wpe1E.jpg (1913 bytes)       TigerSoft New Service    7/18/201 
                                                      (C) 2010 William Schmidt, Ph.D.


          Trade mostly with the trends of the TigerSoft Day Traders' Tools.
    They usually know best when to buy with leverage and when to
    sell short.  They have to.  They can factor their money by four.
    This is a proprietary indicator we developed.  Suffice it to say
    that it has been constructed to advise day traders and to observe
    their actions, too.  In the charts below, we use Tiger's ability to
    draw trendlines, vertical lines, place Buy and Sell arrows on the
    screen and show their trading results using the next day's

        To sell short, watch for uptrend-breaks in the Day Traders' Tool
    after it fails to confirm a new price high.  Sell short on subsequent   
    Day Traders' Tool uptrend-breaks until a new low is not confirmed
    by this indicator.

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    To go long, watch for downtrend-breaks in the Day Traders' Tool
    after it fails to confirm a new low by prices.  Use it on subsequent minor
    downtrend-breaks of this indicator until a new price high is not confirmed
    by it.

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