
        Peerless Buys and Sells superimposed on it.   This stock is fairly typical of a stock
        showing an average levels of Accumulation.   The Tiger Accumulation Index in it here
        has been positive 93 of the last 200 trading days. 

                    CAT.   Believe it or not, trading it long and also short according to the automatic
        Peerless Buys and Sells at the next days' opening would have gained you
       a whopping + 138%, +57% on the long side and 52% on the short side.  From May 24th,
       2011 until May 11th, 2012, there would have been 14 trades. 
$10,000 would have
       become $23,974.
The software shows you each trade.  There would have been 11
       winning trades and 3 losing trades.  The biggest paper loss would have been 10.6%
       on a short sale.

                    Had you merely held CAT for this same period, you would have lost 5.5%.
       Our Software's cost is only $495.  Meanwhile, you would have made $14,342 more
       using our
Peerless signals than just buying it and holding it.. 

                    Peerless, of course, won't always have such a good year.  But its real
        time record has been consistently very profitable.  We have been studying the market
        closely since 1981, when Peerless was first written.  Revisions have only been made
        when the evidence back to 1928 strongly supports a cahnge or a new signal. 

                    Was CAT exceptional?  Yes and no?  We do not trade just one stock.
          ETFs work well\, too.  And we also \suggest buying the highest Tiger Power
         Ranked stocks when Peerless gives a Buy and Selling short the weakest when it gives
         a Sell.  When Peerless gives a Buy Signal, we buy the stocks that show the most  BLUE
         Accumulation and Professional Buying.   And when Peerless gives a Sell Signal,
         we sell short the stocks showing the most RED Distribution and Professional Selling.
                                                     CAT shows average Accumulation       
CAT.BMP (1219254 bytes)


                                          TIGER POWER RANKING

                       The highest Power Ranking stocks will have an AI/200 score above 150
                 and the lowest will have an AI/200 scrre below 50.  Contrast below a high Accumulation
                 stocks LQDT with a very low Accumulation stock like RIMM.  Going
                 long LQDT when Peerless gives a Buy and selling it when Peerless gives
                 a Sell is safe and very effective.   Going short the lowest Power ranked stocks
                 on a Peerless Sell and covering on a Peerless Buy is recommended. 

                      In extreme cases like this, once could simply stay hedged by being long the
                 high Accumulation stock (LQDT) and short the high Distribution stock (RIMM).
                 Our Nightly Hotline shows charts of the most bullish and bearish stocks
                 each night and often recommends hedging in this way. 

LQDT - Steadily High Accumulationzz

                     Buying on the Peerless Buys and Taking Profits on the Peerless Sells
                     would have gained you +81% this past year.
wpeF.jpg (82691 bytes)

RIMM - Steadily High Distribution
                          Shorting on the Peerless Sells and Covering ont he Peerless Buys
                           would have netted a profit of 79% this past year.
wpe10.jpg (99192 bytes)



                 Most importantly,  we show you what insiders AND professionals are buying or selling.
        Insiders are associated with the company.   They may or may not have to file insider
        transactions's report.  Professionals are the market makers, hedge fund "gunslingers"
        and mutual fund managers that move a stock up or down, because they have been given
        inside information and want to capitalize on it, besed on their expectations for the general
        market.  They are discreet and circumspect and the SEC hardly ever bothers them.

                 Profitable investing and trading is quite easy when you focus your buying
       on the stocks both professionals and insiders are buying for your long positions
       and short-selling on stocks insiders and professionals are heavily selling.  Our charts
       and the Tiger Power Ranker let you find these easily.

                 When Peerless is on a Buy, we emphasize buying.  So you should buy and sell the
       best stocks (and sell short and cover) the worst stocks according to the Peerless signals.
       This is simple and works well.  Our website has many examples.

                 The best and worst stocks very often continue their moves past the market turning
       points predicted by TigerSoft.  We encourage users to follow some basic rules for
       Using Tiger's Closing Power and Accumulation Index, which track the buying and
       selling by Wall Street Professionals and Corporate Insiders.  It is easy to find the
       best and worst stocks.  We apply the Power Ranker to the strongest Closing Power
       stocks to get the best.  These are the
BULLISH MAXCP stocks.  The lowest Power
       Ranking weakest CLosing Power stocks are the BEARISH MINCP stocks.

       A simple to follow rule is to buy the most powerful (Bullish MAXCP) and highest
       Power Ranked stocks when they successfully test support or their rising 65-day ma.

TOP Tiger Power Ranked Stock at end of 2009.
FFIV.BMP (1084854 bytes)                       

            Tiger Software now serves several thousand active investors and traders world-wide, 
       in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Canada and the U.S.   Our first customers back in 1981
       ran early versions of our market timing and stock selection software on Apple II+s. 
       Most are still customers.  That's an important testimonial.  We have hosted monthly
       Tiger User-Group meetings in San Diego since 1985.  And now have national meetings
       once a year in Las Vegas. 

Tiger Soft and Peerless Keep Getting Better

            TigerSoft does not rest on what it has accomplished.  We contiunue to back-test
       and refine.  Example:  When the DJIA in 2008 fell by an amount that had not been seen
       since the 1930s, we intensively studied the extreme bear markets of 1929-1932, 1937
       and 1939-1942 to discover how bottoms were made in these conditions.  The result was
       a modification of the software in early 2009 which produced a perfect real-time Buy signal
       on March 10th, 2009 with the DJIA at 6914,  The previous day, our nightly on-Line Hotline
       said to cover all short sales.  This was at the DJIA's exact bottom.

              So Cost-Effective:

                 Even a casual study of what we offer, will prove that TigerSoft and our
       Peerless Stock Market Timing would probably have saved you, like most
       other investors, many thousands of dollars in 2008 and made them many thousands
       more in 2009.  

                  We will make that clear below.  But here are some key questions for you. 
        What do you now base your stock market investments on?   Insider Tips,
        "hunches", "Buying and Holding until you have a profit"?   Emotional binges of Greed
        and Fear?  We hope not.  We hope not.   These are poor long-term substitutes for the serious,
        empirical back-testing we have done for 28 years, with data now back to 1915. 

                  It will help you a lot to become very cynical about what Wall Street says.  
         The fraudulent misrepresentations by Wall Street of the safety of the bundled
         mortgages they sold as "AAA" are not isolated events.  The bailouts they received
         and the way they used this public money to pay exorbitant - no strike that, to
         pay obscenely high bonuses in the millions to some individuals, should show
         Wall Street is not to be trusted.   Instead, you must rely on other sources of
         information to guard your investments.   We want to earn your trust and confidence.
         This website is entended to show you how very valuable it is to use our TigerSoft
         and Peerless, thereby discovering real-time what insiders and Wall Street
         professionals expect of the market and particular stocks.  Watch and do what they
         do.  Pay no attention to what they say.

       If you are open to new ideas and ready to listen to some unconventional thinking,
         you have come to the right place.  No longer do you have to be a victim of Wall Street
         stock manipulation,  self-serving news reports and recommendations followed by
         insider selling before the bad news comes out.

   wpe15F.jpg (74441 bytes)

                       We will pleased to share with you what we learned about calling market tops
       and bottoms as they occur and spotting insider buying and selling just before the
       biggest moves in individual stocks or commodities.  We can help you a lot. 
       We have helped thousands of other, too.  











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