TigerSoft Automatic Signals and Internal Strength Indicators
                                           Work Well with Indian Stocks.

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(c) 2007  William Schmidt, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.  
                       Overall Indian Stock Market is Reflected in India Fund. 

                                       To anticipate, its ups and downs, display
                                                 (1) major Peerless Buys and Sells,
                                                 (2) automatic Tiger Buys and Sells
                                                 (3) Tiger Accumulation Index to show Insider Accumulation and Distribution...

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                         Trendlines and classic chart patterns are there and Insider buying and selling
                         is very apparent, too.

Automatic signals produce gains of over 75% a year,
                          even allowing $40 per trade for commissions and "slippage".

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