PAGE 6  TIGERSOFT (C) 2012 Wm. Schmidt, Ph.D.(Coumbia University)
Use TigerSoft to watch what Market Professionals
and Corporate Insiders are doing.

Use TigerSoft's 

TigerSoft charts all start by showing you the best simple trading
                               system for a stock.  The 20-day Stochastic was flawless in 2011-2012
                               for the perpetual contract of Crude Oil.

CL1600.BMP (1219254 bytes)
                    TigerSoft automatically finds the stocks in any universe of 1000
                    stocks that can be traded  most  profitably using simple automatic Buys
                    and Sells based on the best of 60 different"  trading system that the
                    software instantly tests.  Past success does not guarantee future success,
                    of course.  But you can readily learn what systems work best without endless
                    research and trial and error.

                        Each chart shows the optimized trading system's Buys and Sells.

                    Example - YRCW below -  Often simply trading the short term automatic
                    TigerSoft Buys and Sells is very profitable.  But the basis of the best
                    system's Buys and Sells will vary over time.  The virtues of the Tiger program
                             1) The best system is shown automatically.  You do not have
                               to wonder what it was and attempt to determine it by hours of
                                trial and error.

                              2) Tiger quickly adjusts to the changed circumstances with
                              new signals if a different system becomes #1. See the second chart below.

                              3) You will want to use Tiger's Closing Power to "clinch" the
                              Buys and Sells.  See the 2010 chart of YRCW, the second one below.

wpe3.jpg (98029 bytes)
YRCW10.BMP (1084854 bytes)

                     You can also put the Peerless Buys and Sells on it, as well as an array of technically
                     based signals, as you choose.      

The software's trading results assume $10,000 is originally invested
                     and new each trade fully utilizes available capital and
                     costs $20.  Users may also see the trade results using the next
                     day's openings.  They get a list of the trading results for
                     all Buys and Sales, with or without Short Sales.  The biggest
                     paper losses for long and short positions are also provided.    

7/21/2010 - Examples of TigerSoft Trading Signals

Pick a bullish stock and take additional positions on each automatic
                    Buy.   Eventually, you will want to take profits when there is finally a Sell. 

wpe5.jpg (83731 bytes)
Using TigerSoft properly,  your investments should all show
                    heavy insider and professional buying.  They should never like
                    the stock below.  It shows far too much insider selling.  The negative, red
                    Accumulation Index readings should jump out at you.  In addition,
                    you can see that the Blue Closing Power is in a steady steep decline.
                    Professionals are heavy net sellers.  Use the automatic Sells to sell
                    short such stocks.

wpe3.jpg (77226 bytes)

  CitiGroup - 54 to 1 in two years.  Short such heavy red Distribution stocks
   on New Red Optimized Sells.
   Cover on red Optimized Buys except where there has been a clear breaking of support.

  wpe2.jpg (86150 bytes)