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Short-Term Trading Using TigerSoft
                  A DEMONSTRATION

                                        Recommended Stocks' prices updated for 2/10/2009

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            Short-Term Trading Using TigerSoft
                      A DEMONSTRATION
                   2/5/2009   Prices Updated 2/9/2009

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                                                               Sample Chart

                Look at the chart of YRCW  above.  It is a a sample TigerSoft chart. The red Buys and Sells are
      optimized, meaning the computer, before it even puts a chart on the screen, in a flash calculates what the
      best trading system is for a stock and then displays its red Buys and Sells.   The TigerSoft chart then displays
      the gains achieved had one traded the signals, buying, selling and selling short; or if someone likes, what the
      gains were only buying and selling. The indicators below the year's price history are automatically interpretated.

                                                  History Does Repeat over and over.

              There is no guarantee that the future will work out like the past, of course, but stocks do have personalities,
        because each stock attracts a certain type of person, trader or investor. And so the trading patterns are likely
        to continue.  In many cases, the best trading system continue to work for years, known only to professionals
        controlling the stock and to.TigerSoft users.   How can anyone seriously understanding how to trade any
        given stock, not want to know what TigerSoft can teach.

                                      Professionals Make Certain Trading Systems Work Repeatedly

              We have discovered that professional traders, such as those that make markets in options on a stock,
        commonly use one particular indicator to control and trade those stocks that are particularly amenable to
        their control. The best trading system for YRCW or any stock is shown at the top of the ordinary chart.
        along with the percent gain obtained for the last year when trading it with a starting capital of $10,000.

                                   Use TigerSoft's Power Ranker To Find The Best Trading System

              TigerSoft users can readily find stocks that are controlled in this fashion by noting what is the basis of the
         best trading system for these stocks.   To make this search easy, TIgerSoft's Power-Ranker lists all stocks'
         best trading systems and gains.  We especially like one particular system used for very short-term trading,
         but you could easily pick another system and quickly see the stocks traded best with it.  This allows you
         to find the stocks that are best traded over various time periods, from very short-term to three or more months.

                                             The Preferred Trading System of Professionals

              When we do a frequency distribution of what is the best trading system for all stocks, we commonly find
         that one particular system occurs 3 or 4 times more often than would be expected by chance. This we call the
         the traders' most preferred system.  That is the basis of the superb trading with YRCW.  To make
         it easy for traders starting out with TigerSoft to use our tools most effectively, I have built a group of about
         150 stocks that trade exceptionally well with this particular system.  Their yearly gains are over well over
         +100% for the year using the Red buy and Sell arrows.  Users can quickly download the data for these
         stocks and scan them for new Buys and Sells.  Look at the high performance achieved in trading the stocks
         for buys below:
                                                                              Performance of TigerSoft's Best Trading System
                                                                               -Buy on Red Buys and Selling Short on Red Sells.
                                                                               -Close out position on Opposite Signal.
                                                                               -Reinvest Gains, Start with $10,000, $40 trade/slippage.
                     NEM    Newmont Gold                         +126.1%            
                     DGIT   DG FastChannel                        +328.1%
                     EXM    Excel Maritime Carriers            +1559.3%
                     GT        GoodYear Tire                         +100.1%
                     PAA     Plains All American Pipeline     +143.8%
                     PHM    Pulte Homes                             +327.7%        
                     POM    Perco Holding                          +157.0%             
                     WOR   Worthington Ind                        +157.4%  

                                      Short-Term Trading Buys Now

              Morning, February 5th, 2009:  The market turned up strongly after a week opening.  Out Hotline has
          said to wait for this to do some buying.  What stocks might have been bought today?  I list below 
          some attractive Buys among the "preferred trading stocks.:   In picking these stocks, we would want
          also to assess support and resistance levels and chart patterns.  But this takes some experience.
          It is better for new users simply to see:
                       1) how many of the key internal strength readings are rated "Bullish".  Four is best.
                       2) if the TigerSoft chart shows the 2nd, 3rd and 4th best trading systems are also on Buys.

          The NEM (Newmont Gold) illustrates a new red Buy with both other factors also rated bullish.

                           Summary of  Buys from 2/4/2009:
                           Red = Red Sell on stock
Red = short-term Sell from SP-500 and QQQQ
                                                                             2/4               2/5             2/6           2/9
                     NEM    Newmont Gold                    39.99         40.91         41.53        40.36
                     DGIT   DG FastChannel                   13.92         14.57        15.00        14.90
                     EXM    Excel Maritime Carriers        7.98           7.60            8.09         8.74
                     GT        GoodYear Tire                     6.40           6.93           7.17           7.24
                     PAA     Plains All American Pipeline 36.28        37.50          38.10         38.25
                     PHM    Pulte Homes                         10.83        11.28         12.34         11.36
                     POM    Perco Holding                      18.34        18.31         18.58          18.59
                     WOR   Worthington Ind                    10.56        10.62         11.32          11.17

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